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To provide work and process controls to achieve high level of leak tightness integrity to properly designed Bolted Flange Joint Assemblies

Uniform use of this procedure by and other Contractor personnel is expected to result in a ero incidence rate of flange leaks

This process is applicable to flanged !oint assemblies for"
#iping $alves %eactors $essels &rums 'xchangers Boilers Coalescers and other e(uipment using flanged !oints administered at all !obsites

This process is to be implemented in con!unction with the approved design standards) This process is applicable to the field offices that purchase* receive* field fabricate* inventory* install* erect* and inspect piping and piping related components)

&eficiencies identified during in+process monitoring and final inspections* shall be documented and tracked in accordance with the individual site practices for Control of Deficient Items. Any aboveground piping within the !urisdiction of A,-' ,ection . #ower Boilers* and A,-' ,ection B/0)0 #ower #iping* and any work related to A,-' ,ection $... $essels* shall be executed in accordance with the A,-' -anual for A,-' Code Construction and additional re(uirements stated in the Bolt Flange Joint Assembly procedure)

Fasteners 1 all bolting* studs* nuts* and washers used in the assembly of flanged !oints) Flange Maps are isometrics drawings* sketches* e(uipment drawings* and2or #3.&4s that 5map6 flange locations and identifies each flange connection with uni(ue numbers)

Flange Tags are uni(uely numbered tags generated for each flanged !oint) The numbered tags correspond to the flange connections identified on corresponding flange maps) These tags contain all the pertinent information needed for the work scope* 7C inspections* and final checkout) Material Specifications provide information as to the material types* si es* and grades to be used* to include flanges* fasteners* and gaskets)

Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is a document that outlines examination* inspection* and2or hold points* and witness points activities) Flange Tightening Method is used to tighten flanged connections as pre+determined and specified on the flange maps) The method used can be indicated on flange tags so that the relevant information is communicated to persons directly responsible for the assembly of flanged connections)

.n general* all personnel with duties associated with the bolted flanged !oint assembly program are to receive training) All training is to be documented) The BFJ Progra! "ualit# Training Matri$ lists all affected personnel and their corresponding level of needed training)

Site Manager 8,-9 ensures that the re(uirements of this :ork #rocess are properly implemented) Superintendents are responsible for the overall (uality of work performed by maintenance and construction personnel for their assigned area8s9) Site "ualit# Control Manager 87C-9 manages the 7uality Control functions for the pro!ect* provide oversight* and direct the work of the site 7C.4s) The 7C- addresses any deficiencies in the BFJA program with appropriate personnel to assure continued compliance with the program)

"ualit# Control Inspectors ("CI) are responsible for" #erforming inspections as per the .nspection and Test #lan) $erify and monitor the use of -aterial and Test '(uipment 8-3T'9 $erify bolt tor(uing re(uirements per the flange maps) %esponsi&le Person (%P) is the craft person responsible for" $isually verifying that the components and materials Assembling bolted flange !oint connections while maintaining safe work practices

Piping Fore!an ( PF ) is responsible for" Understanding the work scope and re(uirements of this process Adhering to pro!ect drawings and specifications -aintaining good workmanship and fulfilling all (uality re(uirements of the work and targeting punch+list items associated with completed work activities Assigning trained personnel to assemble flanged !oint connections Arranging all re(uired work permits* tools* e(uipment* scaffolding* and consumable material for the work activities Coordinating and scheduling work activities based on pro!ect schedule re(uirements 'xamining and verifying BFJA4s in accordance with the .T#4s

'or( Process All materials and workmanship shall fully comply with the design drawings* Client specifications* and applicable Codes and ,tandards) Field changes to design documents shall not be performed without prior written approval from the Client) All measuring and test e(uipment used during the installation* testing* and verification of piping systems shall meet the re(uirements of T.; procedure -T'+0* Control of -easuring and Test '(uipment) All material specifications and applied tightening method information must be disseminated to personnel assigned to flange mapping)

