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Sap is oil and gas online training

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Magnific training +ig+,ig+t

Magnific technology is a leading training institute in the online world We provide work based training, according to your specific educational and technical needs We have one excellent centre fully operational training We provide 24/7 access server to help our trainees practice exercises Magnific name !"# $! %$& "'( )"! 24*7 technical support +aculty real time experience Magnific trainings it is a brand and providing ,uality online and offline trainings to students in world wide We are providing best online training for !"# $! %$& "'( )"! We offer investment options to our students, if necessary

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S0--i!n - 1$ IS Oi, O10r1i0%:

!"# $!-%il .asics / %verview of 0#M, 1( / 2xchange


!"# $!-%il functional overview / What should consultant know more What is $ndustry !olution and why 4 Why oil companies need !"# $!-%il #artners involved in !"# $!-%il 5ustomer for !"# $!-%il3 Why should you know customer #ossible knowledge areas3 2xercise for session 6$

Sa. i- !i, an/ ga- !n,in0 training in In/ia

S0--i!n - 2$ 23/r!car4!n &r!/5ct Manag0#0nt 62&M7 :

5oncept of 0#M3 Why 0#M needed in oil industry 5oncept of (ynamic 7uantity 5onversion3 (ifference between static / dynamic conversion3 7uantity 5onversion $nterface 875$93 (isplay of 75$ 5onfiguration in !"# with configuration setting3 &ist of #roduct types for 0#M 5oncept of !ilo management3 (isplay of !ilos in !"#3 5haracteristics of !ilo Management * :eason for differences in #hysical and .ook stock3 2xercise for session 23

Sa. i- !i, an/ ga- !n,in0 training in

&art - 3$ 2&M S.0cific Ma-t0r 8 Tran-acti!n Data
Material Master - %il !pecific ;iew display in !"# 3 Material Master - <%M )roup / conversion group display in !"# with configuration setting3 1ank Master3 5haracteristic display in !"#3 #roduct 5ompatibility )roup and their usage3 5ustomer 5ompatibility group / their usage with configuration setting3 7uantity conversion in purchase and sales cycle business scenario3 2xercise for session =3

Sa. i- !i, an/ ga- !n,in0 training in D54ai

&art - $ 95,: Tran-.!rt an/ Di-tri45ti!n

!hipment #lanning / 5oncept of bulk 1( in !"#3 (elivery / &oading in !"# for various business scenarios with 75$3 (elivery 5onfirmation / dynamic ,uantity conversion "!1M Maintenance / 7uantity conversion with configuration setting3 #ipeline transfer scenario of finished product or crude oil3 !( %rgani>ation structure for %il companies3 &ive 2xample from oil industry3 #ossible business scenario for 1( business3 2xercise for session 43

-a. i- !i, an/ ga- !n,in0 training an/ .,ac0#0nt

&art - 5$ TD S.0cific Ma-t0r Data

5oncept of vehicle / ;ehicle Master / configuration setting3 5oncept of 1ransport <nit / related master / $M) setting3 2xample from industry practice3 5ompartment master / (river master Meter master &icense master 2xercise for session ?3

Sa. i- !i, an/ ga- !n,in0 training

&art - 6 Oi, &ricing

5oncept and components of oil pricing3 5rude oil pricing / sources of data $nfluencing factors for oil pricing (:5 #ricing and configuration setting +ormula / "verage pricing3 (ay, week and month based pricing3 %il #rice 7uotations / configuration setting (ate / 1ime specific pricing &ive example of oil pricing components3 2xercise for session @3

Sa. i- !i, an/ ga- !n,in0 training c0rtificati!n

&art - 7 Oi, );c+ang0 95-in0-

5oncept of %il 2xchange .usiness 2xchange agreement and configuration setting3 1ype of exchange agreement and contracts with configuration setting3 #artners in oil exchange business / related master data3 5ontract / 5all off for !ales %rder business scenario 5ontract / 5all off for #urchase %rder business scenario 2xchange .alance / 'etting 2xercise for session 73

Sa. i- !i, an/ ga- !n,in0 training in 9anga,!r0

&art - 8 Mini &r!<0ct

&r!<0ct .+a-0- 8 95-in0-- ca-0 /0tai,$ &r!<0ct r0=5ir0#0nt -.0cificati!n 95-in0-- &r!c0-- Man5a, (a. Ana,3-i- 8 0n+anc0#0nt /0-cri.ti!n T0-t ca-0- %it+ 5nit an/ int0grati!n t0-ting$ C5t !10r .r0.arati!n (! ,i10 an/ .!-t g! ,i10 i--50);0rci-0 f!r -0--i!n 8

Sa. i- !i, an/ ga- !n,in0 training

&art - 9 Ti.-> 20,.- 8 Tr!54,0 -+!!ting

:eview of proAect progress #ossible interview ,uestions $ssue log, risk log and other document template 1rouble shooting process / guideline $!-%il advance areas $ntegration of $!-%il with other !"# modules3 1eam structure in a $!-%il proAect $nterview preparation tips3

Sa. i- !i, an/ ga- !n,in0 training in in/ia

?5,, c!5r-0 /0tai,- .,0a-0 1i-it !5r %04-it0 http://www.sapisoilandgasonlinetraining.in @D5rati!n f!r c!5r-0 i- 30 /a3- !r 5 +!5r- an/ -.0cia, car0 %i,, 40 ta:0n$ It i- a !n0 t! !n0 training %it+ +an/- !n 0;.0ri0nc0$ @A *0-5#0 .r0.arati!n an/ Int0r1i0% a--i-tanc0 %i,, 40 .r!1i/0/$ @?!r an3 f5rt+0r /0tai,- .,0a-0 contact +91-9052666559 or visit www.magnifictraining.com @&,0a-0 #ai, 5- a,, =50ri0- t! info magnifictraining.com