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1. Cinturones Seguridad 2. Descripcin Sistema Airbag 3. Diagrama Elctrico 4. Localizacin Componentes 5. Airbag Lateral 6. Airbag Cortina 7. Sensor Lateral 8. Sensor Trasero 9. Precauciones

1. Cinturones Seguridad

1. Front seat belt assembly (with ELR and pretensioner) 2. Rear seat belt assembly (with A-ELR) 3. Rear center seat belt (with A-ELR) 4. Buckle for front seat belt assembly 5. Buckle for rear seat belt assembly 6. Retractor assembly 7. Buckle for rear center seat belt

1. Cinturones Seguridad (cont.)

1.Upper anchor 2.Lower anchor 3.Retractor assembly 4.Rear center seat belt 5.Buckle for rear seat belt 6.Buckle for rear center seat belt (a): 35Nm

2. Descripcin Sistema Airbag

1. Driver air bag 2. Passenger air bag 3. Seat belt pretensioner 4. Side-air bag 5. Side curtain-air bag

2.Descripcin Sistema Airbag (Cont.)

1.SDM 2.Ignition switch 3.Booster transformer 4.Capacitor 5.Safing switch 6.Driver forward sensor 7.Passenger forward sensor 8.Forward G sensor 9.Right side sensor 10.Left side sensor 11.Side G sensor 12.Combination meter 13.Airbag warning light 14.Micro computer 15.Driver inflator module 16.Driver seat belt pretensioner 17.Passenger inflator module 18.Passenger seat belt pretensioner 19.Right side inflator module 20.Left side inflator module 21.Right side curtain airbag module 22.Left side curtain airbag module 23.Ignition current circuit 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, 10a, 11a : G sensor 6b, 7b, 8b, 9b, 10b, 11b : Preset value

3.Diagrama Elctrico
[A]: For vehicle without cruise control system [B]: For vehicle with cruise control system [C]: Shorting bar 1. To battery 2. Ignition switch 3. Junction block assembly 4. A/B fuse 5. METER fuse 6. Combination meter 7. Lamp driver 8. AIR BAG warning lamp 9. Connection detection pin 10. To BCM 11. To data link connector (DLC) 12. To ECM, TCM, BCM, ABS control module and 4WD control module 13. Driver forward-sensor 14. Passenger forward-sensor 15. Ground for air bag system 16. Left side sensor 17. Right side sensor 18. SDM 19. Contact coil 20. Driver air bag (inflator) module 21. Passenger air bag (inflator) module 22. Driver seat belt pretensioner 23. Passenger seat belt pretensioner 24. Left side aibag (inflator) module 25. Right side airbag (inflator) module 26. Left side curtain airbag (inflator) module 27. Right side curtain airbag (inflator) module 28. AIR BAG monitor coupler (if equipped)

Floor harness Instrument panel harness Main harness Airbag wire

4.Localizacin Componentes

1. Passenger air bag (inflator) module 2. Driver air bag (inflator) module 3. Contact coil assembly 4. Air bag harness in main harness 5. Forward-sensor 6. A/BAG fuse in junction block assembly (including BCM) 7. Air bag harness in floor harness 8. Side-air bag (inflator) module 9. Ground for air bag system 10. SDM 11. side-sensor 12. Seat belt pretensioner 13. Side curtain-air bag (inflator) module 14. Air bag harness in instrument panel harness 15. AIR BAG warning lamp

4.Localizacin Componentes (Conectores)

A Q01 Driver airbag module B G26 Driver airbag contact coil C G65 Passenger airbag module L12 Driver seat belt pretensioner D L36 Passenger seat belt pretentioner E13 Driver forward sensor E E24 Passenger forward sensor Between Pa airbag and SDM, airbag G68 wire side F Between Pa airbag and SDM, floor G67 harness side Between forward sensor and SDM, E79 MN harness side G Between forward sensor and SDM, L03 FL harness side L30 Between left side airbag and SDM H L25 Between right side airbag and SDM L35 Left side sensor I L11 Right side sensor Q02 Left side airbag module J Q03 Right side airbag module G41 Left side curtain airbag module K G18 Right side curtain airbag module

1. Passenger air bag (inflator) module 2. Driver air bag (inflator) module 3. Contact coil assembly 5. Forward-sensor 8. Side-air bag (inflator) module 10. SDM 11. side-sensor 12. Seat belt pretensioner 13. Side curtain-air bag (inflator) module

5.Airbag Lateral

1.Inflator 2.Gas 3.Airbag

5.Airbag Lateral (Cont.)

1.Gas generator 2.Separation wall 1 3.Pressurized gas 4.Gas tank 5.Separation wall 2 6.Ignition 7.Generated gas 8.Gas mixture 9.To airbag

5.Airbag Lateral (cont.)

1.Sleeve lock nut 2.Seat back 3.Sleeve 4.Clip

5.Airbag Lateral (Cont.)

Clip + Casquillo

El Clip no es reutilizable!
1.Sleeve lock nut 2.Seat back 3.Sleeve 4.Clip 5.Side airbag module 6.Module connector 7.Lock button

5.Airbag Lateral (cont.)

1.Sleeve lock nut 2.Sleeve 3.Side airbag module 4.Module connector 5.Lock button 6.Claw 7.Installation hole 8.New clip installed from inside

6.Airbag Cortina
7.Front (A) pillar 8.Center (B) pillar

6.Airbag Cortina (Cont.)

1.Tether belt 2.Airbag 3.Roof lining 4.Inflator 5.Gas propagation

6.Airbag Cortina (Cont.)

1.Roof lining 2.Door opening trim 3.Airbag

6.Airbag Cortina (Cont.)

6.Airbag Cortina (Cont.)

1.Module connector 2.Lock button 3.Airbag fixing bolts 4.Airbag fixing clips

6.Airbag Cortina (cont.)

1.Overhead console 2.Sunvisor 3.Luggage room lamp 4.Interior light 5.Spot light 6.Front pillar upper trim 7.Side sill scuff 8.Center pillar inner lower trim 9.Center pillar inner upper trim 10.Back panel trim 11.Rear quarter lower trim 12.Rear quarter upper trim 13.Assistant grip 14.Head lining clip 15.Head lining

6.Airbag Cortina (cont.)

1.Airbag 2.Module fixing clip 3.Module fixing bolt 4.Module connector 5.Lock button (a): 11 Nm

7.Sensor Lateral

2.Bolts 3.Bolt 4.Outer housing 5.Inner housing

7.Sensor Lateral (Cont.)

1.Side sensor 2.Under body 3.Bolt 4.Connector inner (brown) 5.Connector outer (white)

8.Sensor Frontal
1.Forward sensor 2.Apron side member 3.Contact weight 4.Contact A 5.Spring 6.Contact B G : Impact

8.Sensor Frontal (Cont.)

1.Forward sensor 2.Bolt 3.Apron side member 4.Outer housing 5.Inner housing 6.A/C high pressure service valve 7.ABS control module connector

8.Sensor Frontal (Cont.)

1.Forward sensor 3.Bolts 4.Inner housing 5.Outer housing "A" : Thread lock cement 9900032100 (Thread Lock Cement 1305) (a) : 11Nm (8.0 lb-ft)


1.Passenger airbag module 2.Driver airbag module 3.Side airbag module 4.Side curtain airbag module 5.Seat belt pretensioner 5a.Exhaust hole