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Khawaja Umair Fazal
Rao Aziz 9290
Abdul Samad 6751
 AD (Dalda)
 Introduction
 Executive Summary
 Market Structure
 Brand Performance
 Proposition
 Promotion
 Place
 Price
 Pack
 Product
 AD (Olive Oil)
 AD (Tullo)
 AD (Dalda ka Dastarkhwan)
 Market Segment and Product Hierarchy
 Gap Analysis
 References
 When ever ones hear the name of Dalda, quality and taste comes to
the mind of the person. These has been the traits of Dalda for more
than 60 years in Pakistan, One of the pioneers of Banaspati ghee in
the country.

 Dalda is a brand of hydrogenated vegetable oil producer in Indi and

Pakistan (South Asia). The raw materials were originally imported
from Netherlands in 1930s by the trading company DALDA Limited.
Initially was part of Hindustan Lever Limited which then decided to
brand it. Dalda is one of the longest living brands in Indo Pak

 Dalda has now become the leading Food FMCG company Pakistan
beating the sales revenue records of Unilever and P%G, after
Unilever Pakistan sold her Dalda brand to Dalda Foods (Private)
Limited for Rs. 1.33 in Pakistan and is also leading the local
category of Oil and fats. Dalda is the only brand in Pakistan which
produces Banaspati Ghee (Hydrogenated Oils) which happens to be
VTF (Virtually trans fats free), up to only 1% as compared to other
brands that have about 20% that has less adverse affect on Blood
lipids and Immune System.

 Dalda is the largest selling brand in Pakistan and is marketed all

over the country. The Company has two Brand ambassadors
namely, Zubaida Tariq and Naheed Ansari.

 Dalda Having there own recipe book named as Dalda Cook Book
and having prime time television cooking program called Dalda ka

 Big Idea:
 Jahan Mamta wahan Dalda….
Dalda are the pioneers' in the ghee and oil industry in
Pakistan, have a growing category to deal with in the long
run, factors such as increase in population is evident to
prove that the industry has to increase to meet the demands,
Dalda being market dominator has good penetration of 52-
55% in the gee and oil segment, yearly consumption is 14Kg
per capita and has loyal consumers as company is in
existence for more that 60 years. Company provides strong
proposal to her customers as compared to her customers
and believe in the consumer insight as there premium
quality benchmark. There are certain competitors in the
segment but having their consumer expectation met each
time, they achieve consumer value satisfaction relationship.
They have good voice of share and frequently on air ads and
have comprehensive integrated communication plan,
effectively using TV ads, Radio, Print ads and having there
own cooking show. There products are available on every
stores in Urban areas which is there main segment. Having
there own depots and warehouses, they use Indirect
Marketing channel, having wholesalers, retailers and other
intermediaries to distribute there products. They have
attractive packs for the products that works well for them.
They give importance to there basics especially 6 Ps and
push and pull strategies. There products are top performers
in their respective segments. They have an objective to grow
5 times in coming 5 Years.
Q1:What are the Pakistan’s Socio-Demographic movements that affect
the brand?
Ans: Pakistan Consists of 17 Million People of which about
35% Lives in Urban areas, of which 35 to 50% are teenagers and
grown ups, about 55% Male and 45% Females approx, and with
different age bands, unemployment rate households, it is a healthy
segment to be captured as Living beings cannot live with out food
and they have to cook for which they require gee or oil.

Q2:What are the Market growth indicators for the category your brand
is in: give Value & Price.
Ans: There is a per capita consumption of 14 Kg Ghee and Oil
which is continuously growing that forces Dalda to hold this key

Q3:What are the Market growth drivers for the category your brand is
Ans: as the consumption of edible oil and ghee will always be
there and population is continuously increasing and in addition to
this there is a change in the trend of peoples way of living in urban
areas people are more willing to eat outside so changes in pattern
of living and continuous increase in population are the key growth
indicators for the brand.

Q4:What is the Manufacturer’s current market share?

Ans: Currently Dalda is the Market leader in the product
category with more than 50% Market share, out of her share 80% is
the ghee and 20% is the Cooking Oil ratios.

Q5:Give Detail of Recent launches by the company and its competitors

in the category and their performance.
Ans: recently launched Dalda Olive oil, also ran sufficient
promotional and advertisement campaign of it, on her competitor's
new launches Eva and Sufi launched Caped plastic bags of cooking
Last Year
Q6:What was the Brand’s market share (value/volume) last year
Ans: They are the Market Dominator and have market share
approx 52-54% and have 4.1 million ton sales volume per annum
and revenues of Rs. 720 Million last year.

Q7:What was the Brand share by segment (Volume)?


Q8:Details of data if any for Penetration and loyalty

Ans: Dalda being a dominator has large number of
consumers and are loyal to brand. No Specific data for last was

Q9:Detail of Brand share Vs competitors

Ans: 4.1 million ton is brand volume of dalda while its closes
competitor Habib is having 1.5 million tons of market volume.
Q10: What is the brand’s “Brand positioning”?

