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Section 3.10 Section 4.5

Keywords are predefined lowercase identifiers that define the language constructs
Key example of keywords: module, endmodule, input, output, and wire.

The assignment is said to be sensitive to the variables in the RHS expression because anytime a variable in the RHS changes during the simulation, the RHS expression is reevaluated and the result is used to update the LHS.

Each statement must end with a semicolon (;)

Bitwise Logic Operation

Bitwise means 1 bit at a time
Bitwise logic operator AND OR XOR Verilog a&b a|b a^b


~a ~(a&b)
~(a|b) !(a^b)


You can think of a wire as a wire in a circuit where actual voltages Could be measured.

Wire example

Use & for AND operation Use tilda (~) for the INVERT operation Use | for the OR operation


Using Verilog Primitives

Verilog also has keywords such as and or and not.

The output of a primitive must be listed first.

Gate Delays
In Verilog, the propagation delay of a gate is specified in terms of time units and is specified by the symbol #. `timescale 1ns/100ps
The first number specifies the unit of measurement for time delays. The second number specifies the precisions for which the delays are rounded off.

Gate Delay

E is not defined until after 1 ns.

Gate Delay

E is not defined until 1 ns. W is not defined until 2 ns. This means that D is not defined until 3 ns.

Binary Addition Example

Derivation of (ES112 Slides)

B 0 1 0 1 A 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0

Question: What primitive best implements ? Inputs: A, B Outputs: = + =

Derivation of Carry Out (ES112 Slides)

B 0 1 0 1 A 0 0 1 1 Co 0 0 0 1

Question: What primitive best implements Co? Inputs: A, B Outputs: Co =AB

Implementation of a Half-Adder

Limitation of a Half Adder

A half-adder does not account for carry-in.

Truth Table for a Full Adder


Karnaugh Map For the Sum Bit (ES112 Review)

= + + + = + + + = + + + = ( )

Karnaugh Map For the Carry-Out Bit (ES112 Review)

C = + + = +

Implementation of a Full Adder


C = ( )
= +

Schematic of a Full Adder


Half-adder(not including the bubble)

Build a Verilog Representation of a Full Adder Circuit

Build a half adder circuit Build a test bench for the adder circuit Assemble a full adder circuit Build a test bench circuit to test the full adder Write the code to implement the adder circuit on FPGA

Build a Half-Adder Circuit

(Figure 4.5)

Build a Test Bench in Verilog

Ideas: (page 112 of the textbook) 1. reg 2. Initial statement 3. Assign value to a single bit 4. $finish

1b0=one binary digit with a value of 0 1b1=one binary digit with a value of 1

Initial, $finish
inital: keyword used with a set of statements that begin executing when simulation is initialized. $finish: specifies the termination of simulation.

Block statement
A block statement consists of several statements that are executed in sequence from top to bottom.

Build a Full-Adder Circuit

M1 w1




Full-Adder Top Level Circuit

Build a FPGA Top Level Circuit






See gates2.pdf (available from the course website) for reference