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Located @ Sm City Iloilo

Rose Pharmacy started in 1952 as a small family-type drugstore in Martires Street owned and operated by the spouses, Benjamin and Rosario Lim.

In 1954 the couple later relocated at P. del Rosario Street corner Junquera St., near the University of San Carlos.

. Within the next decade, other branches within Cebu City, notably Along Colon Street, Magallanes Street, Progreso St., Osmea Boulevard, Juan Luna Street, Junquera Street, Jakosalem Street and Legaspi Street, were also opened

Rose Pharmacy was incorporated on December 13, 1974.

During the years following its incorporation the company undertook strategic expansion in terms of more branches and in the creation of subsidiary companies-Berovan Marketing, Inc., New Trading Enterprises, Inc., Roz Laboratory, Salon de Rose, Inc. and BRG Realty Corporation.

Its first branch outside Ceb was established in Davao City in 1976. Since then, Rose Pharmacy expanded its branch network covering key cities in Visayas, Mindanao, Metro Manila, Calabarzon areaband up to the Bicol Region.

At present, Rose Pharmacy, Inc. has a national network of 200 branches, contributing its fair share in the growth of our economy through job Generation and retail sales. In the whole of Cebu alone (Province and City), the company has more than 64 branches.

From a humble beginning along Martires Street, Rose Pharmacy, Inc. is today one of the countrys leading pharmaceutical retail chains.

A success story brought about by the dedicated work ethics of its management and staff and by its honest and sincere dealings with customers and business partners, assuring the public that Rose Pharmacy deals only with quality genuine drugs.

Mindful of its corporate responsibility to the community, Rose Pharmacy has established the Rose Pharmacy Foundation, which undertakes yearly various medical missions/free clinics to different barangays in the Philippine Islands, in cooperation with local medical practitioners and its partners in the pharmaceutical industry.

The foundation has also provided scholarship grants to qualified children of its regular employees who wish to study B.S in Pharmacy in any college or university of their choice.


Mercury Drug was founded by Mariano Que in 1945, shortly after the liberation of Manila from the Japanese occupation.

It all began from a bottle of sulfathiazole considered a wonder drug at that time for all maladies which Mr. Que bought with his hardearned savings of Php100 and which he sold piece by piece in the sidewalks of Bambang St. from a pushcart.

He eventually opened his first store in Bambang on March 1, 1945. He chose the name and image of the messenger and god of commerce in Roman mythology, Mercury, as his stores name and logo to symbolize his establishments vow to bring quality, safe and affordable medicines faster and closer to the public.

From that modest beginning, Mercury Drug has opened branch after branch all over the Philippines to ensure that new stocks of medicines are within easy reach of Filipinos everywhere. Today, it has grown into a vast network of more than 900 stores nationwide.

Mercury Drug believes it owes its success to the millions of customers who have trusted and patronized the pharmacy chain through the years and to the professionalism and dedication of its over 11,000 staff.

Mercury Drug has evolved from being just a pharmacy to a fullservice health and wellness store offering a full complement of healthcare services to help promote healthy lifestyles and improve the quality of life of Filipinos.

Mercury Drug takes pride in the introduction of many firsts in the pharmacy retail business all in an effort to satisfy, please and further serve the people.

It pioneered the motorized customer delivery service in 1948 and longer hours of store service, with a 17-hour service introduced in 1952 that evolved into the 24-hour service in 1965. Today, more than 100 Mercury Drug stores are open 24 hours.

It introduced the self-service concept in drug store selling in 1963 at its first Makati store.

In 1967, it installed the countrys first computerized temperaturecontrolled central warehouse and in 1969, it became the first pharmacy chain to use biological refrigerators in all its stores to preserve lifesaving medicines.

In 2012, it introduced the first drivethru pharmacy service in the country in its Ortigas, San Juan store. Many other firsts in pharmacy retail service have been introduced through the years.

For being the pioneering spirit behind health and wellness retail industry and for spurring an industry that ensures that high quality medicines are always available within reach of Filipinos regardless of age or economic class, Mr. Mariano Que was honored in January 2012 as the Father of Philippine Health and Wellness Retailing by the Philippine Retailers Association and Department of Trade & Industry.

Indeed this was the spirit that inspired Mr. Que to start Mercury Drug. And through the years, the spirit of service has never wavered.

Year after year, Mercury Drug continues to serve the people, committed to its name and its corporate philosophy of total and speedy customer service : to have what you want, where you want it, when you want it, how you want it.