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CRM Scenario

Competing for CRM (General)

Note: This document is an overview designed for salespeople to support initial customer prospecting discussions and to help assess
the potential for Microsoft® Business Solutions sales opportunities by understanding the customer’s business situation and needs.
Customer Evidence
Selling Situation Why We Won

Overview AFLAC is a Fortune 500 company whose leading

sales office sought an affordable and easy to use
CRM solution that could help the region improve
Microsoft® Business Solutions CRM enabled
AFLAC’s Salem, Oregon region to increase
accountability for agent success, improve sales
processes, increase customer satisfaction, and drive tracking, more effectively prospect, and improve
Case Study sales results. customer service.
What Is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Customer Service Capability
CRM is the well-established software category devoted to Microsoft® CRM Customer Service helps businesses Choice Hotels International is one of the world’s Epicor Software tailored its hospitality solution to
improving customer relations. Good CRM products shorten increase capacity to handle requests without increasing largest hotel franchising companies, with more than include Microsoft® Business Solutions CRM. The
5,000 properties. They needed an affordable benefits included minimal deployment costs, better
sales cycles and improve customer loyalty by automating day- employee count. Microsoft® CRM Customer Service helps
solution to integrate front-office and back-office business intelligence and a potential revenue
to-day tasks for sales, customer service, field service, call service representatives provide customers with the systems that was easy to install and manage, while increase of 25%
center, and marketing professionals. consistent, efficient service that ensures satisfaction. Case Study helping reduce costs, improve decision making, and
expand services.
Mobility Features
How does Microsoft® CRM make a difference? Microsoft® CRM Mobile allows users to quickly manage Based in Denmark, Imacon is a leading supplier of Microsoft® Business Solutions CRM improved the
Microsoft® Business Solutions CRM helps businesses, account information, add and organize business contacts, reproduction-quality scanners and digital cameras. company’s marketing efforts, reduced costs by
including divisions and subsidiaries of large organizations, They sought a powerful, easy-to-use CRM solution reducing the number of databases from eight to one
schedule important meetings, and track existing sales that could help store and share critical information and improved the quality of sales insights.
increase sales success, deliver superior customer service, and opportunities—all while working from a Pocket PC or Pocket Case Study about customers and prospects.
make informed business decisions. PC Phone Edition with Windows Mobile 2003 software.
McKinstry is an engineering, mechanical McKinstry integrated Microsoft® Business Solutions
What does Microsoft® CRM do? Integration Capability construction, and facilities management firm CRM with the company’s Microsoft® Business
employing approximately 1,000 people in six Solutions-Great Plains® ERP system. This solution
Sales Force Capability Microsoft® CRM integrates with Microsoft® Office,
separate divisions. They needed a CRM solution to centralized sales data, improved operating efficiency
Microsoft® CRM Sales helps sales people manage leads Microsoft® Business Solutions for Financial Management, address fragmented sales databases that were by 25%, increased sales opportunities, reduced
and opportunities, measure and forecast sales activity, and other business systems to give employees a complete Case Study hindering productivity and leading to lost sales. administrative costs by 15%, and generated
efficiently track customer communications, and automate view of customer information. The ease of integration with significant savings in the cost of sales.

stages in the sales process–helping ensure a shorter Microsoft Office is of particular value—enabling staff to Relational is a $500M company provides technology Relational’s solution integrated Microsoft® Business
cycle, higher close rates, and improved customer retention. access Microsoft® CRM information from Microsoft® Office and financing solutions throughout North America. Solutions CRM, Microsoft® Business Solutions—
Outlook and work online or offline with access to sales Rapid growth created the need for a flexible, Great Plains®, and industry-specific leasing
integrated CRM solution that would automate sales applications. The benefits included improved
processes and seamlessly exchange data with business insight, tighter financial controls, increased
Case Study financial and proprietary business systems. revenue and expanded opportunities.

