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Adverb She is there now. His anger was justified there Pronoun There is no hope Adjective Ask that manthere.

Pronoun[third person singular] Please give it to her it is raining it looksdangerous

Preposition the plays of Shakespeare a piece ofcake. a book of poems

It is a helping verb and can be use as Example The book is on the table. She isvisiting there next week Heis come

Verb (1st person singular present of BE) I am going for a walk I am waiting

Verb present indicative plural and 2nd person singu lar of be. They are busy doing their homework. they are playing with fire Small fish are eaten by big fish

verb1st and 3rd person singular pt. indicative of be The students were talking when the teacher was writing on the black board. He was sleeping in the room It was not ranning

verba 2nd person singular pt. indicative, plural past indicative, and past subjunctive of be. The birds were flyinf in the air They were not breaking the stone The friends were travelling in the jungle

Verb 3rd person singular present indicative of have. examples She has three cousins He has a kind boss He has his bodyguard with him at all times.

Verb Examples I have written the letter I have to leave now We have finished our work have you got a job yet?

verbsimple past tense and past participle of h ave. examples I went to a few parties and had a good time I had never seen a loin before The patient had died before before the doctor came

Verb Examples she will dance for hours He will run fast Will you help me in this method

Verb examples he would lose his job if he were identified I would love to work in America would you like some water?

should [shood]
Helping verb Example you should go back to bed what should I wear? the bus should arrive in a few minutes

Verb Example You may go now. May God bless you may I help you?

might [mahyt]
he might have come last night

As if
It doesnt look as if the economy will improve anytime soon. (All the economic signs, like unemployment, consumer spending, housing construction, suggest that the economy will not improve in the foreseeable future.) You look as if youve seen a ghost! (Your face has the same expression it would if you had seen a ghost.)

Had better
You'd better tell her everything. I'd better get back to work. We'd better meet early.

Is to

Am to
I am going to play handball. He's going to read the book.

Are to