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What we have done this week

Polynesian 1800-1900
During the 1800s the first colonials started voyaging deeper into Polynesian lands, bringing a western culture into the Polynesian lands. With the colonials illness was hand in hand, bringing new epidemics to the land causing a large amount of population to die. A large amount of the islands were pushed towards adopting European rule. Bringing a lot of their own culture to ruin, alongside the laws came religion which caused a large amount of religious idols and treasures destroyed

The crash of Polynesian religion, as they slowly converted to Christianity.

The remaining islands were brought together by a man called Kamehameha, who united a lot of the islands, with the help of western weapon's.

Mind map Of Polynesia

Artefact Idea for Video games

Main concept

Game Concept
Player plays the part of the flute, possessed by a ancient spirit (which doctor soul, spirit, god). A game where the player can posses other people and other religious idols, to pass throughout the game world. A strong aspect of spirit world, and Polynesian myth and religion. No set narrative. A heavy aspect of music throughout the game. Progression of flute with new songs, and engravings around the flute. Primarily a puzzle game. Player can only access the physical world through the flute, yet have a real entity in the spirit world.

Mood Boards

Mood board continued

Player takes control of a witch doctor spirit who died defending the village, his spirit remains dormant in the religious flute. The other witch doctor that killed the main character, spirit inhabited the dagger of the old nemesis Flute kept in a tribal temple yet when the colonials arrive the spirit awakens and the game begins Game starts in the spirit world as the witch doctor spirit. Being the tutorial level, where the player learns the first song, and gameplay style in spirit world. The player meets a spirit (need to read on spirit types) that helps them through the spirit world, and teaches the player Shortly into the story the temple is attacked and many religious idols become destroyed, and stolen alongside most of the temple. Forcing both the witch doctors that inhabit the idols to awaken. The player must escape the burning temple and seek refuge, the witch doctor sees his tribe taken prisoner. And swears to avenge them, the dagger becomes in possession of one of the colonial captains. While the flute escapes with the aid of a little girl who saw him moving as a spirit flute Upon escaping the player is dragged back into the spirit world, where it must fend off enemies as the fully fledged witch doctor while being told of what he must do. The spirit must find varios spirits on other islands. To gain new songs and thus abilities to pass throughout the world, first he must contact the boat spirit. On the other side of the Boa Boa islands. Once at the edge of the islands giant stones are constructed as the sleeping place of boat spirit Once appealed the player may then start traveling through islands to find each spirit, and find a way to save his tribe.


We are going to have to make character concpets for each of these if we plan to follow this story
Main character witch doctor (Flute form)

Evil witch doctor (dagger form)

Spirit Guide Village girl who finds the flute and helps him escape Colonials

Villagers of boa islands (male and female, old and young)

Boat Spirit (boat form)

Gameplay Styles
With the current concept idea We will need two gameplay styles
Physical world
Play as the flute spirit Playing music to get through puzzles Moving and interacting with world as flute Possession of those who play the flute Traveling on boat Interaction with other religious idols for short amount of time

Spirit world
Play as the Which doctor form Use of spells and witch doctor powers to pass through game

Main combat area (If we have a combat aspect)

Interaction with the spirit world as a witch doctor Communing with various spirits, missions, enemies

Islands and their Culture

Throughout the Polynesian culture, the islands are split apart each with its own tribe and landscape

Not much history on these tribes as they changed their ways around the time of the colonials
With such a large number of islands there was bound to be a lot of dispute between different islands, regarding culture, religion and myth. The islands were split into the western islands and the eastern islands, both were at logger heads with each other, the tribes are as follows
Maori Hawian Tribes Lapita

Open World
We have decided to have a set open world that the player can interact with Going between certain islands and environments throughout the game Gathering missions from the spirit world in certain areas of the game, helping spirits that earn the player new powers Using the other key character the boat spirit, to travel between the islands Key Islands in the game
Boa Boa Tahiti Moorea Tahaa Tetiaroa

Different songs
Playing as the flute the player must unlock and find songs some of these will be given as missions while others might be secrets to unlock, through exploration and puzzle solving Different Songs
Song of possession (enraptures humans to play the flute and then become possessed

Song of spirits (Brings the flute into the spirit world for a short amount of time)
Song of the seas (summons the boat spirit to the players location Song of winds (Allows the player to control the direction of the wind) Song of Fire (Allows the player to create fire)

Song of Reincarnation (brings the spirit into the form of the witch doctor; Final song)
Song of Repossession (Forces the spirit to inhabit a different religious idol for a set amount of time)

Religious History of Polynesia

Throughout this project we have drawn inspiration from a book called Hawaiian Legends of Ghosts and Gods This is where we gathered most of our research onto the religious history Storys we took inspiration from
A Visit from the king of the ghosts Ke-Au-Nini Ghost Of Wahaula Temple Home Of The Ancestors

Platform, Target Audience, Genre and Controls L Trigger: Jump R Trigger: Become Inanimate
A launch title game for PS4 and Xbox one. Genre
Puzzle Adventure Open World

R1: Note 5

Back: Map Start: Menu

R1: Note 4 Y: Note 3 B: Note 2

Joystick: Movement Click: Spirit World View

Target Audience
12+ Both male and female

X: Note 1 A: Interact R Joystick: Camera Control Form Changes

Interests in ancient history, Polynesian myth, and the growth of the European empires.

Artwork (house art style)

Flute Artwork

Which Doctor Silhouettes

Dagger Concepts

Which Doctor Iteration

Artwork Colonials

Environment Art

Boat Conepts

3D Islands Designs

What we Plan to Work on throughout coming week

Gameplay Diagrams Outline Of Design Document 3D flute and movement animation Handout that goes with design document

Thank you for watching. Are there any questions or query's?