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geostrategy is methods or rules to achieve the goal through the development process that provides direction on how to create development strategies and decisions that are scalable to realize a better future, more secure, and dignified. In Indonesia the meaning of geostrategy is the method to achieve the goals of proklamasi, as stated in preamble of UUD 1945, through the development process.

Notonegoro,1975:106: history

of unity (kesatuan sejarah) the unity of destiny (kesatuan nasib) cultural unity (kesatuan budaya) territorial integrity (kesatuan wilayah) unity of spiritual principles (kesatuan asas kerohanian)

national resilience is a dynamic status of a nation which contains the tenacity and resistance, which contains the ability to develop a national power in the face in overcoming all the threats, interference, obstacles and challenges, from inside and outside the country, directly or indirectly endanger the integrity, identity and the survival of the nation State and the struggle in pursuit of national objectives of Indonesia.(Suradinata, 2005:47)


relation with the implementation and realization of state administration, then the philosophy of Pancasila is the essence of 'staatsfundamentalnorm' or the basic fundamental rules of the state. As a result of Pancasila is derived from the foundation of all laws and regulations in Indonesia, including the constitution and other laws. (Kaelan, 2004)


its relation to national resilience , the concept and implementation of national resilience must have a clear legal basis. Based on this understanding, the constitutional framework and legal basis of national sustainability Indonesia 1945 Constitution.

Conceptually, the national resistance against the backdrop of a nation: What strengths do you have on the nation and state, so he was able to maintain its survival. What forces must be owned by a nation or state that he was able to survive, although experiencing various problems, obstacles and threats from both inside and outside. Resilience or the ability to keep the nation wins, it means that the regularity (regular) and stability, where there is potential for change.

Based on the concept of understanding the meaning of resilience is a strength that makes a nation or country can survive, facing a strong threat, interference, obstacles and challenge. Identity is characteristic of a country seen as a totality, which is a country bordering the territory, population, history , government, and national objectives, as well as the role played in the international world.

The challenge is a business that inspires capabilities, while the threat is an attempt to alter or remodel state policy or conceptual point of criminal or politics. as for constraint is a constraint aimed at weakening or conceptual that comes from within yourself. if it comes from outside, it can be called a disorder

Integratif Means all aspects of national life in relation to the social environment Mawas kedalam(introspect into) Mainly directed to the national defense of national pride and the country itself. Menciptakan kewibawaan(creating authority) National defense as the views that are integrated to realize a national authority. Changed by time Nation's national defense in nature is not fixed.

Natural aspects which include: 1. geographic location of the country's 2. natural wealth and the situation 3. the state and the ability of residents

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Community aspects that include: Ideology Politics Economics Cultural defense Defense and Security

In terms of the actual conception of national security and public purposes, therefore can theoretically be applied in countries with national defense relationship too. In Indonesia with attention to various dangers, the threat of disruption, as well as the situation in Indonesia, then set the strategy forsustaining Indonesia country life.