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Welfare Departments

Social Welfare Tribal Welfare Backward Classes Welfare Minority Welfare Women Development, Child Welfare, Disabled Welfare, Juvenile Welfare & Senior Citizens

Broad Objectives of all Welfare Departments

To deliver Social Justice To bring Social Integration To provide Social Security To uplift the poor Weaker Sections above the Poverty Line To Protect Weaker Sections from atrocities by others To increase enrolment in Schools & prevent drop outs


To encourage their educational advancement To bring Weaker Sections into the main stream To eliminate gender discrimination

To eradicate Social Evils

To empower Women

Measures for Implementation

Adoption of convergence with various Departments Strict enforcement of existing Acts, Rules,& Regulations in the protection of Weaker Sections Provision of basic amenities in SC & ST habitations Economic Development of Weaker Sections


Enhancement of peoples participation Simplification of procedures Awareness Campaigns Rehabilitation of victims of atrocities Qualitative Inspections Prompt & cost effective delivery of services & supplies.

Tools ( Change Agents) for achievement of the Objectives

Opening of integrated hostels, residential schools, etc Sanction of Stipends & Scholarships

Starting of Study Circles , Coaching & Training Centres

Distribution of land through assignment/ purchase Sanction of Pensions Sanction of Loans matching with Subsidies


Dovetailing of earmarked funds under SCSP & TSP Setting up of Special Courts & Mobile Courts Reservation in Services & Education Incentive Awards Financial Assistance Construction of permanent buildings for welfare institutions, community halls, Dobhi Ghats, etc

Social Welfare Department


Commissionerate - Deals with mostly educational schemes APSCCFC Ltd - Deals with Economic Development Programs



APSWREI Society - Deals with SW Residential Institutions for Quality Education


AP Study Circle

- Deals with coaching the Educated to appear for competitive examinations like All India & Group-I and other Services. - Deals with cases of atrocities registered under PCR ACT, 1955 & PoA Act, 1989 - Deals with Grant-in-aid to Voluntary Organizations


PCR Cell


S W Fund

Tribal Welfare Department

1. Commissionerate - Deals with mostly educational schemes TRICOR - Deals with economic development programs APTWREI Society - Deals with TW Residential Schools for quality education

2. 3.


TCR & TI - Deals with Cultural Research and Training of Officials & non-officials
TW Engineering Wing - Deals with Construction activity GCC - Deals with procurement of minor forest Produce (MFP) and Agriculture produce from Tribals at remunerative Prices

5. 6.


TRIPCO - Deals with Mini-Hydel Power Projects in Scheduled areas to empower tribal women TRIMCO - Deals with Mining leases through Tribal Mining Cooperative Societies (TMCSs) ITDAs - There are eight integrated Tribal Development Agencies in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram,Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari, Khammam, Warangal, Adilabad,



one ITDA for Chenchus at Srisailam, Kurnool District , one ITDA for Yanadies at Nellore, one ITDA for Tribals in Plain areas at Hyderabad and two MADA Pockets.

Backward Classes Welfare Department

1. Commissionerate-

Deals with mostly Educational Programs Deals with Economic Development programs


3. AP WCSF Ltd 4. AP NBCSF Ltd


Deals with Upliftment of families of Washer men Deals with Upliftment of families of Nayibrahmins
Deals with upliftment of families of Vadderas Deals with Coaching programmes for the Educated BCs to appear for competitive examinations. There are eight study circles at Visakhapatnam, Guntur, Kurnool, Anantapur, Mahabubnagar, Warangal, Hyderabad and Rajahmundry (East Godavari District) Deals with over- inclusion or under-inclusion of any Backward Class in the list of BCS.

6. AP Study Circles -

7. AP Commission for BCs

Women Development, Child, Disabled, Juvenile Welfare & Senior Citizens


Commissionerate of Women Development & Child Welfare Deals with mostly supplementary nutrition and pre- school education through Anganawadi Centres for Children, pregnant and Lactating mothers under ICDS and Welfare programs for Orphan girls, Destitute & Working Women AP Women Finance Corporation Deals with Economic betterment programs and Training programs for women through Mahila Sishu Sankshema Pranganams


3. Commissionerate of the Disabled - Deals with mostly educational programs and issues of senior citizens 4. AP Vikalangula Cooperative Finance Corporation Deals with economic Development programs 5. Directorate of the juvenile Welfare - Deals with children who are in need of care & protection and children who are in conflict with law and street children through Juvenile Homes.

