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By: Nickolaus Walker

The United States Military is the strongest military in the world. It consists of five different branches all with different jobs and a different purpose. The five branches are the Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, and the Coast Guard. The Marines- The Marines are the nations first line of defense. They are deployed swiftly and aggressively in times of crisis. The Navy- The Navy maintains combat ready naval forces. They also maintain freedom of the sea. The Air Force- The Air Forces main mission is to maintain control of the air, space and cyberspace. The Army- The Army protects our freedoms at home and defends democracy worldwide. The Coast Guard- The Coast Guard maintains maritime security, safety, and stewardship.

Within each branch of the military there are many different career fields with many different job opportunities in each. Some of these career fields include: Accounting, budget, and financing Arts, communication, media and design Aviation Business Administration and Operations Health Care Practitioners Intelligence Law enforcement Mechanical and repair technologist and technicians Etc.

Within each career field, I researched many different jobs and found a few that I felt were the most interesting. These include: Naval Aviator Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist Navy Seal Aviation Rescue Swimmer

Naval Aviators go through some of the most intense aviation training in the world. They learn how to fly many different types of aircraft ranging from strike fighters to helicopters. Their specific responsibilities are to track enemy submarines above the oceans surface. Training for this job varies for which aircraft the individual is learning how to operate.


An explosive ordnance disposal specialist is the military's explosive experts. They are properly trained to defeat and exploit unexploded ordnance. Training for an EOD starts with ten weeks of basic combat training followed by thirty-nine weeks of advanced individual training.

Navy Seals provide fast military response to crises around the world. They are expertly trained to deliver warfare capabilities that are beyond the capabilities of standard military forces. Training for a Navy Seal begins with more than twelve months of training that consists of basic underwater demolition, BUDS school, parachute jump school, and Seal qualification training followed by eighteen months of specialized training.


Aviation rescue swimmers are the top emergency response unit in the world. They put others lives before theirs in situations were no mistakes can be made. They jump out of helicopters into extreme conditions to complete their mission. Aviation Rescue Swimmers undergo almost two years of training in swimming and lifesaving techniques.


I only listed four different jobs, but of course there are many more that might fit your interest to choose from. If you think the military might be an option for you after college, most of the links within my presentation go to all of the branches main websites.