Ans: Jahan Mamta wahan Dalda is there Big Idea and also serves as
slogan and they position there products on Quality and taste.

Q11: What are the brand’s Category Drivers (those factors in the
category that have potential to Deliver growth for the brand)?

Ans: continuous increase in population and change in trend of people

way of living are the key growth indicator as population is
continuously increasing and people in urban areas are now
preferring more to eat out side which shows that there will
always be increasing demand for oil and ghee.

Q12: What Brand Health indicators are used by the company?

Ans: Retail Audit, secondary information in the market, Continuous

research, capturing consumer insights and customer visits. They
have a customer tracking system that enables them to deliver
best product and value to consumer.

Q13: Detail of Communications analysis if any done by the company.

Ans: They have a very comprehensive integrated communications

plan, e.g. (Last year, Dalda Launched Olive Oil and its
Communication was very well planned through use of effective
media and communications channels such as they on aired 40
sec ad and use print media such as newspapers and Cooking
Magazines, Radio and Pr Campaign through there Brand
Endorsers. They also use another of there Product “Dalda ka
Dastarkhwan” to show case their new launch and also
advertised through cooking programs.

Q14: Please give data of performance of new innovations by the brand

during last 2 years.

Ans: Last year Dalda Pakistan for seeing the potential of Olive Oil
launched Dalda Olive Oil in Pakistan, Dalda Cook Book and also
reintroduced Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan.
Q15: Data of Brand Communication Awareness over time?
Ans: dalda frequently remain in touch with its customer through
media and make a recall when its sale are declining and also
reduces its prices on occasion like Ramadan and eid-ul-azha

Q16: Brand Share of Total Brand Communication Awareness vs.

Ans: Competitor close to dalda is Habib and they spend approx
Rs. 150 Million, though they have more Ad time on air as
compared to Dalda.

Q17: Brand’s Advertising Quality & spend

Ans: Dalda allocates Rs. 100 – Rs. 125 Million for the
Advertisements, they effectively use TV, Radio, Print media for
there brand advertisements.

Q18: Share of Voice ratios for the brand last year

Ans: Not available for 2008-09
Q19: Data for Retail Shares by Channels like retail/wholesale
Ans : Dalda has it own distribution network and they supply it to
the retailers directly and even on a small scale dalda provide
loose oil to customers mainly in low class areas which only
amounts to 5% of revenue .

Q20: Availability (Distribution Quality) data..

Ans: Figures were not told but channel figure was given, Factory
to Dipu to Distributer to Retailer and then finally to consumer.

Q21: Stocking (Out of stock) in the market during last year

Ans : No there was no stocking out during the last 2 years
Q22: Detail of Perceived vs. Actual Price of the brand

Ans: Customer has a perception of the price, the quality of Dalda is

higher than they actual pay for it because Dalda is a Premium
Category Brand . As compared to High International Market
prices, Dalda charges less but the quality is at par as any
International premium brand. So when ever the customer buys
dalda he/she will go extra mile for the Quality Dalda product.

Q23: Detail of Price positioning of the brand in the category

Ans:Dalda falls in the preium category so it charges a bit more than

the other because it provide the far supirior quality in term of it

Q24: Price segment growth data for brand and competitors

Ans: Not answered

Q25: Percentage of sales made on promotion/incentives during last


Ans: Not answered

Q26: Price Elasticity's for the brand

Ans: Increase in price by 10% would result in 8-10% decline in
sales in term of volume while if price are reduced by 10% the
increase volume is 12-15%
Q27: Details of any Packaging tests etc done over time
Ans: Recently Dalda Foods have repositioned their packaging,
for Dalda Cooking Oil there logo is a Soybean and sunflower and
for Dalda Cooking oil there is a Date Tree. A strong Tin
packaging to ensure the top quality of the product.

Q28: Detail of brand’s Pack attributes vs. Competitors

Ans: mainly dalda has a first mover advantage it normally
changes the packaging but Eva was the first to launch the pouch
with cap which dalda is also going to introduce in Ramadan
while Sufi is to follow.
Q29: Detail of Product/ingredients Performance over time
Ans: Dalda`s main products are;
1. Dalda Cooking Oil
2. Dalda VTF Banspati Ghee
3. Tullo Banspati Ghee
4. Dalda Olive Oil
5. Manpasand Banspati
6. Pride Cooking Oil
7. Bulk Drums of Ghee and Oil
A part from range of cooking oil and Banaspati ghee they also
have products such as Dalda Cook book and Dalda ka
Dastarkhwan (Cooking Show).

Dalda`s main raw materials are Canola, sunflower seeds, olive oil,
Soya bean Oil and Palm oil. With added features of Vitamin A, D
and E.

