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Uses magic and supernatural events as a primary plot. Includes elements of escapism, legends and myths .

By Nimo & Mayleen

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About genre Incorporates themes involving magic, supernatural events, or fantasy worlds. Overlaps into the horror and science fiction genres, however a fantasy film doesnt necessarily have to include facts.
Crystal Ball

Magic Wands

Set in a magical / other world Mise en scene would correspond to the world it is set From an imaginative prespective

Flying Horses


Super hero

Science Fiction
Set in the future where locations are technically advanced and the society has progressed. Include mise en scene of advanced technology. Aliens or Scientific experimentations are focused as the characters.

Space ships Dysto pian Aliens

0ften based on scientific principles and technology. Internalize predictions about the future. Comment on important issues in society

Science Fiction
Time travel
Futurist ic Weapon s



Judging from her earrings she is portrayed to be from a low-income family as hoop earrings are stereotypically referenced to the subculture of chavs Labelled as a chav due to what she wears could suggest she lives in a council home and that her intellect is underdeveloped than others

Ankle monitor shown indicates the person has meddled with the law and is now under house arrest and is required to wear an ankle monitor also indicates her purpose As the monitor is shown with her bare leg this could indicate her real personality as a trouble maker and that like how the monitor is physically attached to her so is her misbehaving personality


With his body language we identify his emotional repression His jaws are tense showing that he is uncertain to voice any opinions and his head is slightly tilted down indicating his shyness He glances but never fully stares suggesting his discomfort possibly of being surrounded in a new environment with intimidating people

Flaunting her dcolletage shows her confidence with her body and suggesting her body is used as an asset She grooms her exterior to hide her true personality afraid of the difference of how she presented and who she really is Audiences could connect her display of her dcolletage with a promiscuous personality


The orange uniform is a physical label of their rebellion Stimulates enthusiasm and creativity

At the beginning the camera shots were almost all close-ups, a chance to introduce and show the main characters.

The shaking of the camera throughout this scene makes it feel as if were there with the characters the use of shots to show power is evident. When the dominant figure is giving instructions the camera is at the eye level, the same as it is for the teens. This indicates to the audience that the dominant figure actually holds no power towards them.

The director had the idea of altering existing location to show a more diverse and a more fictional area. By excluding the group to emphasize their importance and illustrate the impossibility of hiding and running away In this specific show the director decides to have an establishing shot of a mega city which, in this case, looks deserted. Possibly to create an eerie atmosphere and to make the audience feel detached to the real world; relating to the sub-genre of science fiction. The main lighting usually used in the Sci Fi / Fantasy genre would normally have an intention to insinuate on the future situations that may occur. For example the lighting in this opening sequence is dull and lifeless, hinting to audience that something bad, may happen to the teens. This creates a mood and builds a certain aspect of mystery whilst watching this.