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Indicators for Good Governance

Richard Murray Swedish Agency for Public Management

Indicators for
Steering Rewarding Controll Mobilising Understanding

on what level?
Micro agency Meso policy areas (eduction, transport) Macro the government as a whole

Good Governance?
Trust of citizens Due process of law Efficient production and programs Democratically controlled Attracting FDI

The Lisbon Agenda performance of the public sector as a whole

Allocation of resources Health status Educational attainment Crime rate Resources

Quality of public administration Size of bureaucracy Transparency (citizens survey) Effectiveness of government interventions (implementation) Corruption

by what means?
Organisation Internal regulation of agency work External regulation of agency work Resources: staff, technology Research and development Steering Control Other

Efficiency & effectiveness

Rule of law


Economic growth

International co-operation

Internal regulation External regulation Resources: staff, technology



Steering Control Other

Efficiency & effectiveness Organisation Internal regulation External regulation Resources: manpower
*Monitoring HRM * Evaluation of employer policy * Training of board members * Management training * 24/7 agencies, e-info, eservices * Portal for businesses * Developing the commission of inquiry system * Citizens survey * Quality award International benchmarking * Benchmarking of administrative activities * Development of performance management * Activity agreements * Indicators on public administration *Evaluating boards with full responsibility *Central-local gvt partnership * Linguistic clarity * Service declarations * Review of agency framework ordinances

Rule of Law


Economic growth

International cooperation
* Evaluation of EU influence on public administration

* Campaign for public access to information

* Review of surpervisory controls

* Regulation impact analysis * Simplified information submission

Resources: technology R&D Steering

* Portal for business

* SME survey

Controll Other

* Strategy for public administration exports

* Preparations fr EU presidency

Efficiency and effectiveness

Efficiency (productivity) Quality





Useful/appro Service priate quality

Rule of Law

Correct decisions

Due process


According to the law Identical

Correct handling Transparency

Possibilities of appeal Possibility to sue the government

Foreseea ble

Competent staff

Political control Loyal civil service Objective and relevant decision preparations Efficient means of steering and control A well coordinated and flexible administration Lucid organisation Transparency and openness Means of direct influence Information on citizens preferences Citizens influence

Possibilities to hold accountable

General information on society

Democratic attitudes

Basic principle.: comparable with other statistics

National Accounts definitions Delimitation of the public sector Hours worked Output, input Costs Quality

Education at a glance Educational levels Labour force surveys Employed Part-time, full-time Sick-leave

Other sources
OECD indicators on market regulation World Value Studies Transparency International Competitiveness reports