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Class A Foam

FoamPro 1600/1601 Direct Injection

Proportioning Systems
Edition 1 May 2009

Retro Fit FoamPro System

Foampro systems retro fitted to tankers prior to 1998 utilized the unmodified vehicle water reticulation system.

Contamination of the appliance tank will occur if the re-circulation valve is open during Class A foam operation.

Edition 1 May 2009

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Modified Vehicle Water Reticulation System

Foampro systems fitted to tankers manufactured after 1998 utilized the modified vehicle water reticulation system

Recirculation valve can be open during Class A foam operation without contamination

Edition 1 May 2009

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Retro - Fit

New 1998 Onward

Edition 1 May 2009

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Retro fit

New installation

re-circulation valve

Edition 1 May 2009

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By-pass Valve Retro-Fit New Installation

Edition 1 May 2009

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Proportioning Methods (FoamPro)

Manually selected proportioning rate 0.1 to 1% Then proportioning rate automatically adjusts to the selected proportioning rate across flow rates of 20-1600 LPM regardless of pressure variations

NOTE: Depending on the control panel being used, the On / Off positions may be different.
Edition 1 May 2009

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System Components (FoamPro)

Foampro pump is driven by a 24 volt electrical motor. appliance motor must be run between 1200 and 1400 rpm while class a foam is in operation to maintain battery charge rate.

schematic lay out and system components

Edition 1 May 2009

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System Components (FoamPro)

Paddle Wheel

Class A concentrate inline strainer Class A concentrate tank supply on/off valve

Class A injection point

non-return valve (obscured from sight )

Edition 1 May 2009

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System Components (FoamPro)

two valve positions inject calibrate flush inject
is for normal operations when the correctly proportioned foam concentrate is injected into the delivery discharge manifold

calibrate flush
is used after installation of the system to calibrate the accuracy of the foam pump
inject Calibrate flush

This function my also re prime the foam pump following maintenance or should the foam tank run dry.

Edition 1 May 2009

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Direct Injection Systems

Direct injection system advantages

simple to operate easily adjusted proportioning rates highly accurate proportioning maintains desired mix ration despite changes in water flow and pressure proportioning across wide flow range 20 -1600 Lt no foam contamination of pump or appliance water tan no loss of pump flow or pressure number and length of hose is limited only by the pump capacity concentrate injection will not be interrupted when filling the foam tank

Edition 1 May 2009

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