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Bunge India Private Limited , a company that is synonymous with purity and goodness, is poised on the threshold of the new millennium today. The company is located at Rajpura Chandigarh road in an area of 36 acres. In a country as diverse as India nature has showered her best in full measure. Bunge India Private Limited company has stayed close to roots nature its special understanding of nature and ways has enabled it to grow vanaspati company a multi product organisation producing a whole range of edible oils and fats .

Bunge India Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidary of Bunge

Limited originates,refines and markets a wide range of edible oils and

fats to serve the needs of food manufacturers,food sevices companies and consumers across India. Its onsumer brands in Indi are DALDA,MASTERLINE and CHAMBAL.



The company aims at successfully meeting the varied needs of the Indian consumers. The Company has continuously Endeavored to bring new products to the Indian Consumer the Company stayed close to its roots nature and it has been a platform for its success for several years.
Mission Statement

The mission statement of Bunge India Pvt Ltd. Rajpura is To produce and sell goods and service to achieve the highest return on sales in the Industry to total satisfaction of customers , employees and Share holders in that order.

Rajpura Branch of Bunge India Pvt Ltd ltd has a good Quality control system together with Research and Development which is comparable to its best in the Industry. It is to the Credit of its good Quality Control system and efficient R and D Department, that Bunge India Pvt Ltd, Rajpura has been honoured and awarded .The American International Quality Certificate And Gold Medal.

Focus of my study is to highlight the significance of human Resource with following objectives:-

Human beings are complex in nature with potential to grow This

resource is creative and has the ability to contribute in further in the cause of human lives.

The organization require to demonstrate due concern to Recruit &

select required talent for the organizational progress.


I was briefed by very guide Shri R.K. Kalia G.M. (HR & Adm) He highlighted salient aspects of human Resource management & importance of proper Recruitment & selection of employees for overall growth of the organization. He concerned numerous aspects related to recruitment & selection like the importance, policy, manpower planning, process, objectives & various options available to recruit the requisite talent.

Research Design
The Research design is the blue print for the fulfillment of objectives and answering questions. It is frame-work which determines the course of action towards the collection and analysis of required data. It is a master plan specifying the method and procedures for collecting and analyzing the method information. Descriptive Research is used in this study, as the main aim is to describe characteristics of the phenomenon or a situation.

Data Collection
The Sources of data includes :1. Primary Data Sources. 2. Secondary Data Sources. Primary Data Sources :- Primary Data has been Collect directly from sample respondents through questionnaires with the help of interview. Secondary Data Sources:- Secondary data sources are those which has already been used and kept as records like website of company, manuals reports etc.

Sample Design:- Sample design is definite plan determines before any data is actually obtained for a sample from a given population. Target Population : Employers Sample Unit : Individual Sampling Technique :Convenient sampling Sample size :50 respondent

Limitations of the Study

Various limitations of the study are:(a) Various Parameters used in the project may not be 100% realistic. (b) The sample size taken over a limited period may have a margin of error. (c) Time constraint in the project.


The Term Recruitment May Be Defined As The Process To Discover
Source Of Manpower To Meet The Requirements Or The Staffing Schedule And To Employ Effective Measures For Attracting That Manpower In Adequate Number To Facilitate The Selection Of An Efficient Working Force.

Every Organization Has The Option Of Choosing The Candidates For Its Recruitment Processes From Two Kinds Of Sources:

Internal Sources & External Sources

1. Internal Sources:-the Sources Within The Organization Itself To Fill A

Position Are Known As Internal Sources Of Recruitment.

2. External Sources:- External Sources Of Recruitment Is When A

Business Recruits New Staff From Outside The Business.

Acc. To Dale Yoder Selection is the process in which candidates for employment are divided into two classes-those who are to be offered employment & those who are not.

1. Screening of Application Forms

2. Tests

3. Interview

4. Selection Decision

Recruitment Vs Selection
1. The recruitment is the process of Searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization WHEREAS selection involves the series of steps by which the candidates are screened for choosing the most suitable

person for vacant posts.

