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NIT Project

BY : Kanika Kinjal Lovika Mohit Malik Rajat Vij Ritika


Oldest and largest bank in India, with more than $250 billion (USD) in assets.
SBI has 14 Local Head Offices and 57 Zonal Offices that are located at important cities throughout the country.

Market share among Indian commercial banks of about 20% in deposits and loans.

Main data centre for core banking system is located at Belapur.

Core Banking Systems Components

Data Centre
Application Developers

Desktops, Branch Servers

Core-Banking Application OS, Database

Alternative Channels

WAN, Internet


Branch user/ Admins

Network Administrators

System Administrators

Features of Network of SBI

It has a Large Network as backbone for connectivity across the country.

It has taken services from Multiple Service Providers.

It is using Multiple Technologies to support the networking. Infrastructure Leased lines, Dial-up, CDMA & VSATs.

Main Technologies Used

Very Small Aperture terminals

Virtual Private Networks

Cloud Computing

Leased Lines

Main Technologies Used

Very Small Aperture Leased Lines Virtual Cloud Private Computing Networks terminals

Small, software-driven earth stations. Technology A leased line that connects uses the two internet locations and for central private remote voice servers and/or It extends a private network and the resources contained in Used for the reliable transmission of data, video, or voice via to maintain data telecommunication data and applications. service. the network across public networks . satellite. A SBI reserved has tied circuit up with between TCS two to points. provide banking services to All It deploys a network of 2880 VSATs to connect its off-site ATMs . branches are linked over a world class IP-VPN. rural Provided India by . BSNL. Using 360E VSATs for other interactive data applications. It allows a wide array of customer-centric solutions such as One Used single for internal server communication is running the database in branches. 52 communication banks. BSNL VSAT provides single platform forofall remote account access and Internet banking. needs. Connects various branches all over India.

SBI can tie- up with other IT companies to provide banking services to Rural India.

Partnering with other telecommunication companies will help in providing flexibility of providing circuits to all the branches.

Lack of awareness of new technologies among the employees.

Security Security
Data Loss Prevention Identity & Access Management

Cyber Attacks



Touch Points : Threats : Prevention

Touch Points Threats Prevention Being PCI & Verisign complainant Randomly select operator to refill and maintain High Encryption / Decryption Install good anti virus software and update it regularly Install official apps only, Lock your phone screen always Restrict memory devices and give role based access Use high technology MICR Banking Applications: Threat Phishing Modelling Insider Threats: ATM Devices Attack by a user of the system, Physical damage Middleware: The Heartbeat of an Organisation Cyber Warfare: Targeted Malware New Attack Vectors: Mobile Banking Privileged Access: USB Devices Security Technology: Smartcards Data Leakage Viruses & Trojans Malicious apps capturing key strokes, Friends using your phone Data theft Cloning of debit & credit cards

Questionnaire used. Set of open ended Contains questions on issues faced and profile of the respondent.
Various techniques

and tools have been used to networking

Describes the methods adopted to collect data and analyse data

Respondent 1 : Naresh Pruthi Deputy Manager SBI Medical Branch Rohtak Respondent 2 : Krishan.K.Rastogi Branch Manager RBO, Kurnool Varanasi


Survey Results
Communication technologies

Emails,Fax,Intranet,IP phone

Network traffic

2-3 hours Mainly during month end Through emails Mobile banking

Consumer feedback

Survey results contd..

Cloud computing
Not yet
AMS Local head office and zonal Technically qualified staff Bandwidth increase

Service providers
Other suggestions

There is still no technology in rural areas. They communicate through leased lines. Lack of technically efficient staff still exists. Centralized data maintenance is difficult due to large number of branches. Cloud computing if introduced largely can solve the problem.

Cost Pressure

Management of IT resources

Backup and Disaster Plan

Measurement of IT Performance

Energy Management

Bolster the IT Support.

Customer Retention.

Product Differentiation.



Vendor Management

Infrastructure De- risking

Assured Availability

Challenges Cont.

Assistance to Customer

Maintain Leading Position

Increased dependency

Updated Technology

Customer Service Delivery

Customer Needs

Impleme ntation

Systems integration and Optimization


Solution Design

Technology Evaluation


Employees should be Open to changes

Proper training for employees

Customer acceptance is also important

Operational efficiency & employee productivity

Regular security checks

Comparison with other banks

Lockers - PNB

SBI - 20% PNB - 10% Canara - none ICICI 60% Standard Chartered 70%

Different Banking Services Availed by Customers

Loan - ICICI Mail transfer - SBI Issuance of demand draft - Canara Bank Term deposit - PNB

Different Sources of Information about any New Service/Scheme Introduced by Bank

SBI 1 PNB 20% Canara Bank 20% ICICI 50% Standard Chartered 10%

Customers Satisfaction with Quality of Services

Employee behavior: Standard Chartered Accessibility: SBI Ambience: SC Infrastructure: SC Working hours: SC

Information about Availing Loan by Customers

Different IT Enabled Services Used by Customers

Different IT Enabled Services Used by Customers

No respondent in any bank was using online tax accounting and foreign exchange system.

Security No facility No awareness No need

Create more awareness More efforts in increasing security features

Attributes that play a crucial role in the process of bank selection

Availabil ity of credit
Relatives advice and recommenda tions

Conveni ent location Adequat e banking hours

Variety of bank services Return on Investm ent

Quality of services

Availabil ity of ATM

Friendliness of personnel

Understan ding financial needs

Special services for women

Bank reputation

Training on stress management and public dealing should be imparted to the employees of nationalized banks.

Nationalized banks need to improve their infrastructure and ambience to compete with private and foreign banks in India.

Branches of private and foreign banks should be increased for easy accessibility

Infrastructure should be improved. Ambience should be improved. Employee behavior should be improved. Work should be completed easily.