Q30: Detail of product/ingredients comparison vs. competition.

Ans: Dalda is a main player in Karachi and Hyderabad while is
easily available around Urban areas in Pakistan, having main
competitors in Peshawar named “Shama Oils and Ghee”,
Rawalpindi and Islamabad “Lateef Oils and Ghee”, Lahore “Sufi”,
Quetta “Hayat”, Faisalabad “ Kashmir” e.t.c
There are two types of Oil;
 Blended Oil (Mixture of Two or more main ingredients,
e.g. Pride)
 Pure Oil
For Raw materials, most have the competitors have more or less
same suppliers and ingredients such as Canola Oil, Sunflower
seeds, cotton seeds Soya bean Oil and Palm oil.




Note: Previously TULLO was a Premium Segment product,

but Dalda decided to tap the Bulk market segment with it.
 Place

Dalda is a well known brand and most of household consumer and
local restaurants called “Dhabas” are aware of its name and quality and yet
Dalda is not easily available in areas like lee market ,liyari ,pahalwan
goth, mawach goth and some other regions in Karachi and also Dalda is
not yet been marketed in rural areas where most of our population reside
and Dalda also need to make it available in northern areas where they are
penetrating with there flanker Dalda need to use the service of mobile oil to
deliver the oil to customers at there homes. And also introduce the online
order purchasing System for customers and consumers.

 Promotion
 As Ramadan is Approaching and there will rush for pakoras samosas
and all this fried stuff so Dalda can easily capture market by introducing
economy Ramadan pack with Ramadan promotion of 5+1 on liter pouch or
they can associate them selves with and vermicelli and spice and deserts
company and they can start giving free chat massala and continue it till Eid-
ul-Azha with the Different recopies mix. They can start giving half kg of
dates pack to customer purchasing at least 5litre of oil.

 Positioning
 Dalda positioning is phenomenal it says “Jahan Mammta wahan dalda”
but still positioning of dalda is as premium oil which is expensive and so it
need to restate it as “Mother is every where”.

 Packaging
In urdu there is marketing term called “jo dikhta hai who bikta hai”.means
product first impression is it packaging this is where customer first get
exposed to product and if the packaging of the product is good it will delight
the customer and in case of dalda packaging need to be changed because
all companies in oil industry are following similar packaging introducing oil
buckets of plastics for 5 liter or above and they can introduce small pack of
½ liter because dalda is not tapping this market and they introduce the low
unit packaging for rural areas because the 65%of population live in village
and still only 15% of them are using the branded oil.

 Product
 Dalda need to change the smell of its oil in Punjab because over there
the population is highly dense and the people eat much more than people
in any other province but they like the food cooked in desi ghee or even the
smell of desi ghee dalda can introduce the dalda desi ghee to cater that
market and the people. Because in Punjab local oil and ghee manufacture
are sharing more than 70% of Lahore and Faisalabad market.

 Line Stretching
 Dalda can introduce the downward stretching by introducing the new
product like “Dalda Regular” to capture the market which are still untapped
or capture by the other brand because has a credible name and by
introducing it people would like to switch to dalda because they see
reliability and quality assurance in it and it can easily capture the market of
others competitors such as Eva, Kisan, Meezan, Sufi and etc.

Acquisitions and Mergers

 Dalda was the largest FMCG Company in Pakistan in terms of
turn over last year and continuously repeating the same this year
up till now. Dalda has resources and also capable of acquiring the
small companies that are reaping profits where dalda has not
reached yet it can purchase them this will not only add to asset but
also increase in profits and market share of volume. Because
some time these “chotas” comes up with something great and
provide threat to the leader and dominators so in order to eliminate
them just dalda can do one thing is to buy them at premium and
make it their either the flanker or downward line stretching.

 Extended Credit Time.

 The dalda right now is providing the oil only on cash basis and some
time on the basis of 2/7 and 10/30 this make the shop keeper a bit reluctant
to purchase more of dalda where the competitors are even allowing the
month credit which enables a shop keeper to have frequent use of cash to
some other purpose and it make the retailer to feel a bit and he buys more
of competitors and uses the push strategy on that product just. So dalda
should provide at least 20 to 25 days of credit line so that the retailers feel it
easy to buy in bulk more then they were previously.

 Outsourcing of distribution channel.

 Dalda has its own distribution network which is costly as they are using
logistics of their own they can save on it by out sourcing it to distributors
who are skilled and have knowledge of market because it save cost and
time both and this money can lower expenses so they can lower their cost
by maintaining the same profit margin and once prices are down the sales
will definitely climb.

 Diversification
 Dalda is also making blue brand margarine for Unilever it can also
launch the margarine under its own name as it already has the plant and
there will be no additional cost of capital items but need to spend heavily to
promote it.

A Typical Gap Analysis Graph