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Dream Wedding Trailor Proposal

Group 6

Introduction Data of Questionnaire Market survey Brand equity SWOT analysis Competition analysis Marketing strategy Marketing mix Financials DM design


There are a lot of single working individuals in Ahmedabad They are rich but busy

Our business plan Wedding service

There are only a few wedding service companies in Ahmedabad that too organize events as well as weddings We are dedicated only to weddings We will provide a lot of novel wedding ceremonies to our customers Customization. No matter what kinds of types of marriages we can make it for customers.

Market survey
Market demographics Market Needs :
- Age between 20- 30years old

- customize planning - unique experience - reasonable charge

Market survey
Market Trend :
- convenient - price factor for wedding planner between NT$50,000 200,000 - 2 weeks 2 months for Arrangement

Market Growth : In average , 145 thousands

couples get merry per year in Taiwan , potential customers take 75% in that number and increasing 2 - 4% every year . Each couples is willing to pay $500,000 NTD for whole set of wedding process. Potential market worthy 100 billion NTD.

Dream Wedding Tailor

Found : 2007 Capital : 10 Million NTD (NT$2Mx 5 founder) Staff : 15 employees
- 8 people for marketing & sales - 3 people for flower/party decoration - 3 people for website, MV and card design

- 1 people for finance

Brand Equity
Company Mission statement Provide
couples an unforgettable, wonderful and happy wedding party. Slogan : Make your Dream come true


Brand position
Creating a lot of novel wedding parties makes customers satisfied -Novel (fantastic) - Creative - Satisfactory

SWOT Analysis
Strength : Innovation
Flexibility Transparent offering price Marriage animation

Weakness: Small team lack of resources

New comer in market

Opportunity: Willing to pay higher fee for worthy wedding

Growing needs for customized wedding

Threat: Low entrance threshold leads to high competing level

Existing Services provider extension

Competitor analysis
Existing Service provider tend to integrated other services ( example: Wedding Dress company also provide MV & photo services. Hotel, Restaurant, ) Wedding Planner all focus on Refined / Customize services Website integrated services links ( Photo, Wedding Secretary, Wedding Dress, MV, restaurantect.)

Keys to success
- Innovation idea - Refined service - Customization

Critical issues
- fall into price competition

- possibility of low acceptance with new idea

Product offering (I)

Proposal of marriage
Romantic Candlelight Dinner Billboard Public Announcement Customization

wedding gift bride cake wedding photograph healthy check

Product offering (II)

Marriage :
Bride secretary (make up, wedding dress) wedding invitation card wedding MV design wedding decoration - music, balloon, flower marriage contract honeymoon travel

Innovation- Special Wedding

Garden Beach Mountain Other

Creative ways (Customization)

Cruise ship wedding Horse-back wedding Helicopter-Ride wedding Gliding wedding Underwater diving wedding Disney style wedding Hello kitty style wedding Others

Innovation - Marriage Course

Why :
Divorce rate, Misunderstanding Help to make the agreement property ,kids nurturing , psychological consultation..

Offer : How :

Hire the part time consultant & doctor

Marketing/Financial Objectives
Marketing objectives
The first 10 customers can acquire our special discount. This activity can built our reputation quickly Serve 150 customers in the first year

Financial objective
Break even in two years.

Product Strategy
Target market Positioning Strategy
Age 30-40 years couples working in Hsinchu Science park
Create a special and creative wedding experience Good service One stop service Creative ideas Marriage Animation

Marketing Mix (I)

Price List
Standard Package Economic Package Luxury Package Price NT$66,666 50 invitations free MV Simple Decorations Arrange wedding process NT$88,888 NT$118,888 120 invitations free MV, photographer High-End Decorations Sweet gift for guests Bride cake

Service Items

80 invitations free MV Sophisticated Decorations Arrange wedding process


Cash or Credit Card

Cash or Credit Card

Cash or Credit Card

Special Items

NT$150K NT$50K NT$30K NT$100K NT$300K NT$500K NT$150K

Cruise ship wedding Horse-back wedding Gliding wedding Underwater diving wedding Disney style wedding Hello kitty style wedding Helicopter-Ride wedding

Marketing Mix (II)

Advertising & Promotion
Build a company website & Blog Key words searching in Google & Yahoo. Sign contract with big IT companies as TSMC, UMC, Media tech and so on to offer discount. Co-work with restaurants, hotels & flower shops

Customer Service
Single Contact Window Set up SOP flow Set toll free hot line Immediately resolve customers complaints and needs

Sales Forecast
250 3 ,0 9 6 2 ,6 2 9

3 ,5 0 0 3 ,0 0 0 2 ,5 0 0 2 ,0 0 0 1 ,5 0 0


150 1 ,5 8 9 100


72 60

1 ,0 0 0
25 30


36 15

500 -

0 2008 Luxury 2009 Economics Standard 2010

1. Our sales volume target is 400 cases to achieve the break-even in two years. 2. In the first year, we forecasted to sell at lest 150 cases and 250 cases in next year. 3. The revenue share rate of three packages is 66%:24%:10%.

Sales Revenue (In ten thousands)

Sales volum

Break-even Analysis (I)

Unit cost VC FC/unit sales 88,025 Makeup price unit cost (1desired return on sales) 110,031
Break-even Analysis
Profit (in thousands)

$4,000 $2,000 $-$2,000 -$4,000 -$6,000 -$8,000 -$10,000 -$12,000 $0 $5,502 $11,003 $22,006

Revenue(in thousands)

Break-even Analysis (II)

Break-Even Chart for Determining TargetReturn Price and Break-Even Volume
Do lla rs (in te n th o u sa n d s)


30,000 20,000 10,000 0 0 100 200 300 400 Sales Volume In Units

Fixed cost Luxury-Total cost Luxury-Total revenue

Expense Forecast
Equipment Advertisements customer service material Salary 200 400 600
9% 3% 6% 7% 17%



Dollars (in ten thousands) 2010 2009 2008

DM (I)




DM (V)