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I OS app Development: The USP of smart phones


The 21st century can now be labeled the era of technology. With new entrants and corporate giants, this

industry is ever evolving and advancing to digitalize the world we live in. As stated in a recent Forbes article, four of the top 10 fastest growing words trac ed by !" are #T$%&, i'(, Android and $obile App) all of which relate to app develop"ent and infor"ation technology.
Mobile application development first got popular when people realized the potential of low power handheld

devices. !t e"powered people to be on the "ove at all given ti"es. *re loaded and downloadable applications gave people to have a "ini co"puter in their hands. %aptops could now ta e a bac seat as s"art phones loo to replace the".
!n 201+, it was revealed in various studies globally, that the scope and potential in the !T sector would be

the "a,i"u" in the upco"ing decade. (urveys also revealed that "obile application develop"ent would be a "a-or source of revenue as it continually generates e"ploy"ent opportunities.

Aiding the app develop"ent "ar et, android and i'(

syste"s are upgradeable hence giving developers a chance to rewor their applications to enhance user e,perience and build custo"er and client loyalty. !t usually ta es one .hit/ application for a develop"ent co"pany li e an iOS development company to leave a "ar in the "ar et. A pri"e e,a"ple is that of (napchat, a photo "essaging app, developed with the ai" of social "edia via pictures, has caught on li e wild fire, replacing the Faceboo fad and affecting !nstagra"0s popularity i""ensely.

Trac ing sales and growth rate, Asian co"panies are

e"erging as "ar et leaders in the i'( develop"ent trade. !ndia and (ingapore being "a-or players, it co"es as no surprise that "obile application develop"ent is outsourced "ost fro" there. 1iving a boost to Asian econo"y, Android and iOS app development and application usage has opened a huge "ar et for newbies. 2rea ing into the app develop"ent "ar et has never been easier. With i""ense co"petition, paid and unpaid applications "a e a brea through in the !T industry challenging even the sharpest of "inds to outdo the"selves.

*roving this, technical giants, Faceboo

and 1oogle, have both "ade their first venture tie ups in !ndia. (ingapore, needless to say, is still a leader due to its econo"ic growth being dependent on e,ports. #owever, (ingapore too a hard hit when a current survey revealed that the no of i'( users fell sharply after the launch of the unsuccessful &3 and highly priced &( "odels. !ndia re"ained "ore or less unaffected in the trying ti"es as it re"ains to be an agrarian econo"y. World over, Android "a ers ruled the app develop"ent "ar et until the 3alifornian giants introduced the i'(4. With an upgraded operating syste", the "ar et lightened up again.

3ashing in on the opportunity, "a-or players li e fro"

(ingapore and !ndia, too the "obile application develop"ent sector by stor". 5ach co"pany, with a different focus, help in web develop"ent, software develop"ent, android applications, #T$% based apps as well as the new age i'( e,perience. With the upco"ing Android version 6.6 also nown as 7it7at, the app develop"ent "ar et is set to hit an all ti"e high once again. The eagerly awaited e,pected launch of i'(8 in $ay, 2016 see"s to loo li e a bright year for wor ers and engineers in mobile app development and software "a ers. #ere0s hoping that we get a lot "ore on the go with e,citing "obile applications to loo forward to. 9