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COMMUNICATION: communication is
sometime so simple and difficult that we can
never put it in simple word. communication is
the process by which information is
transmitted between individual
and/organization so that an understanding
response result.
According to peter little:
Communication is the process by which
information is transmitted between individual or
organizational so that an understanding respond

According to W.H. Newman:

Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas,
opinion, or emotion by two or more person.
Communication consist in transmitting
‘information'. but the definition does not indicate
the objects about which information is to be
transmitted .this is precisely what is being done
in the second definition . communication
transmits information not only about tangible
facts and determinable ideas and opinion but
also about emotion. the word signify nothing and
the tone is the real thing. high sounding
expression of bravery may be only a mask to
conceal a person’s timidity and cowardice which
may be betrayed by his fiscal expression. here
fiscal expression are an important part of
When business related information is
transferred from one person to another
it is called business communication.

business communication is the
expression,channeling,receiving and
exchanging of ideas in commerce and
These days communication is possible
through a vast variety of media. The
managing director desirous of communication
with the sales manager can summon him to
his room talk to him over the telephone or
sand him a memo. if he want to consult all
the departmental heads he would most
probably convene a meeting. Communication
to government department and other
agencies is mostly conducted through written
general public can be reached through
advertisement on the radio , television
and newspaper. For communication to be
effective the communication has to be
vary careful and judicial in the choice of
media, which will depends on various
factor like urgency of message, the
time availability etc.

• Written communication
• Oral communication
• Visual communication
• Audio-visual communication
• Computer based communication
Written communication
communication is
everything that has
to be written and
transmitted in the
written form falls in
the area of written
communication. it
 Circular
 Memos
 Telegrams
 Reports
 Minutes
 questionnaires
Merits of written

It is accurate and precise
 It can be repeatedly reffered to
 It is a permanent record
 It is legal document
 It facilities the assignments of responsibilities
Demerit's of written
o communication
Time consuming
o It is costly
o Quick classification is not possible
Oral communication
Oral communication
includes face to
face conversation,
conversation over
the telephone,
,conference and
seminar etc.
Merits of oral communication
 It save time and money
 Speecies is more powerful
 Get immediate feedback
 Useful in meeting,seminer.

Limitations of oral communication

 When communication into far distance
 No legal value
 Greater chances of misunderstanding
Visual communication
Facial expressions and
gestures, printed
stips etc are include
visual communication.
communication through
such visuals is very That picture indicate it is a
court so it is a visual
effective because it is communication.
sure and instantaneous.
no word are utterd,no
sign made, and yet the
message gets across.
Audio visual communication
Audio visual
communication that
makes use of telecast,
short films on the
cinema screen and
video tapes is a
powerful medium of
communication. It is a
combination of sight
and sound.
It may make use of the
written word also. it
encompasses television
and cinema films that
combine the visual
impact with narration.
Computes based
Computer technology has dramatically
changed the landscape of business
communication today. It is fast
annihilating the barriers of time and
space and the concept of our world
turning into a small global village now
appears to be a distinct and near
possibility. In indicates e-mail, voice mail,
cellular phone, fax etc.
Besides these there are another
two forms of communication
that can play important role of
communication . This are –
 face to face communication:
Basically oral communication is
considered as face-to-face
communication but nor all
forms of oral communication .
 Silence: we do not
communicate through
words, signs and
signal alone, we
communicate silence
For example- A young
man proposes to the
girl he loves; the girl
lowers her head and a
faint blush appears on
her face, but dose not
utter even a word. Her
message has been