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Strategy Structure Systems Style Staff Skills Shared Values/ Superordinate Goals

Strategy Structure Systems Style Staff Skills Superordinate goals


Actions a company plans in response to or in anticipation of changes in its external environment


Basis for specialization and coordination, influenced primarily by strategy and by organization size and diversity

Formal and informal procedures that support the strategy and structure (Systems are more powerful than they are given credit)

Style / Culture

The culture of the organization, consists of Organizational culture Management style

Strategy Structure Systems Style Staff Skills Superordinate goals

Staff- The people/human resource management ways of shaping

basic management values, processes used to develop managers, ways of introducing new employees and managing careers, socialization processes


Distinctive competencies what the company does best, ways of developing or shifting competencies

Shared values / Superordinate goals -

fundamental ideas around which a business is built

Guiding concepts,

Effective organizations achieve a harmony between these seven elements In change processes, many organizations focus their efforts on the hard Ss, but the soft factors can make or break a successful change process
It is interrelated & equilibrium Lays down the foundation of corporate culture

Strategy :

Achieve revenue of US $1 billion Aggressive acquisitions & strong supply chain Become largest retailer in India & enter global markets
Structure : Its simple & flat with maximum of 3-4 levels between entry level engineer to CEO Systems :

Every one gets to work on different kinds of interesting problem Even a fresher or an intern gets to work on the challenging problems which matter to Business

Staff: Only capable and promising candidates are employed by Flipkart and employees have to be provided growth potential Style: In Flipkart most information is available to all as senior management is very open even with some of the major milestones w.r.t financials Shared Values: Culture is fairness to employees & differentiated based on their performance Strikes a balance between profitability & a social conscience

Necessary training and development programs are organized in a systematic manner for development of employees skill