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Technology Information

 The simple meaning is Information about

 Information is the communication of
ideas, facts, results, thoughts and
 Technology means ‘know how’, ways of
designing, manufacturing and utilizing
Technology Information

 Information is the first requirement and

success depends on the quality of
information on which initial decisions
where based.
 Technology is not interested in the
knowledge preset unlike science but is
concerned with the application of
knowledge in the context of trade and
Technology Information

 Information on Technology is concerned with

items such as
– Equipment
– Process of Manufacture
– Input and Output norms
– Application Areas
– Pollution Control Aspect
– Sources of Technology
– Terms of Transfer
– Size of Production
– Input Requirements (raw material , capital, energy etc)
Preparation & Implementation

 Pre Feasibility State

 Feasibility Stage
 Implementation Stage
 Plant operation Stage
Pre Feasibility State

 Alternate Products with their technology

 The stage at which the products are in
their technology life cycle
 Source of availability of technology
 Plant and equipment required.
 Optimum size of plant
 Raw materials, Utilities and man power
Pre Feasibility State

 Status of process and design

 Status of industrial property rights
 Appropriateness of technology under
local conditions
 Possibility of source of funding for the
Feasibility Stage

 Information in Greater detail and with

greater depth and scope is required.
 Information on various sources of supply
of technology. Their relative merits and
demerits and cost of technology
 Considering competition the information
on technology is as important as
technology itself
Feasibility Stage

 Aspects like input-output norms,

technology services and assistance to be
provided by the technology licensor
terms of transfer etc. would be needed.
 Impact of technology on environment
Implementation Stage

 Implementation on plant Installation and

 Training Particularly in any specialised
skills that may be required
 Machinery maintenance schedules
 Technology absorption and adaptation
Plant Operation Stage

 Product quality and quality control

 Efficiency of operations
 Product application, potential fields of
new applications
 Technology absorption and adaptation
 Alternate raw materials and components
Plant Operation Stage

 Product up gradation in terms of design,

manufacturing techniques and operation
 Technology forecasting
 Reduction in cost of operation due to
technology up gradation
Sources of Technology Information

 Published literature
 Exhibitions and conferences
 Industrial and trade associations
 Government organizations &
 Patents Expert and consultants
 Data bank