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Introduction to Professional Ethics

Steve Zanskas, Ph.D., CRC

Tonights Agenda
Introductions & review the syllabus Why ethics? Key Terms Forms of Ethics Fundamental Principles Review one ethical decision making model

Ethical Decision Making: Key Terms

Values Morality Community Standards Reasonableness Professionalism Ethics Law

Forms of Ethics
Mandatory Aspirational Principle Virtue

Are your ethics

Absolute? Relative?

Moral Principles
Autonomy Nonmaleficence Beneficence Justice Fidelity Veracity

Virtue Ethics
4 Core Virtues:
Prudence Integrity Respectfulness Benevolence

5 Characteristics: Motivated to do what is right. Vision & discernment Compassion/Empathy Self-aware Understand the importance of community in their decision making.
(Meara, Schmidt, & Day, 1996)

Ethics Governance

Courts State Licensure Boards Certification Bodies


Level of Ethical Functioning


Professional Orgs. with Mandatory Codes


Professional Orgs. With Aspirational Codes


Prof. Educational Institutions in Conjunction with Accrediting Bodies


(Tarvydas, 2004)

Ethical dilemmas?
What are they? What do you do when you encounter them?

An Ethical Decision Making Model

Identify the problem or dilemma Identify the potential Issues involved Review the relevant ethical codes Know the applicable laws and regulations Consult Consider the possible & probable courses of action Consider the consequences of various decisions Decide on what appears to be the best course of action
(Corey, Corey, & Callanan, 2007)

Necessary but not sufficient Codes lack clarity Reactive rather than proactive Knowledge alone does not make ethical practice Culturally Contextual Conflicts Personal Institutional or Organizational Law Exposure

Introductions & the Syllabus Why ethics? Key Terms Forms of Ethics Fundamental Principles Reviewed an ethical decision making model Strengths & limitations For next week: Complete, bring to class, and be prepared to discuss your responses to the 40 item self-assessment: An Inventory of Your Attitudes and Beliefs About Ethical & Professional Issues (Corey, Corey, & Callanan, 2007, pages 2532).