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Meaning of Production , Information and System

Production is some process through which goods and services are created. Production/Operations is the heart for an organization and add value to some object enhancing its usefulness. This is done by bringing men, machines and materials together as inputs to get the desired output.
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Information is data that is processed in a form, which helps the management to take the decisions. If there were no choices/decisions information would be unnecessary.

System is an abstract/physical set of elements, which operate together to accomplish an objective. A system may be defined as a purposeful collection of people, objects and procedures for operating within an environment.
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Production Information System

Production information system performs an integrating role with in the production system of any organization.
Management of activities/ operations in the production system is concerned with decision making related to different components of the system so as to accomplish the desired output.


It is a network to generate the necessary information

and process it to make various decisions related to some production system.


consists of communication channels and information processing centers collecting information from its sources of origin, storing, updating, collating and processing it and then supplying the processed information to the various users of the system.

It interacts with both its internal and external

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Characteristics of Production Information System

1. It should always be tailored to the need of a particular organization. It can never be specific or general.
2. The involvement of top management in the formulation of production information system is essential. 3. Data base should be wide.


4. It must be flexible and should be supplied timely. 5. Data should be capable of easy interpretation

and presentation. 6. The cost of procuring the information must not have over ride the relative advantage accrued.


Components of the System

Long Term Planning : This implies planning the conversion system, specifying the sequence of operations, capacity of the system, plant location and its layout aspects. Annual Production Plan : These are meant to plan the use of transformation process. These plans are revised periodically. Inventory Control : It is generally expressed in terms of money and number of units produced.



Production Scheduling : These decisions are to be determine- what to make, when to make, how to make, how much is required to make it, production plan, bill of materials and operations sheets providing the necessary information for the preparation of production schedules. Dispatching : Time standards are formulated through operation/route sheets supplied by planning and engineering departments.

Quality standards are prescribed by design & 10/16/2013 9 engineering sections.

Production Planning and Control Information System

The designing of an effective production planning and

control information system for a given plant require a clear comprehension of the nature of the manufacturing problem and an understanding of the planning and manufacture of standard product.
For designing effective production planning and

control procedures, a material and tools records and control system must be derived and machine capacity data must be compiled.
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Information Needs for PPC Systems are:

Full details of forecasted sales by product and actual sales.

The availability on a daily of productive resources viz. space, man-hours and machine capacity.
Data relating to materials stock, the availability of

supplies and the lease time needed for deliveries into the system and distribution from the system.



Knowledge of company policy related to work in

process and stock levels. Details of the factory organization, layout and maintenance facilities available. Human factors which might affect the operation of the plan. Feed-back information relating to actual production.



Production Planning System

Information needs for production planning are:
1. 2.

4. 5.

Sales forecasts Customer orders Capacity plans Inventory information Current information on shop load and lead times.



Information System for Scheduling



Master scheduling system Production scheduling system External factors Internal factors Updating and review of planning decision



Production Production Plan Plan Master Schedule Master Schedule Materials Requirement Plan Capacity requirement Plan





Dispatcher Cost


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Production Scheduling system

Includes Setting of time for engineering of products , material processing. Scheduling the order of work for machine loading. Beginning and end of operations in plant equipment. In a repetitive manufacturing concern , production scheduling is increasing or decreasing the rate of output to conform with the master schedule.



External Factors-

Consumer demand , customer delivery date , dealer and retailer inventories, time for procurement, cost of not meeting the delivery date etc. Internal FactorsFinished goods, number of operations and time of each operation, availability of equipment, personnel, materials, cost of production etc.
Updating and Review of planning decisions:

Internal and external environment are dynamic in nature. They affect our decisions and sometime make them quite irrelevant. Therefore there is a need of continuous monitoring and updating of information and then reviewing the decisions already taken to make modifications if necessary.
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Production control system

Production control is the function of planning and controlling the production cycle to assure that facilities and the personnel are economically

utilized and that products are manufactured within time and cost limit.



Reports and Screen Display

Statutory Compliance Information Update

Operation Updates
Decision Analysis Action Update