2. The basic purpose of Recruitment is to create a talent pool of candidates to enable the selection of best candidates for the organization, by attracting more and more employees to apply in the organization WHEREAS the basic purpose of selection

process is to choose the right candidate to fill the various positions in the organization
3. Recruitment is a positive process i.e. encouraging more & more employees to apply WHEREAS selection is a negative process as it involves rejection of the unsuitable candidates. 4. Recruitment is concerned with tapping the sources of human resources WHEREAS selection is concerned with selecting the most suitable candidate through various interviews and tests..


A manager can recruit in two different ways 1. INTERNAL RECRUITMENT Promotion and transfers Job posting Employee Referrals 2. EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT Advertisemets Employment Exchanges Contractor and Consultants

a. b. c. a. b. c.


Requirement and job specification by concerned department to HR Planning as per requirement and job specification Sources (Internal, External and Third Party) Resumes Collection Preliminary Screening HR Screening-Technical with head of Department (HOD) Short listing of Probable candidate for interview. Fixation of interview date. Call Letter For Interview

Preparation of Interview Data Sheet and Assessment Sheet Interview of candidate by panel. Final Short listing of Probable Candidate by Interview Panel. Salary Derogations Approved by Management Offer letter Joining formalities Induction Report submitted to employees.


Does your Company have a clearly stated Recruitment and Selection policy?

76% Employers agree that the Company have clearly stated Recruitment and Selection policy 20% says up to some extent and 4% do not agree

What are the quality of Bunge Ltd. Rajpura, Recruitment System ?

1. Quick Response Time for Requirement 2. Bringing in Quality People. 3. Proper Co-ordination with other teams or departments. 4. Efficient Maintenance and updating Database.

What Recruitment Sources are used in Bunge Ltd. Rajpura

20% say they use Employment Exchanges, and

20% say they use Employee Referrals and 10% of Advertisement sources are used and 50% of Consultants are used.

Does Buge Ltd., Rajpura ask candidates to enter into Bonds with them

80% say yes that they ask candidates to enter into Bonds and 20% do not agree. Mostly bond system exists in Non Managerial Staff.

Do you have a trained staff to take Recruitment and Selection decision in accordance with current employment legislation

90% of employers agree that they have current Employment Legislation and 10% do not have any views.

Normally, how much response is from candidates covering different regions?

12% employers agree that they have good response from different regions
and 5% say they do have enough employees from distant place and 83% employees say response is satisfactory.


The company Bunge Ltd is following the clearly stated recruitment and selection policies. There is also proper coordination among the various departments. Consultants play and important role in recruitments. job profile and job description plays an important role while selecting an candidates.Having gone through the entire system of Recruitment and Selection procedure in Bunge ltd, Rajpura, I tried to analyze in detail keeping view the general Recruitment and Selection process. Though the system is effective n functional, I feel the below mentioned recommendations

and suggestions will go along to improve the existing system:1. Bunge ltd, is not conducting any of the test while recruiting the people the committee should conduct test like aptitude test, intelligence test, stress test, etc for the high posts and which have high work load.

2. Bunge ltd, should improve their salary structure to encourage more applicants to
apply. 3. Bunge ltd, should use wide advertisement methods like electronic media so that information can reach to far places.

I have made an effort to analysis the recruitment and selection system of Bunge India Pvt.Ltd.,Rajpura for keeping in view the policy and objectives defined by HR department. In my view following salient.. 1. In Bunge India Pvt Ltd.the manpower planning process insures that it has the right member and right kind of people and at the right time doing the work for which the re economically most useful. 2. The objectives the spelt out as under: To carry out acurate estimate of the number of emplyees. To identify skills requirement. The aove is in importance with the organisation rules. 3. In Bunge Ltd.man power planning is based on annual requirements aand not like other corporate houses where the normal tehnique for manpower planing about three to five years. 4. The basic aim is being to attract best available manpower in the market and seek widest possible choice in selecting best candidate. 5. Based on the requirements the personnel department mainly realize on advertisement consultants or references.

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