Preplanning cti)ities
#re+activity construction meetings should be held to finali e the scope of activities prior to the commencement of work or unit blinding)

A review of the .nspection and Test #lan for BFJA4s and referenced documents shall be performed by the 7C-) The re(uired 7C and Client <old points shall be communicated to pertinent personnel at this time)

#replanning Activities
#iping ,upervision8#,9 shall maintain a full understanding of the work scope and installation criteria)

The #,* working with the 7uality Control personnel* shall develop the leak test program as per the procedure to ensure that all piping is tested is in accordance with the pro!ect specifications)

'or( Preparation*Initiation
Assigned personnel will have the responsibility of providing a blind list and of hanging of blind tags at all blind locations) This will be done prior to the hanging of flange tightening tags by craft personnel) Applicable personnel will have the responsibility for generating flange tightening tag lists for all flanges to be disturbed during each2any activity 8i)e)* Turn+Around* %outine -aintenance* Capital #ro!ect* etc)9) This list will be maintained and appended should the scope of the activity be advanced) All disturbed flanges will be identified using a uni(ue numbering system) This system numbering will be e(uipment* unit outage* and2or pro!ect specific) The determination of the tightening methods to be employed shall be indicated on the Flange Tags)

Flange Tag Preparation and +anging

At initial execution of work* the company will issue and hang initial Flange Tightening Tags on all flanges2line breaks to be loosened and then tightened) Flange Tightening Tags are to be filled out and installed on all flange2line breaks and when blinds are installed) 'ach flange will have an individual tag 5Uni(uely numbered6) Flange tags shall be initiated and attached to affected BFJA4s in accordance with the flange maps) Flange Tightening Tags are to be filled out and hung as each flange connection is made up and completed) These tags will be attached to the flange connection using electrical tie wraps or bailing wire)

Flange Tag #reparation and <anging

The same process is to be followed throughout the final removal and final assembly of the connection) The Flange Tightening Tags will be removed only by 7C after the final removal of the blinds and2or final flange make up) All revisions or additional of work are to be treated as Field Changes and will be added only as additional work once approved by appropriate management personnel) =nce approved and planned* 7A27C &epartment shall be notified of the work* prior to execution* and prepare Flange Tightening Tags and update the flange logs for the flanges2line break affected)

Material +andling and Storage

<andling and storage of BFJ materials shall comply with the manufacturer4s re(uirements and pro!ect specifications) Avoid damage to gaskets and fasteners during all loading* unloading* hauling* and storage operations) All piping shall have covered ends and flange protectors to keep any foreign material from entering piping) 'nds shall remain covered until bolt+ups are ready to begin) =pen ends of lines shall be securely closed at the end of each day4s work to prevent the introduction of foreign matter)

-echanical Joints
Flanged valves shall be checked for the following"
Check* globe* and control valves are installed with indicated flow in the correct direction as indicated on the #3.& -anufacturer4s name tag description agrees with stock code number 8if used9* description* and trim)

&o not rely on warehouse tag)

All BFJA4s shall be tightened using the method assigned) As flanges are tightened* the responsible craftsmen will complete the re(uired entries on the tag* sign and date* and inform his appropriate foreman or supervisor of the connection completion) The foreman or his designee will then check the flange for proper gasket* proper type of bolting 8i)e)* nuts and studs9* proper flange alignment* and bolt tightness) .f all is correct* the foreman or designee will sign the flange tag and notify the 7C representative that the flange is ready for inspection) 7C will verify the flange installation is in accordance with the .T#) :hen .T#4s re(uire witness or holds by the Client* the 7C inspector shall make those notifications to Client) Upon final acceptance* the 7C .nspector will remove the Flange Tightening Tag8s9 and turn them into the ,ite 7C -anager)

