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Our Commercial

Provide an Alternative Portable Sports Arena to the public, that allows easy maintenance, and convenience

Mission Statement

What is Port-A-Turf?

Port-a-turf is a fully customizable sports field that has the ability to be set up in 1 hour and taken down 45 minutes, allowing the participants more time to have enjoy their physical activity. Port-aturf is for companies and businesses to rent for a day and play some recreational sports and gain valuable team bonding within the company, it can also be used as a temporary extra field if your tournament is needing more space. The patented roll out artificial turf is able to be placed on a hardwood floor gym so that on a rainy day you can even play those outdoor grass sports inside.

Goals & Objectives

Short term:

Work with 2 high level sports team. Have at least 4-5 local community sport centers booking The field is in use 60% of the year By the 5th year hopefully buy 4 more fields one each year. Total of five. Year 8 we will be on the water with floating fields. Sell the Port-a-turf as unit. Use in 2016 Olympics Expand to a worldwide market where fields are most needed.

Long term (Within 10 years):

Longer term (Within 20Years)

Brochure Office rental* Office set-up Equipment Advertise for hire Hire Advertising/Marketi ng* Grand Opening

2 months for brochure to be made/printe

Office space lease begins

2 months to set up office Ordering/purc hasing equipment 4 months of scouting

2 months of hiring

Creating website

Getting sponsors











JAN 2014

The Team

CEO Craig Fenton

Will be evaluated by investors and board members. Evaluated on management skills of organization and overlooking all operations. Evaluations will be done at the end of every year.

Rewards: bonuses and financial raises.

Will be evaluated by CEO Evaluated on developing company strategies, motivating employees, management duties and ensuring servicers for staff and customer needs are fulfilled. Evaluated once every year Rewards: promotions and financial raises Evaluated by CEO and COO Evaluated on management skills, promotion, approving image, budget managing, and customer needs

COO Firdaus Alam

Marketing Manager Joanie Hayes

Evaluated every 6 months

Rewards: financial raise, promotions, and perks

Regional Manager Vianelle Zaparilla

Evaluated by CEO and COO Evaluated on leadership role, management skills, increasing sales of operations and staff Evaluated every 6 months Rewards: Promotion, financial raises, perks (dinners, tickets to sport events etc.) Evaluated by regional manager Evaluated on management skills, product sales, leadership, reaching quotas Evaluated every month Rewards: promotion, financial raises, and perks

Arena Manager Henok Desta

The Team
Out sourcing



Regional Managers Book Keeper (will report to account on need basis) Marketing Manager

Arena Managers

General Labour Workers


Board Members


Target Markets

High school sports (basketball, soccer, volleyball, ect) Community sports (organizations) Children from ages 6-12 must be registered by parent or guardian over the age of 18 College teams (Douglas College, Kwatlen, Capilano, Langara)


Position (establishing sport entity in consumer mind)

Types of customers who buy the product youth athletes, local/pro sports teams, rec leagues, corporate businesses Design/benefits of product our portable turf is environmentally friendly and does not cause any damage to surroundings and can be easily set up and taken down within an hour Price Price to be determined Place product is available/location- rental appointments can be booked through telephone and/or web Port-A-Turf provides the scheduling and finding the closest and most convenient venue for clients requested event. When a customer/potential client wants to rent a turf, we take care of all bookings. Participants will be given the location and they just show up and pay necessary fees.



Consumer youth athletes, corporations, rec leagues, local sports teams

Competitors currently none in North America

Company (costs involved in producing service/product) costs for turf, material, equipment, transportation, staff (salaries, etc.), staff uniforms, advertising/promotional costs (website, etc.), office space rentals, insurance Climate (external factors) government/municipal laws/regulations


Advertising- ads in newspapers, magazines, tv commercials, radio ads, signage/posters, billboards, internet
Activities/inducements- introductory offers (half off first visit, etc.), coupons, group/business discounts, customer referrals (refer-a-friend), contests Public relations- opening weekend, promotional publicity/awareness for tournament sponsorships Community relations- getting athletes from local/professional sports teams to make appearances to participate, have professional teams come hold open practices on turfs and allow for public viewing to get fans/potential consumers out Media relations- social networking (facebook, twitter, Port-A-Turf website) Sponsors- businesses pay to have advertisements along boards of turfs


At initial start-up, Port-A-Turf will be a service that can be accessed by scheduling appointments/making reservations through phone or web through our company website. We also offer meetings for businesses and high-end consumers that can be scheduled with our District or Arena managers at their convenience. Long term, we are going to look at expanding to a large office space where customers can come in and make appointments in person as well.


What products and companies will compete with you? There is no competition in North America. Major competitors:

SOCCERENA The Portable Football Pitch

Is based predominantly out of the UK but can order to places like Australia They will not interfere as they have their own regions to manage.





Competitor A

Importance to Customer


3 2 3

Can be used anywhere High

very portable with roofing Moderate

somewhat Very important Somewhat



Will not be top of the line Good


Various fields are available

A few such as grass, turf and sand



5 4 4

Exceptional Very Good A few fields to start with

Good Very good stable

Very important Very Important Not significant




Relatively new to the market

Have to build a reputation

Original company


Company Reputation

Popular in Europe and Australia



Can be used almost anywhere

Can be used in a few location

Very Important



Not very important

Financial Plan

Port-A-Turf Year End Summary

Year One Income Rental Service Ad Space Along the Boards

Total Income Cost of Sales Rental Service Ad Space Along the Boards

630,000 3,600 633,600


Total Cost of Sales Gross Margin Total Salary and Wages Fixed Business Expenses

120 120 633,480 545,607

0.02% 99.98% 86.11%

T otal Salary and Wages Fixed Business Expenses A dvertising Car and T ruck Expenses Bank & Merchant Fees Contract Labor Conferences & Seminars Customer Discounts and Refunds Dues and Subscriptions Miscellaneous Insurance (Liability and Property) Licenses/Fees/Permits Legal and Professional Fees Office Expenses & Supplies Postage and Delivery Rent (on business property) Rent of Vehicles and Equipment Sales & Marketing T axes-Other T elephone and Communications T ravel Utilities T otal Fixed Business Expenses Operating Income (before Other Expenses) [EBIT DA ] Other Expenses A mortized Start-up Expenses Depreciation Interest Commercial Loan Commercial Mortgage Line of Credit Credit Card Debt Vehicle Loans Other Bank Debt T axes T otal Other Expenses Net Income



3,000 7,800 96 6,000 240 14,400 3,000 960 6,000 41,496 46,377

6.55% 7.32%

242 4,400 1,030 1,384 7,913 14,968 31,409

2.36% 4.96%

Why Invest?

$5000 you receive a pay out of 10% annual interest

Or Optional

choice of keeping money in, and receive an annual pay check $300

Thank you for listening and Invest Wisely!