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Area of Study-The Theme( At a glance)

A The Textbook
1. 2. 3.

4. 5.

People: Planning a career Environment : Protecting our rivers, lakes, and oceans e.g protecting the environment from pollution Social Issues : Social freedom and responsibility e.g how young people can use the freedom given responsibly Health : Dangers of getting into bad habits such as smoking Science & Technology : Responsible waste management

Area of study (At a glance)

(b) Literature component Form 4 5 Poems-sonnet 18, Si tenggangs homecoming, Monsoon history,The Road Not Taken,Theres Been a Death in the Opposite House & If & 5 short stories-The Lotus Eater,The Necklace, The Drovers Wife,The Sound Machine,Looking for a Rain God Form 5 1 novel (Jungle of Hope)

The paper(English 1119)


1 Paper 11 Paper 111

Paper 1 ( 1 hr 45 mins)
Subjective written test Section A (35 marks) Directed writing (guided composition) 1 question Section B (50 marks) Continuous writing (free composition) Answer 1 out of 5 questions

Paper 11(2 hrs 15 mins)

Objective & subjective written test Section A:15 objective questions(15 marks) - Graphic Materials & short Texts,Rational Cloze. Section B: - 10 questions on a given stimulus which information transfer( 10 marks)-graphic or non graphic from newspapers, leaflets, magazines etc Section C: reading comprehension(5 question) & 1 summary based on a given text)-testing on anguage proficiency & power of reasoning and understanding.(25 marks) Section D: literature component(25 marks)

- Structured Responses

- Personal Responses

1 question (poetry)- 5 marks 1 question (short stories)- 5 marks 1 question (novels)- 15marks

Paper 111-ULBS
Assessment based on theme studied. Conducted 3 times- 2 in f4(april-june, july-sept), 1 in f5(jan april) Form 4-model 1-individual model 2- teacher-student form 5- model 3 or 4- pair or group Activities-presenting info from non-linear forms,giving directions,narrating,presenting reports , giving opinions & talking & sharing info

The Literature Component

FORM 4 Poems In the midst of Hardship - He Had Such Quiet Eyes - Nature Short Stories - QWERTYUIOP - The Fruitcake Special Drama - Glup and Gasp FORM 5 Poem-- Are You Still Playing Your Flute Novel - Curse

The test assesses the candidates ability to: Construct 1: Converse on a topic effectively Give appropriate responses Speak using the language appropriately within context Construct 2: Speak fluently Speak using correct and acceptable pronunciation Construct 3: Speak coherently

Construct 4: Speak using a wide range of appropriate vocabulary Construct 5: Speak using correct grammar

Criteria for assessment

6 5-4 excellent good



School assessment of English (1119)

2 term exam 6 continual assessment in class & graded on any form. E.g writing-essay , summary etc.