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Plennary Discussion


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A 65 years old man complained about his upper full denture which had been replaced 3 months ago. It could be detached easily while he was eating. He also complained about his burning tongue and bad breath. He said that he used listerine gargle twice a day and cleaned his teeth at dentist routinely every year. His medical history showed that he has been consumsing metformin and eclid for 6 years, and also ACE inhibitor and Calcium Chanel Blocker since 2 years ago. He has been using amitriptyline for this last 6 month. Intra oral examination showed poor oral hygiene, gingivitis marginalis and viscous sticky saliva. There was white plaque on his tongue which could be rub easly and left a reddish area. There were red atrophic mucosal and cervical caries on his remaining teeth.

Subjective Patient 65 years old man Objective

Examination Subjective

Upper full denture detached easily while he was eating Burning tongue and bad breath He used listerine gargle twice a day Cleaned his teeth at dentist routinely every year He has been consumsing Metformin , Eclid , ACE inhibitor , Calcium Chanel Blocker , and Amitriptyline.

Examination Objective

Poor oral hygiene Gingivitis marginalis Viscous sticky saliva White plaque on his tongue which could be rub easly and left a reddish area Red atrophic mucosal

Cervical caries

Main Topic


Xerostomia is the subjective complaint of oral dryness, and is medically classified as a symptom.

Hyposalivation is the objective reduction in salivary secretion, as the consequence of reduced salivary gland function.


Drugs and medications Infection Certain diseases

Some cancer treatments

Other causes

Impact of xerostomia on the oral cavity

Cervical Caries Xerostomia

Acut Pseudomembranous Candidiasis

Gingivitis Marginalis

Red Atropic mucosal

CIE (Communication, Information and Education)
a. b. c. d.

Stop using alcohol mouthwash Stimulation the saliva by chewing sugar free bubble gum Refer to the internist to change the medicines Education to maintain oral health



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