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Qualified and Professional Nurse

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a profession as an occupation or calling requiring advanced training and experience in some specific or specialized body of knowledge which provides service to society in that special field. The nursing profession is an occupation requiring a unique body of knowledge and skills and which serves society. You should have the interest and willingness to work and learn with individuals/groups in a variety of settings. What a noble profession it is, and you should be proud to be in it.

How to Become a Nurse? here are three ways to qualify as a Registered Nurse and apply for entry level nursing positions. They are as follows:

1. Completing a Bachelors Degree in Nursing (BSN), 2. Completing an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), or 3. Completing a Diploma Program in a hospital.

Due to advances in Nursing practices, today most Nurses qualify by completing an associate degree or bachelor degree program. Once a student nurse obtains a degree or diploma, he/she must then obtain a nursing license by completing a national licensing examination, known as the NCLEX-RN.

The personal and professional proficiencies of a nurse include: a warm personality and genuine concern for people resourcefulness and creativity as well as a well-balanced emotional condition initiative to improve self and others competence in performing work through the use of nursing process skill in decision-making, communicating and relating with others research oriented and active participation in issues confronting nurses and nursing.

Attitude is everything! The way you view your world and portray that view to others is everything ex: This type of behavior is counter to the expectations of the nursing profession to focus on helping others rather than focusing on our own problems. Personal issues need to be left at home and not taken into the work area.

There is no way around the fact that people judge you by your personal appearance. People that look dirty may be perceived by others as unorganized, lazy, and uncaring A little attention to how you look goes a long way to display your professionalism eX: interesting, neat hair, clean shoes and a goodlooking makes the statement that you care about yourself as a person and therefore have the capacity to care about others If you do not care about yourself, how can you truly care for others?

Willingness to Help Others

the observation that nurses do not necessarily support each other as we should. There needs to be solidarity in others profession we will all need to pull together as a profession and begin by working together at the team players willing to support each other. Something magical happens when we give to others; wonderful things begin to come back to us in far greater ways than what we have originally given. Ex: This translates into your willingness to help others and to work together as a team, as well as speak positively about profession nurse.

A professional commits to life-long learning

School is never out for us, whether its listening to informative CDs in the car , always having a book on the go, keeping up to date with professional magazines or websites, attending personal or professional conferences, or simply by listening and learning from others.

So what does a professional look like, act like and behave like, and how can we, as nurses, become more professional no matter what or how many difficulty came to our profesion. The nursing profession has continued to be an essential part of all health and medical services around the world.

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