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Samant Kala declares war

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Case summary
GVM has been established in Ambapur village with the

objective of providing technical support and limited financial assistance for income generating activities with special stress on women and the poor.The GVM consists of families from all castes in the village. Samant Kala is one of the lower caste members of the executive council of the society who wants to dig a well on his piece of land to increase his harvests. This will call for an initial investment of Rs. 15000 for which he is looking up to the GVM. He thinks that he has a fair chance of being successful and also has the support of his fellow caste members. However, since he does not have any saleable land and the govt reimbursement of 15000 will come only if well digging is successful, the GVM has rejected the proposal. Samant Kala is feeling betrayed and wants to withdraw from the GVM along with his caste members and their savings with the GVM. This will lead to a defeat to the organisational purpose of supporting the rural poor. The manager has to find a way so that Samant Kala and his community is saved from dejection and at the same time the financial viability of GVM is


Long term :to provide technical support and limited funding for income generating activities in villages. Mid term:To ensure that all castes remain a part of GVM to sustain its long term goal. Short term :To ensure that Samant receives the required amount to dig the well and maintaining harmony within the society at the same point of time.

The 40 families of Harijans together have

resources enough to generate Rs. 15000.

All castes should remain a part of GVM.

Assistance should be given to people like Samant

with a common consensus. Financial stability of GVM should be maintained through timely repayment of loans.

GVM gives 15000 to Samant, GSRO reimburses

to GVM. Samants community gives collective guarantee to repay. In eventuality of their not paying, money can be generated from their wages. Samant has few cattle and a cycle shop. He can use these as security for the loan from GVM. GRSO head can suggest Samant Kala to arrange this money informally from his community.

Choose the best alternative

In the first case, the entire community would have

to face the brunt if the well does not spring water. As far as the second alternative is concerned, if the digging of well does not produce water, he will have to give up his cattle as well as the shop to cover the debt. The third option is the most viable option. The community is united and will help each other out. If he fails he would still be able to repay with lesser stringent laws and with more time on hand.

Contingency plan
If our solution fails i.e. Samant fails to gather

enough funds from the people of his community we can ask GSRO to pay for the well. This money would be later paid back if he has good agricultural produce or in case of failure from the wages of the members of community who support him.