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Smartplant Applications and Effictiveness

For Both IO/Os and EPCs in Oil & gas Industry

3D Modeling & Visualization Engineering & Schematics Information Management Procurement, Fabrication & Construction Analysis
Intergraph - http://www.intergraph.com Provider of enterprise engineering software to the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Consumer Goods, Marine, Offshore & Shipbuilding, Metals & Mining, Nuclear & Power Generation, Pharmaceutical industries.

Intergraph For Oil & Gas

SmartMarine 3D SmartPlant 3D SmartPlant FreeView SmartPlant Foundation SmartPlant Instrumentation SmartPlant P&ID SmartSketch PDS

Intergraph Products (Popular)

CADWorx CAESAR II ISOGEN SmartPlant Spoolgen SmartPlant PES (Plant Engineering Solutions Schematic Products Bundle) SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators SmartPlant Materials SmartPlant P&ID Engineering Integrity

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Over the past 14 years, our engineering centers have used Intergraph PDS to generate isometrics, and a variety of proprietary packages in our home office and on the construction site. PDS is a comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application for plant design, construction and operations.
PDS is now widely used for FPu, FSO and FPSO projects.


Doing More than Ever Before Samsung Heavy Industries increases productivity and safety on an accelerated schedule Our design errors have dramatically shrunk by using SmartMarine 3D in the shipbuilding division in comparison to our previous legacy system. Material has been saved due to the optimized modeling process. In addition, our designer man hours have been cut ignificantly.Specifically, we enjoy a number of benefits by using SmartMarine 3D: Materials For example, we can reduce the number of piping pieces in a tanker machinery room by 35 percent. In ddition, we can reduce cable lengths by five percent by using the autorouting functionality found in SmartMarine 3D. These reductions result in about US$70 million in annual cost savings thanks to SmartMarine 3D. Quality Design errors have decreased drastically much more than 50 percent in comparison to seven years ago.

SmartMarine 3D

Communication SmartMarine 3D gives us the ability to share designs with others. We can discuss designs with the ship owner and the production department to reduce ship and offshore product modifications. We can discuss the 3D model from an operation and maintenance viewpoint with the owner. They can then check what they want and ask us to change the model. With 2D drawings, we would not be able to locate a panel or a belt. 2D drawings are very difficult to use.
Productivity We use the 3D model with the production department to discuss how easily they can produce a design. We also gather comments and advice from operations. We update the CAD model and end up with lists for the modification, fabrication and production stages. All of these abilities increase our productivity. Time savings We have been able to dramatically reduce design time thanks to the rules-based SmartMarine 3D solution. We have changed our design procedures to optimize the process. We can also check design conformance from the viewpoint of both the ship owner and the production department. The time savings are an excellent benefit of SmartMarine 3D.

SmartMarine 3D

Smart Marine Enterprise integrated suite of solutions, automated, configurable engineering rules ensure design-to-production accuracy and consistency. Boost productivity by an average of 30 percent and build safety into the design from the start. Global workshare, operations, and lifecycle asset management are also optimized with SmartMarine Enterprise engineering information management, the industry standard for maintaining your platforms engineering design data for decades to come. The future of engineering today

SmartMarine 3D

SmartPlant Enterprise Selected By Shengli Engineering and Consulting Company Limited Hyundai Engineering Engineering Supplier FLSmidth to Use in Worldwide Chinas State Nuclear Power Technology Corp

SmartPlant Enterprise

Perfect Harmony SmartPlant Instrumentation enables nine global EPC contractors to harmonize their efforts at the SATORP Jubail Refinery Seeing the Big Picture in Construction SmartPlant Spoolgen automates piping material management in SAIPEM GROUP EnI Saipem Standardizes on Smart Plant enterprise across Its onshore, offshore and Drilling units Mega-projects in the Middle East Petrofac speeds project schedules and increases productivity with SmartPlant Enterprise

Smarplant Tools & Effectiveness

Intergraph solutions are chosen by offshore companies around the world SmartMarine 3D and complementary solutions such as SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Instrumentation, SmartPlant Electrical, SmartPlant Foundation and SmartPlant Materials with the intention of gearing up for future projects, including semi-subs and jack-ups SmartPlant 3D-for both onshore plant design and off shore SmartPlant Enterprise for its off shore work. Life-cycle information management can help to check and review ongoing status of projects for owners.

