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Presented by Suvranil Banerjee

Intent of the presentation

The presentation will show : SRKS competent areas for extending consulting services for integrated, water & waste water & social issue management. Domain based priority oriented business growth opportunity. Focus areas to look at. Resource requirement. Presenter's value addition competence in taking off.

Mining Scenario in India

Mining has been and continues to be a major

contributor to the economic growth of most of the developed & developing countries. India ranks among top five global players in terms of production of several important minerals. A high environmental cost which has been associated with years of unregulated mining and mineralprocessing activity made it realised to strike a balance between mineral developments on the one hand and the greening of the environment on the other. Gracefully many technologies to reduce the environmental burden and greening the supply chain in mining sector have been developed. Yet implementation of these technologies is not free from challenges.

Challenge of Environment Management in mining industries of India

Size of firm. Pressure of Society. Poor Legislation. Lack of Direct Incentives. Financial Constraints. Technical Barriers. Lack of Management Commitment. Lack of Employee Commitment. Lack of Awareness. Inappropriate Approach to Implementation.

Sustainable Mining Practice

Sustainable mining indicates : Mining that is financially viable. socially responsible. environmentally, technically and scientifically sound. having a long term view of development. uses mineral resources optimally. Based on creating long-term, genuine, mutually beneficial partnership between government, communities & miners, based on integrity, cooperation and transparency.

SRKS Scope of Services Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Consulting activity has the following component : Site assessment & Due Diligence. Environmental & Social impact assessment. Compliance audits. Community planning and facilitation. Detailed site investigation. Soil and ground water remediation. Air quality services. Waste characterisation and disposal. Risk analysis & management for miners & banks. Disaster management & emergency response. Site closure and rehabilitation.

SRKS Scope of Services Water Management Consultancy

Water Management Consulting activity has the following component : Water supply to the miners Mine closure water management Water balancing Water benchmarking for industrial application Wetland habitant mitigation plan Onsite water management Risk based monitoring & management Numerical modeling of ground water for mine clearance Basin storm water management Management of specific contamination Innovation & automation in quantitative data collection.

SRKS Scope of Services Waste Water Management Consultancy

Waste Water Management Consulting activity has the following component : Mine de-watering Acid & metalliferous drainage Managing sulfate impacts on water quality

SRKS Scope of Services Social Consultancy

Social Consulting activity has the following component : Social Licensing. Strategic coordination with informal miners Social Management Planning Resettlement cost assessment Stakeholder engagement & input assessment Implementing community feedback from concept to closure. Socio-economic value addition in project investment Community consultation Social Impact assessment. Conjugation of international principles & standards.

Business Prospect in India for Consulting to Environment al & Social aspects of Mining
Site assessment & due diligence for new mining site.
Environmental & Social impact assessment Study. Risk analysis study for new & brown-field mining

projects. Site closure and rehabilitation consultancy. Consultancy on research projects on value added commercial utilization of mine rejects & tailings. Consultancy for site reclamation by landscape ecology. Consultancy for ground water management in mining. Consultancy for community development & corporate social responsibility to the miners. Sustainability & Business Regulation Reporting as per CII & SEBI guidelines.

Human Resource required for Development of Consulting unit of Environment Management

Multi-facet Human resource expertise development in the following domains : Environmental Engineering Process Design. Environmental Management & Law. Water Resource Engineering. Geographic Information System. Environmental Modeling. Proposal Engineering. Sociology & Social Work. Sustainability & Climate Change. Forest Management. Analytical Chemistry. Mineral Engineering.

Resource required for Development of Consulting unit of Environment Management

Following Environmental Engineering Models are potential long term required resources :
ISCST3 for air pollution modeling of point source. CALINE for air pollution modeling of line source.

FDM for air pollution modeling of fugitive dust

emission. HSPF,USEPA Hydrologic Simulation Model. Standford Watershed Model. HAZOP-PRO for hazard analysis study in mines.

External nearby potential resources

The resources that should be imported from near by facilities : Training on mining engineering to the non-aligned executives . Regular coordination & interaction with nearby academic institute for consultancy & collaboration. Involvement with SRKs oversees consulting team for any relevant assignment of international mining project for competence development. Resources to make SRK, Indias quality standards at per with the international standards. Domain specific journals/books/knowledge materials

Presenter's value addition competence

Domain knowledge in the field of Environmental Engineering Process Design, Environmental Management & Law, Environmental Modeling, Proposal Engineering, Sustainability & Climate Change.
Experienced in developing & working for new business unit for diversified market segment,

target client base & product/service positioning.


& contacts across the industry for business development & talent acquisition.