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There once was a poor boy named Aladdin who lived in far-off Arabia. He was clever, but he daydreamed a lot. One day, his mother sent him to the market to find a job. There Aladdin met a magician who promised him a reward of gold and jewels. All he have to do was fetch an old lamp. Aladdin couldnt believe his good luck.

The magician led Aladdin to a cave. He told the boy to crawl inside to get the lamp. He gave him a ring saying, Rub this ring if you are in danger.
In the cave, Aladdin was amazed to see it was full of treasure.

He found the lamp, but the magician wouldnt let Aladdin out until he give him the lamp.

Aladdin was afraid for his life. The magician pushed a rock in front of the cave to trap Aladdin inside.

I am the Genie of the Ring! How can I help you?

Then he remembered the ring and he rubbed it. At first he was scared, then he asked to be taken back to his home. In a flash he was there!

Aladdin had kept the lamp. He knew that it must be valuable. When he rubbed it, out came another genie! The Genie of the Lamp granted him any wish. In no time, Aladdin was a very rich man living in a huge palace. He became the kings best friend and he fell in love with his daughter, the princess. They were soon married.

Months later, the sly magician learned that Aladdin had the magic lamp. He was angry and jealous of Aladdins riches. To steal the lamp, he pretended to be a lamp seller. He went to Aladdins palace, calling, Old lamps for new lamps! The princess did not know that Aladdins lamp was magical, so she traded it for a new one!

The magician hurried home and quickly called up the Genie of the Lamp.The first thing he wanted was to punish Aladdin. He ordered the genie to carry Aladdins palace and the princess to the end of the earth. Before long, his evil wish was granted.

Aladdin was shocked to find a big hole where his palace once stood. Worse still, his dear wife was also gone! Aladdin then remembered the Genie of the Ring.

He asked the genie take him to the magic lamp. Aladdin was surprise to find himself in the magicians house. While the magician slept, Aladdin grabbed the magic lamp.

He quickly called upon the Genie of the Lamp to send the magician to a far-off land from which he could never return. Then Aladdin asked for his wife and his palace to be returned. In a minutes, his wishes were granted.

The princess was overjoyed to see Aladdin again, and from that day on they lived happily ever after.


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Underline The Nouns There was a boy named Aladdin. Aladdin met a magician. He led Aladdin to a cave. Aladdin found a lamp. It granted Aladdin his wishes.


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