Minority Welfare
1. A.P. Minorities Finance -Deals with economic Corporation development schemes , educational programs , Haj pilgrims and Shadi Khanas 2. A.P. Wakf Board 3. A.P. Urdu Academy Deals with wakf properties and poor Muslims Deals with mostly educational programs for Muslims studying in Urdu medium schools

4. A.P. Christian Finance - Deals with mostly economic Corporation Development and Educational programs for Christians

Uniformity in Welfare Measures

Uniform Maintenance Allowance per month under Post matric Scholarships wef 2008-2009 for SC,ST,BC, Minorities & the Disabled

Uniform Annual Income Ceiling for post-matric scholarships for all the above category of students.
Course of Study Attached Hosteller
(in rupees)

Student Managed Hosteller

(In rupees)

Day Scholar
(In rupees)

Annual Income Ceiling

(In rupees)

i) Professional ii) Postgraduate iii) Graduate iv) Intermediate

962 682 520 520

442 442 325 325

429 429 240 182


Incentive Award for Inter caste- marriages

Sl. No 1. Department Marriage between Category of Couples
i) ii)

Incentive Cash Award

Social Welfare

Between SC & Non-SC Between inter subset among SCs Between ST & NON-ST Between BC & NON-BC Between one group & another group of BCs Between normal person & differently able person Rs. 10,000 Per couple

2. 3.

Tribal Welfare Backward Classes Welfare Disabled Welfare

i) ii)


Government Hostels
i) Social Integration Dept SCs SC Con verts 70 10 10 12 5 STs BCs OCs Disabled 9 10 76 4 5 6 100 3 Minorities Annual Income (RS) 12,000 12,000 15,000 24,000 12,000


5 70 5 10

3 87

ii) Certain Facilities in Hostels a) Diet Charges : Rs.475/-pm for classes up to VII Rs. 535/-pm for classes from VIII to X Rs. 50/-pm for boys/men Rs. 75/-pm for girls/women Rs. 12/-pm for boys 4 pairs each per annum one set every year @ Rs. 300/with 10 % price escalation

b) Cosmetic Charges

: : : : :

c) Hair cut charges d) Supply of Dresses e) Bedding Material

Important Acts relating to Weaker Sections

i) Protection of Civil Rights (PCR) Act, 1955 i) The Bonded Labour (Abolition) Act, 1976 iii) The AP Prevention of Begging Act, 1977 iv) SCs & STs( Prevention of Atrocities -PoA) Act, 1989 v) The Wakf Act, 1995 vi) Persons with Disabilities( Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and full Participation) Act, 1995 vii) The Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act, 2000 viii) Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act,2005 ix) The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007

Multi-thronged efforts of Government for upliftment of the poor & Weaker Sections
Progress from BPL to APL Agriculture
Subsidy to Farmers

Above Poverty Line Poverty Line

Hostels, Homes, Residential Schools, Scholarships Rice @ Rs.2/- per kg, Oil & dal, etc at subsidized rates

Welfare Departments

Animal Husbandry

Milch Animals Through Pasu Kranthi Patham on subsidy Subsidies for

Civil Supplies Corporation

PR & RD Department Revenue & SW Departments Medical & Health Department Education Department WD,CW,DW, Juvenile Welfare & Senior Citizens Dept


Industries Transco

setting up SSI units Free Supply of Electricity Low Cost Housing Through Indiramma Housing Program & Rajeev Gruha Kalpa Economic Development Benefits through Subsidies & waiving Of margin money

House Sites

Housing Finance Corporations & Federations concerned

BPL Poor & WS

Rajeev Arogyasri & Family Planning

Free Supply of Text Books, Midday Meals, Scholarships

Supplementary Nutrition & Pre-school education