A division of Veriphone, GO Software, develops and VeriFone selected Microsoft® Business Solutions
Key Selling Points Win Opportunities sells payment processing software. The 110
employee division sought a CRM solution that could
CRM. The benefits included a 592% annual ROI,
two months payback, $2.5 million per year in
Offers a decentralized database that works across existing Microsoft® CRM fits best with divisions and subsidiaries provide centralized access to information, help business benefits, a 75% reduction in order-entry
enhance customer service efforts, and maintain its and account-setup times and decreased hold times.
business systems of large organizations that:
Case Study industry leadership position.
Allows for robust, comprehensive reporting and analysis Are implementing for a department or division that has
capabilities 500 or fewer users Request a reference from Microsoft at referenc@micosoft.com
Case studies can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/BusinessSolutions/casestudies_mbs.mspx
Enables a step-by-step sales process Implementing a ‘federated model’ with multiple
Customer videos are located at https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/sales/salestools/videos/mbsvideolibrary/
Customer and product information can be viewed, shared, implementations, each with 500 or fewer users Competitive case studies can be found at https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/sales/marketing/competitiveinformation/MBSCICaseStudies.htm
and updated across organizations
Supports short implementations with single-upload The best Microsoft® CRM win opportunities are with By the Numbers
customizations, and straightforward upgrades companies that are seeking to accomplish the following CRM CUSTOMERS* ENTERPRISE OPPORTUNITY**
Is tailor-able to meet industry-specific needs, processes, with their CRM solution:
and environment Make informed business decisions Entities Enterprise IT Spend FY05 (000s) CAGR
May be deployed and managed internally or on a hosted Improve sales success Entities
basis Offer superior customer service Manufacturing 7,614,381 APAC 3,408 $2,526,000 6.4%
Provides logical user interface and intuitive work tools that Easily set up, configure, customize, and use their
Services 6,419,005 EMEA 9,273 $7,200,000 4.9%
employees will find easy to use solution
Centralized information storage and viewing let users Integrate their solution with Microsoft® Office and Wholesale & Distrib. 2,532,137 LATAM 1,992 $469,000 10.2%
easily share, manage and update information other Microsoft® Office applications
Public Sector (Gov’t) 930,236 N Amer 9,336 $16,493,000 5.2%
Has both rich client (via Microsoft® Outlook) and a thin
client (via a Web browser) capabilities
Can easily integrate with Microsoft® Office, financial * All market sectors CRM worldwide as of 12/31/04
applications, third-party applications, and Web services ** Enterprise CRM worldwide as of 12/31/04. IT Software Spend in US$
Contains fully integrated modules Sources: Microsoft® Business Solutions Market Model FY05 and IDC Vertical IT Forecast
CRM Scenario
Competing for CRM (General)
Prospecting Winning vs. Competitive Products
The following questions are for technical and business decision makers. Any “No” indicates an issue MBS products
can address. If discovered, you may highlight the MBS selling points that appear most relevant to the exposed need. Competitor Positioning How to Position Against / Why We Win
Seibel Enterprise Edition claims 3,500 customers Microsoft® corporate viability and market presence; Microsoft technology

/ Engr.
and a global presence. It is the No. 1 CRM architecture, integration with Office suite and .NET; Sell as temporary solution


