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Public Relations Research and Strategic Recommendations

Cara Christensen, Kate Keenan, Angie Hatch, Kate Keenan, Amberly Asay and Bev Storrs

Background on Issue
Qualitative Research Quantitative Research

Social Media
SWOT Strategic Recommendations


Background on Issue
GPDB needs to increase revenue
-Are a fairly new, family-owned company -Many members; not many frequent buyers

We split client base into four groups

Performed primary and secondary research

Love Group
GPDB members who:
-Make 2 or more purchases a month

-Have made more than 4 purchases

-Believe in GPDB vision & mission

Key Research Questions

Why do people love GPDB? Can current customers buy more?

How can we gain more clients?

Qualitative Research: Focus Group

The Love group values:
Getting the best deal
Convenience in ordering
Convenience in delivery

Focus Group Results

Members are investors
Want a more user-friendly website

Want to pull up old orders

Dont recommend the business to others

Quantitative Research: Survey

Majority of customers who
Love Group Referral Rate

shop online, shop exclusively at GPDB Shipping cost isnt a problem Love Group has the highest referral rate Trust GPDBs mission and products

Social Media Research Findings

Online organic chatter most commonly used in the Pacific Northwest Celebrities drive the conversation Majority of the conversations are on Twitter

GPDB needs to take advantage of social media

Twitter, Pinterest, Blog and update Facebook

Customer loyalty to GPDB Customers understand companys goals Already live a healthy lifestyle

Bias because some members are also investors

Already at maximum ordering capacity

Focused on current members only

Increase referral rate Promotional deals Opportunity to increase customer base


Decline of organic trend Higher cost of products

People shop at local

markets Other online shopping

Core Problem and Opportunity

Original problem: Need to get people to buy more
Our new opportunity: Widen the client base and target specific demographics
Those who already value a healthy lifestyle and like to shop organic

Strategic RecommendationsPromotions
Gift boxes you can send to friends for birthdays/holidays
Holiday specials Health awareness day specials

Strategic RecommendationsAwareness Events

Farmers Markets in Utah, LA, Portland, Denver
GPDB Dinner Party Food Allergy Support Groups

Health Awareness Benefit Concert

Focus on the right audience
Improve the simplicity and experience of ordering Be consistent with products

Take advantage of social media