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The investment of your future.

Who are we?

We are a Romanian- Dutch company, who produces and sales modern tunnels and modular greenhouses for flowers and vegetables.


We are present in almost all Europe.

Our Products
Professional tunnels Modular tunnels Cheap tunnels Accessories for tunnels Ripening generators

Professional tunnels

Tunnels with side ventilation

Dimensions: Standard width: 9.6 meters Length: minimum 50 meters Standard Height: 4 meters

Professional tunnels

Tunnels with ridge ventilation

Dimensions: Standard width: 10 meters Length: minimum 50 meters Standard height: 5.30 meters

Professional tunnels
Because we want to offer our customers more choices in terms of budget and size of tunnels, we produce and sell smaller professional tunnels as it follows: Tunnels 6 x 10 meters Tunnels 6 x 20 meters Tunnels 6 x 25 meters Tunnels 8 x 25 meters Tunnels 8 x 30 meters

Professional tunnels
Characteristics: The metallic structure is gothic arch, which does not allow the snow to remain on the tunnel. The construction has straight walls of 2 meters, and ridge height 4 meters. The galvanized steel used is S275 quality. The protection through galvanizationis ensuring a zinc coating of 22 to 24 micron, this layer will resists rusting at least 20 years. Frontal closings are made of rectangular pipe and square galvanized pipe also. The calculations for resistance were made at 90 kg / sqm snow, 25 kg / sqm for the culture and 120 km / h wind speed. Delivered with film ( 180 microns, triple - layered, UV treated and a 2 years guarantee ). Included irrigation system.

Modular Tunnels
Dimensions: Width: 9.6 meters Height: 4 meters Length: minimum 50 meters, maximum 200 250 meters

This greenhouses are the ideal solution for the hydroponic culture vegetables or flowers on substrate.

Cheap tunnels
Tunnels 8 x 25 m Tunnels 8 x 30 m
Characteristics: built from pipes, painted in white; delivered with film ( 180 microns, triple - layered, UV treated and a 2 years guarantee ); included irrigation system.

Accessories for tunnels - Film

150 or 180 microns: UV treated; 2 year warranty; life time 4-5 years or more. 200 microns: many additives; EVA anticondensation; infrared; UV.

Accessories for tunnels Air pump

Used to: Introduce the air between the both layers of film; Maintain a distance of 20- 30 cm between the films. Delivering: The air pump will be delivered with the completely kit: Many flanges; Hoses;

Accessories for tunnels

Film catching profiles and Film catching clips
Film catching profiles Avoid the burial of the film in to the ground; With this can be also mounted double film; Is thermo-isolating; Double light diffusion, from 30-35% to 60-70%.

Film catching clips PVC clips, diameter 20 pipe; PVC clips, diameter 26 pipe; PVC clips, diameter 32 1 pipe.

Accessories for tunnels

Accessories for ridge ventilation

Control panel

Ventilation engine

Kit for the ridge ventilation

Can be added to your greenhouse, in order to operate the ventilation engine.

Best option for the ridge ventilation. The engine can be monophasic or triphasic.

Contains: rack, pinions and supports.

Accessories for tunnels Pots

Pots of various sizes, different heights and volumes for seedlings.


Ethy-Gen II

Ripening generator transforms EthyGen II in ethylene, which causes bananas / tomatoes to begin to produce their own ethylene.

This special fluid is used along with the generator provided by IMD Horticulture Systems to produce ethylene.

The financing
We can finance maximum 70 % from the total necessary amount of the project; The credit period is between 2 - 6 years and the grace period is between 3 and 5 months. You can take advantage of an unique opportunity even if you do not have sufficient financial resources; A grace period was foreseen, because we understand the function mechanism of tunnels business; The interest rate is advantageous.

Contact us
You can contact us here:
Websites: www.solariisisereinrate.ro Romanian Version www.en.solariisisereinrate.ro English Version www.de.solariisisereinrate.ro Deutch Version

E-mail: info@solariisisereinrate.ro
Telephone: +40 724 49 89 33 Ionut Torgie General Manager Our partners: