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Green Building

0930 : Introduction to Green Building & Rating 1015 : Sustainable Site 1115 : Tea Break 1130 : Energy Efficiency 1300 : Lunch 1345 : Materials & Resources 1445 : Water Efficiency 1515 : Tea Break 1530 : Indoor Environmental Quality 1615 : Case Study (GBC) 1630 : International Case Studies 1700 : Feed Back & Close

CII-Sohrabji Godreji Green Business Centre

Centre of Excellence for Green Buildings, Energy, Environment, Water, Renewable Energy & Climate change activities in India

What is Green?
Pursuit of an activity

Energy Efficiency
Use of Recycled / recyclable Products

What is Green?
Use of Renewable Energy Water efficiency

Ultimately leads to Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development
Use of Resources to meet our Needs without depriving the resources for future generations

Green Building Features

Incorporates several Green Features Efficient Use of water Energy Efficient & Eco Friendly Equipment Use of Renewable Energy Use of Recycled / Recyclable Materials

Green Building Features

Efficient Use of Landscapes Effective Control & Building Management Systems Improved indoor air quality for health and comfort CII IQ Building, Bangalore

Green Building VS. Conventional Building

Externally : Both look alike

Building use : Both are same

Concern for human comfort & indoor environment Operational savings

Tangible Benefits
Reduce operating costs

Optimize life cycle economic performance

Sustained savings
LEED 2.0 Certified Gold Ebensburg, PA

Energy saving: 40-50 % Water savings: 20-30 %

Intangible Benefits of Green Design

Environmental benefits Reduce impact on the environment Health and Safety benefits Enhance occupant comfort Improve Productivity of occupants
Energy resource center southern California gas company

World class Standards & Procedures

Do Green Buildings Cost More?

Depends on Green features already considered & level of rating First cost Vs Life cycle cost

Operational savings offset incremental cost

Cost of Green Buildings Indian Experiences

CII- Godrej GBC, Hyderabad ITC Green Centre, Gurgaon Wipro,Gurgaon

Year awarded
2003 2004 2005

Built-inArea (sqft)
20,000 1,70,000 1,75,000

Rating Achieved
Platinum Platinum Platinum

% Increase in cost
18% 15% 8%

Payback (Yrs)
7 Years 6 Years 5 Years

Recently Rated Green Buildings

Technopolis, Kolkata Spectral Services Consultants office Noida HITAM , Hyderabad 2006 2007 72,000 15,000 Gold Platinum 6% 8% 3 Years 4 Years





3 Years

Cost showing a decreasing trend over the years Incremental Cost lower if base design has already factored normal Green features

Green Building Rating Systems Defines Green Building Recognizes achievement on Green Consider Local conditions Transform Markets to Green & Green products

LEED Projects Global (As on November 2007)

What is LEED?
Rating of buildings by IGBC

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

LEED of India
Voluntary, Consensus-based, Market driven Based on professional reference standards like NBC,ASHRAE,ECBC etc. * Did not reinvent the wheel 230 + project registered under LEED LEED India NC in force effective 1st Jan 2007 LEED India CS since 1 Jan 2008 IGBC Green Homes launched in May 2008 Assessment by III Party Assessors & USGBC

LEED India Green Building Rating System Certification Levels

Rating LEED Certified LEED Certified Silver level LEED Certified Gold Level LEED Certified Platinum Level New Construction (NC) 26-32 33-38 39-51 52-69

LEED India Green Building Rating System

Points for individual Credits
Sr. No. Prerequisites 1 2 Sustainable Sites Water efficiency Credits New Building 7 13 6

4 5 6

Energy and Atmosphere

Materials and Resources Indoor Environmental quality Innovation and Accredited Professional points Total

13 15 5 69

Few LEED Rated Buildings in India

Platinum rated CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad ITC Green Center, Gurgaon Wipro Technologies, Gurgaon

CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad

Wipro Technologies, Gurgaon

ITC Green Center, Gurgaon

LEED India Certification Process

IGP office, office Gulbarga Gold Rating

L &T EDRC I, Chennai Silver rating

NEG Micon, Chennai Gold Rating

World Bank, Chennai Silver rating

Grundfos Pumps, Chennai Gold Rating

LEED India certification process

Project registration (www_igbc.in)

Submit document for preliminary review

preliminary review by III party assessors

30 days

Submit document for final review

final review by III party assessors

30 days

Notify final LEED score by IGBC

Project aspects Yes IGBC presents plaque indication certification level Project team appeals the certification awarded within 1 month

Project registration
Registration using form in IGBC website www.igbc.in Resources for Registered projects Free Reference Guide, LEED templates 2 Free CIRs (Credit Interpretation Ruling) When to register Can register at any stage Registration at early phase max. potential for achieving certification

IGBC Accredited Professional Exam

To be launched shortly On-line Examination Registration to Result Objective Recognise holistic understanding of green building concepts Meet the demand for qualified Green building professionals

To Sum Up
Green Buildings Excellent opportunity to reduce operating costs from day one Sustainability of Business Tremendous benefits Trangible & Intangible Long term benefits

Green makes Business Sense