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1.History 2.Introduction 3.Product 4.Manufacturing 5.Computerized Business Systems 6.Information Systems 7.Research trends in CIM 8.

New CIM Wheel 9.Conclusion

Factory Mechanization (1900)


CNC & DNC (1970)

Transfer lines and fixed Automation (1930)

Programmable Automation (1950)



Business Definition Need of the customer Specifications Customer Feedback

System and Component Design Geometric Modelling Assembly Analysis

Continuous Improvement Design Review and Evaluation Suggestions to enhance design Implement the suggestions Documentation and Release Automated drafting : Dimensions, symbols and tolerances Generation of bill of materials.

Resource planning

Manufacturing Resource Planning 2

Operational and Financial Systems
Sales, Production, Engineering, Inventories and Cash Flow

Answers what if questions

Operations planning Computer aided process planning Approaches Retrieval type CAPP systems(also called variant systems) Generative CAPP Systems Fabrication NC programming with interactive Graphics Modelling of part in CAD software Importing the part in the CAM software Generation of tool path Generation of part program Running the part program VOICE NC Programming Assembly Mass production : Fixed automation Batch production : Robots (Features : Programmability and adaptability)

Marketing and sales Order entry Customer Billing Administration Accounting Payroll

Justification of CIM and management strategies for CIM. Enterprise integration for CIM beyond and within geographical boundaries. Network communications for the implementation of CIM. Advanced tools and technologies for the application of CIM. Manufacturing system modelling. Application of artificial intelligence (AI)

CIM is an innovative and expansive concept. There is a need of utilising innovative and improved computer related technologies for the betterment of manufacturing industries.

The research in CIM and related technologies and the application of it in manufacturing industries are progressing towards a better future. Various developments in CIM components, which had been achieved need to be integrated into the CIM system in a cohesive manner to provide a complete and intelligent solution to the manufacturing Industries.

1. CIMstill the solution for manufacturing industry Sev V. Nagalingam, Grier C.I. Lin Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Research, University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes Campus, Mawson Lakes Boulevard, Mawson Lakes SA 5095, Australia. 2. Latest developments in CIM Sev V. Nagalingam*, Grier C.I. Lin Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Research, University of South Australia, Levels Campus, Mawson Lakes Boulevard, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095, Australia

3.Computer aided Design and Manufacturing Mikell P Groover, Emory W. Zimmers