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“The Fuhrer”
By: Rebecca Jaramillo
Tyler Smith 
Louie Herrera ☻
Adolf Hitler
• Hitler was born in
Braunau-am-Inn, Austria,
a town near to the Austro-
German border on 1889.
• Innocent little kid? Or is it
in fact the face of one of
the most influential
madman the world has
ever seen!....next to Ben
Childhood of Adolf Hitler
• Klara Hitler, the
mother of Adolf died
when he was
nineteen, hardship
increased for the
young Hitler he had
no relatives willing or
able to take care of
Hitler tries a new career
• After failing to make it as an artist Hitler
served in World War I, also known at the
time as the “Great War” in 1914. After
fighting with bravery and valor he was
promoted to corporal and earned various
medals for his bravery and effort in the
The Iron Cross is one of the
various medals awarded to Hitler
during the Great War
Hitler’s rise to power
After World War 1 Hitler was given the
responsibility of propaganda. He first succeeded
at attracting hundreds of Germans at a rally in
mid October. Hitler believed that Jews were the
cause of Germanys misfortunes and poverty and
had a very strong sense of hatred towards Jews.
In 1921 he seized full control of the Nazi party
and adopted the “swastika” as the party's
symbol, which stands for good luck.
History of the “swastika”
• The swastika is one of the oldest most
recognized symbols in history, Germans
used it to kill millions of Jews. Although its
most recognized as the Nazi party symbol
many cultures over 3,000+ years have
used this symbol such as the Japanese,
Chinese, and India.
Hitler Gets Arrested
After an attempt to
overthrow the local
Government in
1923, Hitler was
sentenced to five
years in Landsberg
prison, where he
wrote his novel
“My Struggle".
Hitler Becomes Chancellor
On January 30th, 1933 President
Hindenburg decided to appoint
Hitler Chancellor in a coalition
government with another Vice-
Chancellor. In an attempt to
gain more power, the Nazi
party burned down the
Reichstag on February 27,
1933. They used this as an
excuse to arrest several other
parties and eliminate
Hitler persecutes the Jews
• In September 1935 Hitler passed the
Nuremberg Laws. They stated that Jews were
no longer considered to be German citizens and
therefore no longer had any legal rights. Jews
were no longer allowed to hold public office, not
allowed to work in the civil-service, the media,
farming, teaching, the stock exchange and
eventually barred from practising law or
European countries become fearful
of Adolf Hitler
On September 29, 1938,
Great Britain and
France agree to grant
Sudetenland, a part of
Czechoslovakia, to
Germany in an
attempt not to get
involved in the war
themselves. The
meeting was called
the “Munich
Hitler makes an ally
On August 23, 1939 A non-
aggression pact is signed
between Germany and
the Soviet Union, paving
the way for the invasion
of Poland and the start of
the Second World War.
Hitler starts World War 2
• On September 1,
1939 German
troops invade
Poland, in direct
violation of the
Munich Agreement
provoking the
French and the
English empires
Hitler Invades Russia

On June 22, 1941

Operation Barbarossa,
a plan devised by
Hitler to invade the
Russian Empire,
begins once again
Hitler brakes another
Russia Fights Back

On November 19, 1942 The

Soviet army launches a
huge counter-offensive at
June 6, 1944 was "D-Day."
The allied forces opened a second
front with landings at Normandy.
This was the beginning of the end
for Hitler and the German forces.
Hitler Assassination fails
On July 20, 1944 A bomb plot to
assassinate Hitler failed.
• Hitler died in 1945 in an
underground bunker he
retreated to in an attempt
to escape when Red
Army captured Berlin, he
shot himself…in the face,
while his wife a long time
advisor for Hitler he
married days before
swallowed poison and
died days later
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