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Min duct pressure for start (Classics only)

30psi at msl -psi per 1000ft pressure altitude Max: 48psi.

Min 25% N2 (or 20% N2 at max motoring) to introduce fuel; any sooner could result in a hot start. Max motoring is when N2 does not increase by more than 1% in 5 seconds.

Aborted engine start criteria:

No N1 (before start lever is raised to idle). No oil pressure (by the time the engine is stable). No EGT (within 10 secs of start lever being raised to idle). No increase, or very slow increase, in N1 or N2 (after EGT indication). EGT rapidly approaching or exceeding 725C.

An abnormal start advisory does not by itself mean that you have to abort the engine start. Starter cutout is approx 46% N2 -3/4/500; 56% N2 -NG's.

Starter duty cycle is:

First attempt: 2mins on, 20sec off. Second and subsequent attempts: 2mins on, 3mins off. Do not re-engage engine start switch until N2 is below 20%.

During cold weather starts

oil pressure may temporary exceed the green band or may not show any increase until oil temperature rises. No indication of oil pressure by the time idle RPM is achieved requires an immediate engine shutdown. At low ambient temperatures, a temporary high oil pressure above the green band may be tolerated.

When starting the engines in tailwind conditions

Boeing recommends making a normal start. Expect a longer cranking time to ensure N1 is rotating in the correct direction before moving the start lever. A higher than normal EGT should be expected, yet the same limits and procedures should apply.

The Compact Display mode can only be shown when the MFD ENG button is pressed for the first time after the aircraft has been completely shut down. The photo shows this display with one engine started and nicely illustrates the blank parameters which are controlled by the EEC and hence are only displayed when the EEC powers up when the associated start switch is selected to GND. During start-up the EEC's receive electrical power from the AC transfer busses, but their normal source of power are their own alternators which cut-in when N2 is above 15%.

Upper DU EIS 3/4/5

Lower DU