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Hindustan Furnitures Ltd.

Winning by value adding….

Sudheer. T
 Executive summary
 General Company description
 Marketing plan
 Products and services
 Operation plan
 Management and Organization
 Personal Financial Statement
 Startup expenses and Capitalization
Executive summary
Hindustan furniture Ltd is basically into readers friendly Chair
which has its uniqueness in serving potential customers. Mainly the
Chairs are produced by ancillary units where in the cost of
production of product is feasible to quote the price for the product.

Mainly according to segmentation we are focusing on elders

and youths.
Our management consist of Top level, Middle level and Lower
level Management.
Our Business has uniqueness in its features, initially we are
entering into only two segments and we are planning to expand our
business into other segments.
General Company description
Hindustan furniture Ltd company basically into
manufacturing and outsourcing of a unique product is a
Bibliochaise, we are tapping a market where we have ample
opportunity enter into a new segment of market. Competitors are
very less in number because our product is new to the market.

Head office Branch office

Hindustan furniture Ltd,. Hindustan furniture Ltd.

Flat no 13/3, 2nd main, J.P. Nagur road,
6th cross, venkatapura, Jayanagur 4th Block,
Koramangala, Bangalore. Bangalore.
Marketing plan
Some facts about our market

 We are mainly concentrating on elders and youth.

 Presently this type of reading and writing chairs are not available in
the market so we can expect huge amount of demand.
 We have many opportunities to grow in the market, eg- by entering into
chairs business.

 Good reading instrument which allows user to sit comfortably
for reading.
 It looks like a small library by placing books in the attached rakes
to the chair.

Our product itself clearly indicating that it is mainly for reading

purpose so all books readers we considered as our customers.

Classification of our Customers

Age Location

18 to 30 years Urban areas

31- 60 Urban areas


Our product is new to the furniture market so we expecting

we don’t have any competitors in the initial stage.


Providing good quality products and services to the

customers so as to attract more and more customers through our


 Home delivery

 Cleaning once in 6 months for 2 years.


Marketing price of our product is penetration price, so our current

market price is Rs. 2499 /- only.

Distribution channels

 Through retail outlets

 Direct Marketing ( Mail order, Phone order)
What are our intentions?

Launch and market a completely unseen-before beverage product, in

order to achieve the following:


Re-affirm the
Create strong consumer company’s title of
awareness Bibliochaise Become the market market leader in
through the 4 P’s leader in the furniture product innovation and
segment successful product
Segmentation Variables & Breakdowns

• Geographic: urban Ares

• Demographic: Above 18 years
• Psychographic: Brand conscious;

• Behavioral :
Benefit sought
– Quality/Affordable price
Usage rate

All the time

Products and services

The Bibliochaise is book storage with a difference. With the

Bibliochaise, you can pick off your books right from where you are
seated. Because this chair-cum-library is designed to hold 5 linear
meters of books and a book- over as well.

Services provided
 Home delivery
 Cleaning once in 6 months for 2 years
 providing 2 inspirational books
Operational plan
We are basically into manufacturing & outsourcing of our


We manufacture cushions and outsource carpentry works for cost


Quality control

Detailed Inspection of each and every finished product before

sending to the market. By using this method we can possible to control
defected products.

Product development

Initially we are producing only one product, after succeeding

in the market we are planning to produce products on the basis of
customer requirements.

we produce only cushions remaining work is outsourced so

we required a place which is very near to the market for assembling
and delivering products.


we are keeping raw materials like cotton & cloth as a inventory

because we are purchasing cotton directly from farmers.


Cotton - Formers

Cloth - wholesale market

Management & organization
In our company we have 5 directors they are specialized
personals in various areas, on the basis of their educational background
they are handling various departmental in the organization.

Required no of human recourse


Management unit = 10

Retail sector = 6

Customer care executives = 2

Logistics = 2

Others = 4 Contd…
Personal & Advisory support
Board of directors = 5
Accountant = 1
Mentors And key advisors = 1
Personal financial statement
Total amount of capital = 30,00,000/-
Owners contribution = 15,00,000/-
Loans & borrowings = 15,00,000/-

Name of the Contribution Personal assets

Prathibha 3,00,000/- 30,000/-

Priyanka 3,00,000/- Nil

Rajani 3,00,000/- 40,000/-

Manjunath 3,00,000/- Nil

Sudheer 3,00,000/- 10,000/-

Note: Amount of personal assets included in contribution

Startup expenses
Particulars Amount
Advertisement 1,00,000 /-
Manufacturing cost 80,000 /-
Logistics 2,00,000 /-
Patent, Registration fees 30,000 /-
Market survey 20,000 /-
Retail Outlets 3,50,000 /-
Machineries 60,000 /-
Total 8,40,000/-
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