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Myles Drye and Pavan Sastry

Uninformed Opinion
Uncertainty has affected those involved with exorcisms because priests and victims alike may or may not completely understand the current knowledge surrounding this topic.

The modern reasoning of this topic is also unknown to most people because it is such a rare occurrence.
We may believe in certain aspects of exorcisms, but we also refute many ideas along with this matter. Certain conditions of exorcisms, such as possession, is an aspect which we find truth in because in the past people have presented themselves with outrage and intense anger. However, we do not believe in the overpowering of physical strength once a victim becomes possessed because the science of the human body does not explain how this would be possible. Past experiences of viewing films and documentaries, such as The Last Exorcism or The Exorcist Files , have provided us with limited knowledge on the discussion of exorcisms. In turn, these works have caused us to develop these opinions. This topic is worthy of further research because it is something humans cannot fully comprehend, due to the supernatural framework of exorcisms.

Current Event
In November of 2011, 30 year old Eder Guzman-Rodriguez beat his young daughter to death in a desperate attempt to rid her of the supposed demon inside her. This attempt at an exorcism did not end well for those involved, as Rodriguez was recently convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to over twenty years in prison. According to Melissa Powell of Roanoke News, authorities first discovered the deceased child wrapped in a blanket on her mothers bed, surrounded by bibles and other religious paraphernalia. It is still unclear to this day about what actually transpired that night. For unknown reasons, Eder Guzman-Rodriguez seemingly assumed that his daughter needed an exorcism. If Rodriguez was better informed on the topic then he may have taken a different course of action in approaching his daughter. As a result of this event and other, similar happenings, people around the world have developed a wider variety of conclusions regarding exorcisms. For example, some people may put more thought into this topic instead of simply ignoring the matter, especially now that Rodriguez has been convicted.

To eliminate further misconceptions about exorcisms, the general public must be informed about the matter. People could be informed by a myriad of ways, and some of which could include watching documentaries or researching current events. After gaining an adequate amount of knowledge, people would then start to develop their own ideas or opinions concerning the topic of exorcisms. Our results suggest that exorcisms should be taken seriously rather than a forgotten idea. If the matter was seen from a more meaningful point of view, than the overall human condition would improve in a positive way. After extensive research, our opinions have been reinforced in almost every aspect of our original thoughts. Many of the articles we encountered were mostly hearsay instead of facts, or in other words they were experts ideas about exorcisms and what they think about the topic. Due to the supernatural framework of this matter, there is no solid proof to turn around our opinions, but instead just supplement our knowledge about exorcisms.