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Other software processes

Sofware Process 1

Project Management Process

Sofware Process


Development process divides development into phases and activities To execute it efficiently, must allocate resources, manage them, monitor progress, take corrective actions, These are all part of the PM process Hence, PM process is an essential part of executing a project
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PM Process Phases

There are three phases

Planning Monitoring and control Termination analysis

Planning is a key activity that produces a plan, which forms the basis of monitoring
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1. Planning

Done before project begins Key tasks

Cost and schedule estimation Staffing Monitoring and risk mgmt plans Quality assurance plans

Sofware Process

2. Monitoring and control

Lasts for the duration of the project and covers the development process

Monitors all key parameters like cost, schedule, risks Takes corrective actions when needed

Sofware Process

3. Termination Analysis

Termination analysis is performed when the development process is over Basic purpose: to analyze the performance of the process and identify lessons learned Also called postmortem analysis

Sofware Process

Relationship with Dev & Mgmt Process

Sofware Process

Inspection Process

To detect defects in work products. Used throughout dev process. Help in improving quality (finding defects) and productivity( finding defects early). Focus on identifying prob, not resolving them
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Stages (executed linearly) in Inspection

i. Planning Prepare for inspection and team is formed for inspection. ii. Overview and Preparation Package (work prod to be reviewed, checklists & stds) for review is given to reviewers.
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Overview and Preparation


Inspection stages
iii. Group review meeting Comes up with final defect list

Sofware Process


Group review meeting

Sofware Process


Inspection stages
iv. Rework and follow up Author corrects all defects raised during inspection. v. Roles and Responsibilities Roles- Moderator, reader (team leader), author and reviewer.

Sofware Process


Responsibilities of moderator

Schedule group review meeting. Ensure all participants are ready. Conduct group review in an orderly and efficient manner. Focus on defect identification in meeting. Track each prob to resolution. Ensure group review reports are completed.
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vi. Guidelines for work products

Sofware Process


SW configuration mgmt(CM) process

Systematically controlling (managing) changes that take place during development


CM functions

Give latest version of a program. Undo a change or revert back to a specified version. Prevent unauthorized changes or deletion. Gather all resources, docs, and other info for current system.
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CM mechanism to provide functionality

Config identification. Version control or mgmt. Access control.


Requirements change mgmt process

Log the changes Perform analysis on work products Estimate impact on effort and schedule Review impact with concerned stakeholders Rework work products

Sofware Process


Process mgmt process

Improving the process to improve Q&P Introducing changes in small increments Capability Maturity Model framework (general roadmap for process improvement.

Sofware Process


CMM(Process mgmt)