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What is Grundfos Remote Management? System Features Technical Details Popular Applications. Benefits of Grundfos Remote Management

What is Grundfos Remote Management?

Easy-to-install, low-cost monitoring and management of pumping systems.
Alarms on SMS and Email distributed according to built-in week schedule. Web access to reports and trend data for all relevant employees.

Automatic event log and service log for all pumps in the system.
Plug n Play integration with Grundfos Controls monitoring of all pumps and sensors. Centrally hosted database and application server. Users only need an Internet PC.

System Features

Pre-defined drivers and lay-out for Plug n play monitoring

- Waste water pits - Pressure Booster Systems

- Circulator pumps
- Fire Protection Systems - External VFD - E Pumps (integrated VFD) - Motor Protection - I/O Modules

Complete overview of all your pump installations organized in a logical navigation tree supported by your own site map or system drawing.

Installation is plug n play in an easy-to-use 4-step wizard. No programmers needed to setup the system.
Step 1: Enter phone number and modem id. Step 2: Give your installation a name. Step 3: Let the modem auto-discover your Grundfos pumps and controls.

Step 4: Select the alarms you want to receive and how you want them to be delivered. (SMS or Email).
and youre products are monitored.

Get a complete log of alarms and warnings in one easy to manage log.

Direct alarms to on-duty staff automatically using easy-to-configure week schedules.

Optimize pump service by keeping track of operating hours and number of starts for each pump. Access online service manuals and videos directly.

Automatic log and trend of the key performance indicators in your system to document performance and reveal potential for improvement.

Upload system documentation to one secure place and make it accessible to all relevant personnel.

Get access to live data on your mobile phone. Acknowledge alarms and verify communication on-site during installation.

How does remote management help you save money?

Follow the Specific Energy (kWh/ m3) of your system to reveal performance degradation over time due to e.g.: Normal wear and tear. Leakage in the system. Deposits in pipes. Service according to actual operating data such as: Operating hours. Number of pump starts. Increase in current consumption. Increase in motor temperature.

Cut back on-site inspections. Why visit sites that you know are ok?

Automate reporting on: Energy consumption Pumped volume and other pumping system KPIs

Technical Details

System Description
Site level

Network level



Central Hosting Center Web Server and database

Public GPRS Network

CUE MP204 CIU271 GPRS and SMS Modem Multipurpose I/O device Intelligent data logger

Grundfos WAN (Internet)

Local SMS Gateways (One per country)


Secure Internet (SSL 128 bit)

I/O devices IO351
- Level sensors - Flow sensor - Pressure sensor - Temperature sensors - Pumps - Door alarms - Etc.

One CIU271 modem will monitor a network of Grundfos products

IO devices



Magna Pumps

Motor Protection (MP204)

Drives (CUE)

You can monitor ANY standard pump using MP204 or CUE

What will MP204 tell you about the pump?

Get alarms if thresholds are crossed for:
Insulation resistance before start-up Phase missing Motor Temperature Power factor Overload/underload Power consumption Harmonic distortion Overvoltage/undervoltage Run and start capacitor (single-phase) Phase sequence and more Dry running
Monitor and report on energy consumption

Monitor current consumption

Monitor operational profile number of starts and operating time

What will CUE tell you about the pump?

Get alarms if thresholds are crossed for: Leakage Current Motor phase failure Motor / Bearing Temperature Dry running Overload / underload Sensor faults External Fault Signal Overvoltage/undervoltage Sensor limits Missing Phase and more Monitor and report on energy consumption

Monitor Speed / frequency of the pump

Monitor specific energy (when flow meter is attached).

Monitor ANY switch, sensor or meter using IO modules from Grundfos

Level switches

Flow meters

Pressure sensors PT 100/1000 Temp. sensors

Dry contacts from alarm panels

Ultra sonic level sensors

and all other signals (0/4-20mA, 0-10V, Pulse)

Modem variants

Can be mounted inside Dedicated Controls and HM Large

GPRS data logger for GENIbus networks with Built-in general purpose IO Board: 2 digital Inputs 2 Configurable Inputs (Digital or 0/4-20mA/0-10V) 1 Relay output (230V 2A) 1 Signal output (0-10 V) 1 Temperature input (PT100/PT1000)

GPRS data logger for GENIbus networks. (Cost reduced version with no built-in IO capability).

Grundfos communication options



CIM/CIU 100 LON CIM/CIU 150 Profibus CIM/CIU 200 Modbus RTU CIM/CIU 300 BACnet MS/TP CIM/CIU 250 GSM/GPRS/SMS Grundfos Remote Management

CIU250 Basic SMS

Functionalit y


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