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Presentation On SWOT Analysis of Coca-cola

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Principal of Management Sir.Mohsin Zeb Spring 2013 A


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History Of Beginning
Coca-Cola was Invented On May 8,1886 By Dr. John Pemberton. Coca-Cola was first offered as a fountain beverage by mixing Coca-Cola syrup with carbonated water. First Coca-Cola glass Was Sold On 5 Cents In 1886.And He Just Sold 9 Drinks Per Day First Bottle was Made In 1916.



Founded Headquarter
Type Key People

1886 Atlanta ,Georgia,U.S

Centralized Company Muhtar Kent

Operating Income Employees

US$ 48.01 Billion (2012)

US$ 9.01 Billion (2012) 146,200 (Dec 2011)

Coca-Cola`s Mission
Our mission
To refresh the world...

To inspire moments of optimism and happiness...

To create value and make a difference.

Coca-Colas Vision
To achieve our mission, we have developed a set of goals, which we will work with our bottlers to deliver. Profit

Portfolio Partners productivity


Muhtar Kent Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer The Coca-Cola Company

Herbert A. Allen President and Chief Executive Officer Allen & Company Incorporated (a privately held investment firm)

Ronald W. Allen Advisory Director, former Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Cathleen P. Black Chairman Hearst Magazines

Barry Diller Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Alexis M. Herman Chair and Chief Executive Officer New Ventures.

Donald R. Keough Non-Executive Chairman

Maria Elena Lagomasino Chief Executive Officer GenSpring Family Offices,

Coca-Cola`s Revenue in 2012:

Soft Drink Market Share

Centralized and Decentralized Concept

The Coca Cola Company is a centralized company.
It makes operating the international subsidiaries more efficiently. Although there are managers in all of these facilities which will make decisions of hiring employees and local decisions, major decisions are made from headquarters.

What is SWOT Analysis?

The name says it: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. A SWOT analysis guides you to identify the positives and negatives inside your organization (S-W) and outside of it, in the external environment (O-T). Developing a full awareness of your situation can help with both strategic planning and decision-making.

When do we use SWOT?

SWOT Analysis helps in strategic planning in following manner.
It is a source of information for strategic planning.

Builds organizations strengths.

Reverse its weaknesses. Maximize its response to opportunities.

Overcome organizations threats.

It helps in identifying core competencies of the firm. It helps in setting of objectives for strategic planning.

SWOT Analysis

The best global brand

Worlds largest market share.

Customer loyalty.

Extensive beverage distribution channel

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

SWOT Analysis

Sluggish Performance in North America. Focus on carbonated drinks.
Negative publicity.

Dropping Sales

health issues

SWOT Analysis

Introduce Energy Drinks.

Increase the distributuion network

Bottled water consumption growth.

Increasing demand

Popularize less known products

SWOT Analysis

Decreasing gross profit and net profit margins Competition from PepsiCo Saturated carbonated drinks market



Analysis of SWOT

Analysis Of SWOT
Focus on carbonated drinks Undiversified product portfolio High debt level due to acquisitions

Negative publicity

Sluggish performance in North America


Corporate Level Strategy

Coca-Cola has long been committed to a product development strategy.

Any Questions?

This allow Coca-Cola to penetrate existing markets with new products due to their high brand awareness. This strategy capitalizes on Coca-Colas favorable trademark reputation