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In your book

You should have a sheet (purple) that will need sticking into your book, it is the results of your presentation assessment on the rainforest . Please take the time to read what I have written.

Deforestation in the Rainforest

W !" # $nderstand the different causes and effects of deforestation

What is deforestation%
It is the complete clearance of forested land. "his is done for various reasons, which we will look at later.

Deforestation clip
Watch the video clip of deforestation. Write down & ways that deforestation affects the environment from what you see.

' (ra)il has some of the fastest clearing forest areas within the world. *atellite images show that over +,,, fires can be burning at any one time in the area. "here are three main reasons that deforestation takes place, they can be bracketed into the following' Government Policies # aimed at helping local people develop the economic side of life in the area. ' TNC (Transnational Companies) # these wish to make money from the natural resources that are in the area ' Local People # "hey may need to the land to live the rainforest is destroyed it is unlikely to ever be replaced. onOnce or grow crops on in order to survive. lmost . million people live in the rainforest.

Cause and Effect.

"here are many causes of deforestation and there are many effects from deforestation. Page ../ and ..0 of 1ey 2eography shows you the causes and effects. Your task is to rank these in a hierarchy showing which you feel is the most serious cause and why and which is the most serious effect and why. You do not need to copy all the

There are 8 boxes for causes, which means you need to rank these in an order one through to eight (1 most im!ortant and 8 "east im!ortant# $ou need to read through the information carefu""y which is on the !age and then make an informed decision. $ou MUST ex!"ain your order, saying which is your most im!ortant and why and which is your "east im!ortant and why.

Eg % & think that the 'o(ernment !o"icies are the most serious cause of deforestation, & think this because).

You need to do this for the causes (page 118 and the effects page 119) This should ta!e "ou until the end of period #

45eforestation is a good thing6 $sing the statement a%ove& "ou need to

select ' out of the ( coloured hats %elo) and thin! onl" in the st"le of this hat a%out the statement& for e*ample if "ou choose %lac! hat + "ou onl" thin! a%out the pro%lems associated )ith the statement li!e if deforestation continues )e )ill have too much car%on dio*ide and more glo%al )arming need to write a sentence/ bullet points for 2 hats about






!"E#T$O%$%& HAT

Ecosystems % do we ex!"oit or conser(e*

W !" 7 *uggest how ecosystems may be e8ploited and conserved by people.

' You learnt in the last lesson that deforestation is a concern, it is affecting everyone (not directly). "he burning of the trees in the rainforest releases and increased amount of carbon dio8ide into the atmosphere, which therefore increases the amount of global warming which is occurring.

'rite do(n (hat you think the t(o (ords )ean.

+ ,ow are !eo!"e ex!"oiting the rainforest*

Slash and Burn Road building Logging Cattle Ranching Hydroelectric power Farming Mining ew settlers

These are the main ways that we as humans ex!"oit the rainforest. -ut, what do they mean*

SL!SH ! " B#R

* The native A)a+on $ndians used a )ethod of far)in, called $slash and burn% (here they deforested an area and used it for far)in, for a fe( years. They then left it and (ent on to another site. * Plants and trees -uickly invaded the deforested area. so that soon there (as very little evidence that they had ever been there.

* #lash and burn re-uires a lot of land. since far)ers )ust )ove their crops to ne( fields every fe( years.

+ The .orthern /ma0on rainforest is rich in minera"s, such as bauxite, iron ore and e(en some go"d. C,N Y-$ T./N0
-1 , P-2/T/34 ,N5 N4G,T/34 meant that-1 (ast areas of + This has -$TC-64 rainforest ha(e been c"eared to a""ow T./2 TYP4 -1 6/N/NG77 mining to occur..

+ Rainforest trees are main"y hardwoods. These can be (ery "ucrati(e on the internationa" market. + 1any of the countries of the wor"d with tro!ica" rainforests in them are 2EDCs, the market for "ogging is often ex!"oited.

What can the hardwood be used for%%%

+ 3nfortunate"y, to get to certain ty!es of tree, "ogging com!anies destroy a"" the other (egetation around them.

< :=>I:2;
+ 2arge4sca"e forest c"earance has taken !"ace to make way for huge catt"e ranches, as these are a"so a "ucrati(e industry for the country. 'hy is this ,oin, +

to be bad in the rainforest/ The catt"e 5uick"y erode the fragi"e, and now
un!rotected, soi".

+ The farmers are not interested in the wood for sa"e, they often 6ust burn it.

"!MMI &
* * * * To provide po(er for industries such as the )ines and paper )ills. lar,e da) sche)es have been introduced. An e0a)ple of this is the Tucurui 1a) in the %orthern Bra+ilian rainforest. The reservoir it created flooded an area of 2345 s-uare kilo)etres and displaced 67.777 people. $t destroyed hundreds of species of ani)als and thousands of species of plants. so)e of (hich )ay never have actually been kno(n about.

'hat might damming ha(e done to the en(ironment)


* The initial ,ro(th into the rainforests (as alon, roads that (ere cut throu,h the dense ve,etation. * These encoura,ed people lookin, for a better (ay of life to enter the forest and clear areas beside the roads for far)in,. * They presu)ed that because the rainforest (as so rich (ith life. the soil (ould be very fertile. * "nfortunately that is not the case. and (ithin a fe( years the far)ers (ere forced to )ove on because the soil had beco)e so bad. * %ot bein, able to afford to ,o back to the cities on the Eastern coasts. )ost of these far)ers end up choppin, do(n another area of forest and startin, a,ain. "nfortunately the results are e-ually predictable.

' Write about three ways in which the ecosystem (rainforest in this case) is e8ploited. $se the information that you have learnt.

,ow are we or can we conser(e the rainforest*

/(oid !urchasing hardwoods that come from the rainforest such as mahogany or rosewood. 2obby "egis"atures to restrain go(ernment agencies and "ending institutions that in(est in harmfu" de(e"o!ment of the tro!ics.

7"ant trees. &t wi"" take a great dea" of !"anting and time to grow and re!"ace what we ha(e a"ready "ost, but e(ery seed"ing he"!s.

' Probably the most important tool for saving the rainforest is helping developing countries achieve sustainable growth. We don?t need to control these nations, but we do need to communicate to the native peoples of the rainforest how important their lands are. ' "urn to page .@,A.@. to find out how we can use the rainforest sustainably. #ustainable 8 the actions and products that )eet current
needs (ithout sacrificin, the ability of future ,enerations to )eet theirs

/n exam!"e of using the rainforest sustainab"y)

This is a sustainable for) of touris). (hich ai)s to protect the environ)ent (hile allo(in, people to e0perience it at the sa)e ti)e.

7age 898:89; wi"" ex!"ain this in more detai".