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Mattel incorporation was a U.S toy manufacturing company. They were making toys by giving contract to the Chinese manufacturer Design was given to them by the Mattel Inc and they were just producing toys for them They were producing the toys at the mass level

Product name :- Polly pocket Product Manufactured :- 2002 First incident happen with :- Paige kostrzewski , July 2005 Product Recall :- November 2005 First reacall was because of Magnetic design flaw Recall product 7 million

Product name :-Die cast vehical model Product manufactured:-between may and july of 2007 Product recall on:- 14 August 2007 Products affected by recall: 436000 Because of lead paint

150 reports of fire in the power wheel cars Over heating other deficiencies 33 reports of tiny screws used in the farm could become loose and pose the risk of a child accidentally swallowing them. Additional 400 reports of similar megnatic hazards with different toys

Recall blame was Heavily placed on China by Global media. On September 21

Mattel issued a prepared apology to China about the recall, taking full blame for the incident. They took ownership of the magnetic design flaw, claiming that it was a Mattel design flaw and not a Chinese manufacturing flaw. Hopes that it will restore consumer confidence in products made in China.

1) Identify the major stakeholders in the case and answer the question, Who was responsible for what went wrong and why? Directly or indirectly related to the business Stake holders are their customers (retail stores), vendors, manufacturers, the government both in the US and China and all executives involved with Mattel production both in the US and China. Mattel executive team and the Chinese manufacturer were responsible for what went wrong

Ethical relativism(self interest approach) Ethically Mattel should have notified the public as soon as they were aware of a potential issue. This involves all senior executives. As the company has been fined two times for knowingly withholding the information regarding the problems that created an unreasonable risk of serious injury and death

The interaction of people from different backgrounds in the business world. Cross culture is an important issue in international business, as the success of international trade depends upon the smooth interaction of employees from different cultures and regions

We believe cross-cultural dynamics and misunderstandings could have played a role in the problems in the case but it is the responsibility of Mattel to know about the dealings of the company they choose to partner with to manufacturing their product. This ensures the quality standards are maintained and removes risk.

The prodromal phase is the warning stage There was a prodromal phase.When on August 2, 2002 John Yang a NBC reporter, reported on a global recall by Fisher Price, the parent company of Mattel. The next prodromal phase occurred on July 6, 2007 when toy production at a European company was stopped due to the discovery of lead based paint on some toys. On July 26, 2007 Mattel was informed that there were safety risks at 83 of their productions companies. At this point Mattel could have taken steps to prevent any further hazards or injuries to stakeholders

Issue management is the activity of thinking about the problems that might affect companies governments or consumer and then planning ways to solve them The issues management framework that best explains the case is the Seven Phase Issue Development Process. This framework is best used for companies that provide a product to the mass public and work in a global environment..

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