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Verb to be

Form of the verb to be


You- They- We ARE


He-She- It


Short forms
In spoken and informal English, it is natural to use short forms of the verb to be.

We can also use short forms with names:

John is tall= Johns tall.

Uses of Verb to be
We use the verb to be to talk about: Ages: My little brother is 2 years old Occupations: My mom is an engineer Prices: That pencil is $100 pesos The time: A: Hey, what time is it?

B: Its three oclock Feelings and states: Im hungry Nationality: Shes cuban Colours: The wall is pink

Exercises !
Complete the spaces with am, is or are. IS a) My sister _______ sixteen. AM sick. b) I _____ IS smaller than the Earth c) The moon ____ ARE in love. d) Carl and Mnica ______ e) You ARE ____ crazy!

Negative form of the verb to be

Subject Negative form Contraction

I you he

Am not Are not Is not

Im not Youre not / You arent Hes not / He isnt

it We they

Is not
Is not Are not Are not

Shes not / She isnt

Its not / it isnt Were not / We arent Theyre not /They arent

Interrogative Form of the verb to be

Am I Late?


We / They / Late? you He / She / It Late? We use the verb to be to ask questions about: Ages : Is she 18 or 19? Occupations: Are you a doctor? Prices: Are these toys expensive? The time: Is it 4 oclock? Feelings and states: Are you okay? Nationality: Are you Chilean? Colors: Is this blue?

Short Answers
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes I am He is She is It is You are We are They are No No No No No No No Im not Hes not Shes not Its not Youre not Were not He isnt She isnt It isnt You arent We arent

Theyre not They arent

Examples: Are you hungry ? Yes, I am / No, Im not. Is she your sister? Yes, she is / No shes not. Are they from Chile? Yes, they are / No theyre no. You can not say or write in short answers Yes, Im because its grammatically incorrect, and because the answer cant be shorter than already is. But it is correct to say or write No, Im not

Use the prompts to write questions. 1. Doctor / he / a
Is he a doctor?

2. Your / sister / that

Is that your sister?

3. You / good / student / a

Are you a good student?

There is / There are

Affirmative There is / There are USE We use there is / there are to say that something exists. Examples: There is a cake in the refridgerator (NOT A cake is in the refridgerator) There are 40 students in the classroom (NOT 40 Student are in the classroom)

After we say something exists with there is / there are we can then use it is / they are to give more details. Examples: There is a chair in the classroom. It is broken. There are a lot of cellphones here. Theyre all ringing.

Exercises !
Complete with is or are 1. There _____ IS book on the bed IS a girl laughing 2. There _____ ARE boys playing football 3. There _____ IS a tv in the classroom 4. There _____ ARE games in the computer. 5. There _____

There isnt / There arent

Negative form : There isnt / Theres not There arent /Therere not
Interrogative form : Is there any book in the library? Are there books in the library? You can use : a, an, some, any We use a / an with singular, countable nouns:

There is an apple on the table

We use some / any with countable and uncountable plural nouns:

There are some apples on the table Are there any apples on the table?

A / an and some in the affirmative:

Therere some girls chatting.

Any with questions and negative statements

Is there any bottle on the fridge? No, there isnt any.

Thats all for today !