'or( Process Flo, and Docu!entation

'or( Process Flo, and Docu!entation

All blinds installed on towers* drums* reactors* piping* etc) shall receive Flange Tightening Tags) The installation of the Blinds shall be documented in the designated area for Blind installation located on the back side of the Flange Tightening Tag) Flange Tightening Tags are not to be removed until the blinds have been removed* the final flange is made up* and the actions documented on the front of the tag as per the procedure) Flange Tightening Tag tracking is to be kept by 7C in the master electronic >ine Break Tracking ,ystem) -anways are to be included)

System requires Bolt/Nut Replacement ___Yes___No

Final Flan e !a"e up #ata continue# $rom $ront si#e








SIGNATURE/DATE Below is to be used only for blind installation



CRAFTSMAN ________________________
PRINT NAME _______________________________ STENCIL/COMPANY _______________________________ SIGNATURE/DATE


PRINT NAME ________________________________ STENCIL/COMPANY ________________________________



PRINT NAME ________________________________ SIGNATURE/DATE

'or( Process Flo, and Docu!entation

At times Flange Tightening Tags become misplaced* the foreman or ,upervisor over this work will obtain a new tag from the 7C &epartment) The new tag number will replace the missing tag number and the new number added to the Flange -ap) This new tag is to be attached to flanged connection) All (uality checks* such as proper gasket* bolts* nuts* tor(ue tightness* etc) will following the same work process as a new connection)

Flange Assembly #ractices

Preparation Bolts shall be checked for proper si e* length* and grade as per the information provided on the flange tag) Bolts shall be clean and free of damage) 'xisting bolts to be reused shall be clean* in good condition* and undamaged 8nuts should run free on the bolt9) They shall be prepared for short+term storage using a rust preventing lubricant and can only be re+used as per the Bolt .nspection and %e+Use procedure) Just prior to installation* bolt threads and bearing surface of nuts for all bolting shall be coated with an anti+sei e compound) ;askets shall be checked for si e* conformance to specifications* damage* and cleanliness) All gaskets shall be compared with the flange face to insure that the gasket seal area properly mates to the flange face)

Flange Assembly #ractices

Flange faces shall be thoroughly cleaned and the gasket surface inspected for any defects) Burrs and rust shall be removed) #articular attention shall be paid to the sealing surfaces for metal gaskets such as the grooves in ring !oint flanges and to the 0GH AA%< finished flanges) Any (uestionable flange faces shall be brought to the attention of 7C in accordance with the BFJA .T#) Alignment measurements shall be taken prior to flange assembly 8e)g) installing stud bolts9) Alignment tolerances of mating flanges for #ipe to $essels or ,tationary '(uipment Do les* #ipe to #ipe* and #ipe to .nline &evices shall be in accordance with the tolerances outlined in the Table --0)

-aximum -isalignment Table --0

$ertical bolt hole offset <ori ontal bolt hole offset %otational offset Flange face parallelism 8aligned to design plane and measured across diameter9 Flange to flange face separation* plus space re(uired for gasket

0GI D#, I GG
020L 020L 020L 02LB M020L

D#, J GB
020L 020L 020L 02/G M020L

02K 02K 02K 020L M02K

Bolt holes of mating flanges may be brought into initial alignment using a spud wrench or other tool) The alignment tolerances provided in Table --0 shall be recogni ed) Flange 5makeup6 shall be done without the use of gasket sealing compounds) The gasket shall be inserted* and centered between the flanges and nuts hand tightened to hold the gasket in place) Assure the color coding of spiral would gaskets) 8attachment J9 :hen flanged !oints are in hori ontal lines* gaskets without centering devices such as ring !oint gaskets shall be lowered to the bolts for retention and then raised into position)

The remaining bolts and nuts shall be installed and hand tightened with the flange faces parallel) Care shall be taken to assure proper seating and centering of the gasket within the allowable tolerances) ,nug tightening with a combination wrench prior to tensioning is permitted on large flanges) Bolts should be installed so that only one to three threads show past the nut on either side)

