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The primary challenge facing human resource is to have the right people ready at the right time at the

right place.

Research has shown that assessment centers have proven to be better predictors of supervisory and managerial success than any other process.

Assessment centers are much better tools than written tests or interviews for the measurement of such critically important constructs such as leadership, decision making, interpersonal skills, and common sense.

A series of exercises, tests and interviews that are designed to determine the suitability of candidates for various positions within an organization.

Assess the full range of skills and personal attributes required for the job and these tests are made up of actual job behaviors
Assess what candidates will actually do if selected: not just how good they are at interview!

Usually used after the initial stages of the selection process

Usually last for one or two days. Typically 6-8 people will take part in a range of tasks, both individually and as a group.

Most employers now used assessment Centers when recruiting managers, professionals and graduates. Why? This is because they have higher face validity than other selection practices. To make more accurate selection and promotion decisions.

Employers are now turning to assessment centers to separate the best from the best.

The assessors are usually people one level above the position you have applied for. Managers from the company, who have been trained in assessment. Senior management/staff

Involved a range of exercises. These may include: In-tray exercises.

a candidate might be required to play the role of a manager who must decide how to respond to ten memos in his or her in-basket within a two-hour period

Group exercise Presentations Interviews Role plays Business case studies Written exercises

Unlike other selection methods such as written tests, it allows simulation of real-job situations, especially interacting with others. It assesses a candidate's "practical thinking" ability in approaching job-relevant tasks. They also more easily meet the requirement of job-relatedness than do most written tests. They have higher face validity

It helps assess the candidate's communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills, all in one go. It brings objectivity in the selection process, with all candidates provided with the equal settings and tasks in the same environment.

Assessment centers are designed to provide selectors with as much information as possible about candidates.

Highlight the strengths and weakness of individual candidates, clearly indicating their suitability or non-suitability for specific roles

The successful manager needed to show the following qualities: Leadership, Adaptability to different situations, Ability to find a solution to a problem, and Ability to work as team member.

A candidate's score on a written examination provides a way to evaluate whether a candidate knows the rules of the organization and the roles.

The information is a basic, necessary starting point for good supervision, but ALONE it does not sufficiently ensure success in company administration and leadership.