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Check-Out and Account Settlement


2005, Educational Institute

Competencies for Check-Out and Account Settlement

1. Identify functions and procedures related to the check-out and settlement process, including departure procedures and methods of settlement. 2. Describe express check-out and self check-out procedures. 3. Explain how hotels handle unpaid account balances, summarize account collection procedures, describe how managers use guest history files, and outline how the front office staff can support the hotels marketing program through the check-out process.
2005, Educational Institute 1

Check-Out/Settlement Process

Resolves outstanding guest account balances

Verifies/authorizes method of payment

Resolves discrepancies in account balances

Updates room status information

From occupied to on-change

Creates guest history records

Database for strategic marketing

2005, Educational Institute

Departure Procedures

Inquire about additional, recent charges

Post outstanding charges

Verify account information

Present the guest folio

2005, Educational Institute

Verify the method of payment

Process the account payment

Departure Procedures

Check for mail, messages, and faxes Check for safe deposit box or in-room safe keys Secure the room key/keycard Update the rooms status Inquire about the guests stay and experience Ask the guest to complete a guest satisfaction survey

2005, Educational Institute

Methods of Settlement

Cash payment in full

Credit card transfer

Direct billing transfer

Combined settlement methods

2005, Educational Institute

City Ledger Accounts

Credit/debit card billings

Direct billings
Travel agency accounts Bad check accounts

2005, Educational Institute

Skipper accounts
Disputed bills

Guaranteed reservations accounts

Late charges accounts House accounts

Account Aging

30 dayscurrent
60 daysoverdue

90 daysdelinquent

2005, Educational Institute

Guest History Files

Help managers understand their guests Help managers determine guest trends Creating the guest history record one of the last steps in the check-out and account settlement process Help hotels provide better guest service Marketing and sales division uses them to create mailing lists Help managers determine the geographic distribution of guest addresses, which helps in advertising efforts

2005, Educational Institute

Marketing Follow-through at Check-out

Tracking guest stays for frequent-guest reward programs

Asking guests about their stays

Making reservations for departing guests (for the next stop on their current trip, or for future trips)

2005, Educational Institute