Offshore Success with Intergraph

Boosting Efficiency, Saving Money Shipyard promotes piping production engineering SmartPlant Isometrics, piping engineers can design and produce isometrics for individual pipelines, several pipelines or complete piping systems in a single session It only takes minutes to sketch a piping system in SmartPlant Isometrics. Isometric drawings with a full bill of materials are then produced in seconds, providing significant cost savings and productivity gains for the user. We have discovered that it is very important to leverage technology to improve productivity and the Intergraph SmartPlant Isometrics application has proved to be a sound investment for Keppel Shipyard for Keppel Shipyard. Through automatic MTO generation, MTO accuracy has also improved by 30 percent

Keppel Shipyard.

Building on common workflows helps OMV refineries gain more efficient pipe management and as-built document control Smart-Plant Enterprise enables synchronized workflows. The tools are worldwide, common and standardized, used by both EPCs and O/Os. Plus, Intergraph offers the best Support for all tools from a single supplier. SmartPlant Isometrics, generates complete piping isometrics from sketches. SmartPlant Reference Data has enabled us to develop 53 piping classes for use in multiple Intergraph applications We now use Intergraph PDS, SmartPlant Explorer, SmartPlant Isometrics, SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Reference Data and SmartPlant Review. The groups who use Intergraph software are spread throughout our company

All Together Now in OMV

Our technical documentation department uses SmartPlant Isometrics, PDS, SmartPlant P&ID and SmartPlant Reference Data to manage incoming and outgoing projects

The inspection department uses all tools for isometrics, such as SmartPlant Isometrics, SmartPlant Reference Data, SmartPlant Explorer and SmartPlant P&ID The plant managers and field engineers use SmartPlant Reference Data and SmartPlant Review, but also SmartPlant Explorer and SmartPlant P&ID for plant services Our training department uses SmartPlant Review for individual plant training sessions

OMV Dept

Gaining Confidence in Information Integrity AESA reduces document rejections with SmartPlant Foundation SmartPlant Foundation also facilitated enhanced global decision support and worksharing capabilities with all subcontractors and firms, permitting approvals, rejections or comments to be made more easily and efficiently. Remote access to the system from all three countries wasaided by a CITRIX interface. SmartPlant Foundations life cycle data management capabilities enabled a smooth handover from AESA to the owner operator. SmartPlant Foundation has proved successful, and we are eager to expand usage of it and the other integrated SmartPlant Enterprise solutions to further increase our productivity

(AESA ) A-Evangelista S.A.

Magic in the Arctic

KBR Russia develops high quality, accurate deliverables despite bitter cold and a tight deadline KBR chose the Intergraph CADWorxR Plant Design Suite to address these challenges. CADWorx Plant Design enables quick and easy creation of fully intelligent 3D plant models. Because CADWorx models are AutoCAD-based, they offer unparalleled flexibility and collaboration. CADWorx Plant Design Suite enables intelligent plant design modeling, process schematics and automatic production of plant design deliverables

It includes the following products: Intergraph CADWorx Plant Professional Intergraph CADWorx P&ID Professional Intergraph CADWorx Design Review Intergraph CADWorx fi eldPipe


GlaxoSmithKline Cork Reduces Design and Operating Costs Integrated enterprise data shows significant time savings. GSK Cork chose the Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise solution suite, beginning with three applications- SmartPlant Foundation, SmartPlant Instrumentation and SmartPlant P&ID. The company made its decision based on a number of factors, including: Intergraph offered a strategic solution that matched the companys strategy Modularized solutions provided flexibility for future growth System functionality best matched company requirements as detailed in GSK Corks Business Requirements specification (BRS) Well-established applications were developed by a company with a good track record SmartPlant Foundation could be accessed by a large number of users The solution suite was already being used by some of GSK

Corks engineering consultants

GlaxoSmithKline Cork