analytics vendor. Its relationship with Microsoft® during Siebel implementation; .NET architecture to maximize business value of
Questions includes some integration with Outlook and Office. application portfolio; Siebel is hard to configure; Microsoft® CRM is also available
Dual platform strategy: .NET and Java. as a hosted solution.
Business Intelligence: Can you easily view and analyze business information? Do
your sales and service teams have access to the right information at the right time? SalesForce.com claims 12,500 customers in 110 Long-term low TCO and higher ROI; Microsoft® viability and business model;
countries, and supports 11 languages. It is the No. Familiar, consistent and integrated user interface; Security of on-premises data
Total Cost of Ownership: Are installations and upgrades quick and easy-to-deploy? 1 hosted CRM vendor. It targets broad range of storage and local operation; Offline mode superiority; Superior workflow and
Can you easily customize your CRM solution? Do you have the flexibility to migrate to a companies across multiple verticals, and offers only business process integration; Option for hosting or on-premises deployment;
hosted CRM solution? Are your sales and service training costs low? Have you hosted solutions. Its mantra is “No Software.” Ease of integration.
eliminated all complex, time-consuming data entry? Onyx has 1,150 customers and a global presence. Microsoft® corporate viability and market presence; Familiar easy-to-use intuitive
They use direct sales to divisions of Fortune 1000 interface; Outlook integration; Microsoft technology architecture, integration with
Application Integration: Can you access your CRM systems via Microsoft® Outlook
companies. Their Enterprise CRM product has Office suite and .NET; Broader partner channel; Stealth and competitive
and the Web? Can you easily integrate your solution with current applications? Do you many horizontal components. They are formerly a confusion.
want your sales and customer service applications to work together? Microsoft® partner with a .NET architecture.
Focused in financial services and public sector
Salesforce Effectiveness: Can you track your sales and service success rate? Can
your sales reps effectively track and manage leads from multiple sources? Can your
managers evaluate lead quality? Would more consistent sales processes help initiate SAP - Business One CRM has 4,200 customers, Established first-rate sales and support reseller/channel organization; SAP hasn’t
and close deals? Do your sales people have access to the information they need to and offices in 50 countries. Their client/server- been successful to date in divisions of large companies;Outlook integration;
build accurate quotes and manage customer orders? based solution is not fully web-enabled nor able to Familiar, consistent and integrated user interface; Cost effective CRM for a lower
work with mobile devices. They leverage TCO; Integration capabilities and extensibility; Technology leadership (SAP uses
relationships with parent (“hub”) companies into Microsoft® technologies in BusinessOne); More sales functionality; B1 and
Positioning subsidiary (“spoke”) sales. CRM functionality is
relatively new.
mySAP integration is mainly marketing; B1 is principally a small business product.

SAP - mySAP All-in-One has 5,600 customers. Established first-rate sales and support reseller/channel organization; SAP hasn’t
Microsoft® Business Solutions CRM helps businesses, including divisions and subsidiaries of large corporations, build more
They are a packaged industry-specific solution with been successful to date in divisions of large companies; Full solution; Outlook
profitable customer relationships. Designed for low total cost of ownership, it’s easy to set up, customize, and use. Microsoft CRM key verticals in auto, chemicals, consumer integration; Familiar, easy-to-use and intuitive user interface; Cost effective CRM
is accessible from Microsoft® Outlook and the Web and integrates with other business systems. products, and high-tech. They have been investing for a lower TCO; Integration capabilities and extensibility; Technology leadership.
heavily in partner channel and focusing on rolling
Integrated Sales and Customer Service modules allow employees to access and share complete customer information across out products to the subsidiaries and branches of
teams and departments. Automated processes free employees from time-consuming tasks and equip them with the tools and existing SAP customers.
information they need to sell effectively and deliver consistent, efficient service. Because Microsoft CRM is .NET-connected,
Pivotal claims 1,700 customers, 110 countries, 11 Microsoft® viability and business model; Confusion over Pivotal’s future; Familiar,
businesses can easily integrate Microsoft CRM with financial applications, third-party applications, and Web services, as well as languages. They target a broad range of companies consistent and integrated user interface; Established first –rate sales and support;
create customized solutions. across multiple verticals. They were recently Outlook integration; Microsoft technology; Lower TCO and higher ROI; Ease of
acquired by China.com; their future is uncertain. integration.
Additional Resources Visit https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/sales/marketing/competitiveinformation/

General information: https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/, provides resources for partners, including product specific information
http://www.microsoft.com/businesssolutions, provides more information about Microsoft Business Solutions
Fast Facts
Editions Microsoft® CRM is available in two editions, Standard and Professional, and in three modules—Sales, Customer
Service, and Suite. Compare editions.
Languages Microsoft® CRM is available in U.S. and International English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch,
Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew, Swedish, Russian, Hungarian, Polish and Czech.
Integration Microsoft® CRM integrates with Microsoft® Office, Microsoft® Business Solutions for Financial Management, and
third-party applications. Integration Information