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Paul Dwyer University of Westminster EMMA Bournemouth 2013

unless an eye is always kept on reaching a wide audience, a museum risks drifting into complacency, irrelevance and even elitism.
Museums Association (2012) Museums 2020

Web- small scale, limited traffic, A few provide high-quality, engaging online experiences 30% of Facebook profiles >100 friends and no message posted in previous month

Source: MTM (2009) Digital Content Snapshot Arts Council England

Noble (1970) collection, preservation and study (provenance) of cultural and natural objects Bourdieu (1984) cultural intermediaries are market actors who collect (aggregate) and identify legitimate cultural goods. Business Model: state funding art market

Curators and Creativity

Professional knowledge provenance authentic

Framing legitimate, value

Habitus personal taste

Popular Culture
The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act. Marcel Duchamp

Increasing audience reach. Ticket charging (V&A 1988) Cultural organisations generate revenue by selling tickets to exhibitions of the collections and providing ancillary products and services (cafes, shops, merchandising etc.) Best practice of NESTA (Bakhshi and Throsby 2010) and the Arts Council England (ACE, 2010).

The Space used digital technology to increase audience reach transform the secondary role of curators exhibition and display of collections make long tail arts content produced for Olympic year available as catch-up to those unable to attend the live events

Jake Berger The Space

Curators and Creativity

Commissioning and distribution Framing popular

Audience Reach & Engagement

Participatory Culture
Social Curation online communities can create value by identifying cultural goods which are legitimate within an online community or fan culture.
Machine Curation platforms create value aggregating content and users who can be reached by targeted advertising.

Henry Jenkins University of Southern California

Social Curation Radical Trust?

Personal or enthusiast knowledge

Framing legitimate relevant

Habitus personal taste



Video Teddy Bears in WWII

Community Curation and Value

Social Curation Radical Trust?

Professional knowledge Framing legitimate

Habitus audience taste