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Is India really
Why are Indians
Ancient Facts about India
• India was the richest country on earth
until the time of British invasion in early
17th century.
• Over 5000 years ago when many
cultures were only nomadic forest
dwellers, Indians had already
established Harappa culture in sindh
valley(Indus valley civilization)
• Worlds first university was established
mathematics facts about
• India invented the number system
• The number ZERO was invented by
• The largest numbers used by Indians
in 5000BC during Vedic period is 10 to
the power of 53 but the largest
numbers used today is 10 to the
power of 12
• Calculus, trigonometry and algebra
came from India
• Quadratic equation was invented by
Medical science
• Ayurveda is the earliest school of
medicine known to humans, CHARAKA
consolidated ayurveda more than
2500 years ago.
• SUSUTRA the father of surgery
conducted complicated surgeries like
cataract, cesareans, artificial limb
transplantation, fractures, brain
surgery etc…
• Anesthesia was in use in ancient India.
Over 125 surgical instruments were
Facts about India
• India was the only source of diamonds
until 1896, according to gemological
institute of America.
• IEEE of America has proved that the
pioneer of wireless communication was
prof Jagdeesh Chandra bosh and
• Chess(ashtapada) was invented in
• India is one of the few countries in the
world which had gained independence
Facts about India
• The art of navigation was first born in
the river Sindh 6000 years ago, the
word navaigation is derived from the
Sanskrit word “NAVGATHI”.
• Indian is the second largest English
speaking country in the world.
• India is the largest democracy in the
• India is the second largest populated
country in the world.
• India is the 7th powerful nation in the
Facts about India
• Indian is the fourth largest economy
in the world.
• India is the 7th largest country in the
• Bollywood is the largest movie
industry in the world.
• Indian girls are on top of Miss
universe and Miss world in recent
Facts about India
• The co-founder of sun Microsystems
Mr. Vinod khosla is an Indian.
• The creater of Pentium chips Mr. vinod
dahm is an Indian.
• The founder and creater of HOTMAIL
Mr. Sameer bhatia is an Indian.
• The silicon valley(California) is
dominated by Indians and Indian
• the Indians are well regarded for
software development.
Albert Einstein said “ we
owe a lot to the Indians,
who thought us how to
count, without which no
worthwhile scientific
discovery could be made”.
Why Indians are
India is a rich country
inhabited by poor people

A P J Abdul
Why Indians are poor???
• Improper utilization of resources
• Dominance of agriculture
• Technological backwardness
• Inequality in distribution of income
• Low level of human development
• High unemployment
• Shortage of capital
• Lack of entrepreneurship
Swiss bank report

Swiss bank director says tat 108

lac cores Indian money
deposited in Swiss bank . The
same money can b used for
tax less budget for 30 yrs n
also can give jobs 2all Indians;
n can give free education 2 all
Indians... Think how our
In his book
“The Argumentative
India” specifies that
inequality, instability
and lack of solidarity
Amartya is the main reason for
sen poverty
Wake up…….

Lets change our nation

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