#neumatic impact wrenches may only be used when controlled measures are taken to insure accurate tor(ue) The procedure provides re(uired tor(ue values based on bolt si e and flange rating) This specification will be applicable to standard flanges in accordance with A,-' B0L)H and A,-' B0L)B? ,eries 5A6 and ,eries 5B6 studs) 'xamples of the tightening se(uences for different flanges are shown in Figure 0) ,imilar se(uence patterns shall be used for flanges having different numbers of bolts)

F.;U%' 0 1 B=>T T.;<T'D.D; ,'7U'DC'

1 8 8- BOL TS 4 6 2 16 8 12 4 12 1 15 14 5 6 17 9 20- BOL TS 3 13 7 6 16 2 11 19 10 2 8 20 12 4 22 14 15 16 16- BOL TS 7 1 9 5 13 3 11 7 24 1 9 17 4 10 6 2 11 5 12 3 8 12- BOL TS 7 1 5 9 3

20 8 14 4 10 18

13 21 3 11 19 7

24- BOL TS

18 10 2 23


Two diametrically opposite bolts shall be tightened either simultaneously or in direct se(uence) Care shall be taken to prevent over+tightening one side of the flange to prevent gasket crushing or flange distortion* especially when tightening flanges containing ring !oint* spiral wound* or similar type gaskets)

.n the case of flanged !oints that re(uire controlled tor(uing* it is recommended that initially two diametrically opposite bolts shall be initially loaded utili ing tor(ue wrench tightened to GHN of the tor(ue load value listed in the procedure* either simultaneously or in direct se(uence) <owever* in some cases lower initial tor(ue load values may be re(uired to prevent misalignment or distortion of the gasket) The tightening se(uence provided in the procedure should be followed until all bolts are tightened to the GHN tor(ue load value) The se(uence of tightening shall be repeated at H@N and then 0@@N of the tor(ue value) Bolts shall be tightened in three steps to obtain the tor(ue load values listed in the procedure) 'ach step must follow the se(uencing pattern prescribed)

:hen flanged !oints are assembled with hand wrenchesO the se(uence in in the procedure shall be used with an effort to approximate the tor(ue values) .f flange !oints re(uire hydraulic tensioning* this work will be performed by a subcontractor that speciali es in controlled bolting and with experience in hydraulic tensioning methods) ,pecific re(uirements regarding the basic (ualifications of this contractor and their work practices are detailed in the procedure) After the flanged connection has been fully tightened with hand wrenches* the !oint shall be inspected for uniform bolt loading by wrench testing each bolt in the same se(uence listed until all bolts are !udged to have the same level of tightness)

=nce the flange !oint is assembled* the craftsman shall initial the applicable examination entries on the flange tag and alert his foreman or designee for verification of the BF>A) The foreman or designee will verify the BFJA* initial the flange tag for acceptance* and notify 7C for inspection All flange connections that re(uire controlled tor(uing or hydraulic tensioning must be documented by the craftsperson) At a minimum this documentation shall include the Control >oaded Flange Connection &ata ,heet as seen in the procedure)

Final Co!pletion and Turno)er

Final Co!pletion and Turno)er The ,ite 7C -anager or his designee will accumulate flange tags and update the flange tags logs) Flange tags* flange tag maps* and flange tag logs will become an integral component of document turnover)

A!dit o% Flan e Asse#)l. Process

E0!ip#ent 2 Spool $3 Contractor 2 Cra%ts#en4 A!ditor(s+4

$nspected %or Cleanliness

'es No

Con%ir#ation o% Material and $nspect General Condition

'es No

Flan e Face Pipe &ore St!ds and N!ts Gasket

Proper Flan e Materials and Ratin Condition o% Flan e Face (A)rasions* rooves* r!st+ St!ds and N!t Material St!d and N!t Condition Gasket Material Gasket Condition (Cr!s,ed or )ent-+

/ork Practice
'es No

Flan e Fit !p " Ali n#ent

Good Poor Rotational

/orker Trained Proper Tools Sa%e /ork Practices Proper 1andlin and Place#ent o% Gasket Proper Se0!encin Proper Tor0!in E0!ip#ent Proper Ti ,tness o% St!d Co#pleted Asse#)l. Marked and $nitialed


Excessive Gap

Non Parallel

Bolt Inspection and %euse Procedure

The #urpose of this procedure is to assure proper inspection of bolts targeted for reuse in systems re(uiring bolt replacement) This program is to assist in providing a 5leak free6 startup after turnaround) ,ystems re(uiring bolt replacement will be identified on the Flange Tightening Tag) The bolts will be replaced with new and2or inspected bolts of the re(uired type and si e)

Bolt Inspection and %euse Procedure

The implementation of a 5Bolt Cleaning and .nspection ,tation6 will be mandatory) This station will be e(uipped with" A bench grinder e(uipped with ade(uate safety guards* utili ing a buffing wheel to expedite and provide thorough cleaning for inspection on bolts larger than P6 &ia) A <and :ire Brush to be used on all bolts P6 and smaller) An .nspection bench 8i)e)* a scaffold board laid across two sawhorses9

Bolt Inspection and %euse Procedure

All bolts to be reused in systems that re(uire replacement will be removed and sent to the 5Bolt Cleaning and .nspection ,tation6) The Bolt Cleaning station will inspect all received bolts for" Bolt 5Type6 markings* re!ecting those without markings =bvious defects* re!ecting those that are damaged) All bolts that are re!ected are to be laid on an .nspection bench for final inspection and accountability

Bolt Inspection and %euse Procedure

.f no obvious defects are found" The bolts will be thoroughly cleaned >ubricated* with a light lubricant 8i)e)* :& B@9)
Dote" Dever+sei e is not to be put on the bolts at the 5Bolt Cleaning and .nspection ,tation6)

A new nut will be run by hand from one end of the bolt off the other end 5 .f the nut does not run freely* the bolt will be considered to have been yielded 8i)e)* over tor(ued* etc)9 therefore re!ected and segregated for further inspection)

Bolt Inspection and %euse Procedure

All bolts that are deemed acceptable by the 5Bolt Cleaning and .nspection ,tation6 shall be placed on an .nspection bench" ,orted by si e and type Facing in the same direction) All ends with the bolt type stamped on them are to be faced on the same side) =nce the bolts are inspected and accepted they shall be color coded by applying a #urple paint on the opposite end from the stamped markings)

Bolt Inspection and %euse Procedure

All accepted bolts will be stored in designated storage bins segregated by the si es and types of the bolts o These bolts shall be issued when the newly ordered bolting materials are depleted) All bolts that are re!ected by the 7C &epartment shall be documented to show the (uantities of si es and types of the re!ected bolts to be replaced with new ones) o This report shall be submitted to the ,ite ,uperintendent assuring a prompt reordering of replacement bolts as needed)


7ualifications of a contractor speciali ing in controlled bolt tensioning shall be addressed in the re(uest for in(uiry phase) The following deliverables shall be reviewed and subse(uently agreed upon by the Client* 7C -anager* and the Contractor 7uality -anager prior to award of a contract" 7ualifications of personnel assigned to the pro!ect Dumber of craftsmen and supervision per field crew and roles 7uality Control27uality Assurance plan Utilities and2or e(uipment re(uirements Tensioning Contractor approved !oint assembly and disassembly procedures #roposal for bolt loading when there is not enough clearance for tensioning device


<ydraulic tensioning written procedure shall include" &ocumentation of acceptance criteria versus actual readings) 'xpected level of !oint assembly %e(uired increase in bolt length for tensioning device Dumber of bolts loaded per cycle Dumber of stepwise bolt loading passes and percent load at each step Bolt loading pattern >oad factor applied to account for loss of preload when tensioning device is removed


Docu!entation %e4uire!ents 1
The Tensioning ,ubcontractor 7uality #lan shall re(uire inspection reports2records on all tension or !oints for the pro!ect) The .T# shall outline responsibilities for monitoring all tensioning activities by the ,ubcontractor) .nspection reports2records should contain* as a minimum* the designated Control >oaded Flanged Connection &ata ,heet for each flange pair)